What would Leonardo di Caprio do?

Yes, you read it correctly.  Di Caprio, not Da Vinci.  And not Jesus either.

Not saying that asking, “What would Leonardo da Vinci do?” or “What would Jesus do?” are not great questions, because they certainly are wonderful questions to ask, but di Caprio particularly inspired me this evening.

To premise the story…

For dinner tonight, I hunkered down 2.5 PB & Js, Naan (a type of Indian bread me thinks), and Saag Paneer (cheesy spinach or spinachy cheese depending).  As you can imagine, all the processed carbs did not have the best effect on my physical, intellectual, or spiritual body.  After eating the relative garbage (as opposed to do much more scrumptious lentils or avocado smoothies), my consciousness wasn’t so high.  That is to say, I felt a bit foggy headed, unmotivated, and slothy (new word just invented, meaning: like a sloth, lazy).

From this place of slothiness, I resorted to an activity that I’ve literally cried over before.  I actually watched television…ayyy you can only imagine the low level of consciousness I was in.  Perhaps the worst thing about it was that part of me noticed that my activity was very well lowering my consciousness, but I didn’t resist.  Perhaps I’ll ask Freud to interpret the whole thing later.

Anyway, the most wonderful thing happened that enlightened the shit out of me and finally moved me towards more productive, higher consciousness activity.

During a commercial, I noticed Mr. Leonardo di Caprio pop on the screen.  Turned out to be a preview for a new movie he stars in – The Great Gatsby.  In the preview, he’s dressed in fancy clothes, at one point hooking up with a girl in his bed, strolling around his mansion, driving fancy cars, and then he utters something like, “You can have anything you want in life.”

I might mention that while watching the commercial I was snacking on some empty carb cracker cardboard nonsense – something I don’t regularly do..but alas.  Lower consciousness breeds lower consciousness.  (Hahahaha heinz site…so grateful to be in a state of Peace now 🙂 )

After watching the commercial, I began to consider my own aspirations in life.  I don’t normally consider Leonardo di Caprio a role model, but generally I think it’s safe to say that I’d like a similar level of success as him, in that I believe he does what he loves and joyously flows through the world, letting his light shine as brightly as he can.  Instead of pursuing success determined by financial wealth or status, my pursuit of success largely revolves around how many people I positively impact and move towards desiring growth and higher consciousness.  I believe that higher consciousness is pretty much the best thing going 😉

Regardless of Leo and I possibly having different goals and aspirations, I admire him for the level of success he has achieved as demonstrated by the mastery of his craft.  To be as good a writer as he is an actor – that’d be awesome!  Or rather, to be as a communicator as he is an actor, even better!  But perhaps the titles that resonates with me…to be as good a Lightworker, Peacemaker, and Servant to the Highest Good of All as he is an actor – that’s what I’m striving for.

More than what we specifically do, it’s about pursuing excellence in whatever it is that we do.  Being the very best starts with having the desire to be the very best – only then can we move confidently in that direction.  My guess is Leo that desired to be a great actor, from an early age.  Maybe he even desired to be the best ever.  Either way, it seems like it has worked pretty well for him.

Okay – back to me watching TV and choosing less-than-best behavior.  Munching away on the cardboard crackers, watching the preview for the Great Gatsby seeing Leonardo di Caprio shine – it hit me.

If I’m striving for the same level success as Leonardo di Caprio – would I really be watching television and eating crap right now?

What would Leonardo di Caprio do?  Would he continue to watch a basketball game that doesn’t add much value to his lifestyle and to him becoming the best actor he can be?  Would he continue eating crackers that detract from his overall health, well-being, and Peace of Mind?  Simple answer…no.

My guess is that Leonardo di Caprio is probably a very nice person.  Meeting him would be an incredible experience.

Why do I think this?  Is it because he’s so successful, famous, and materially wealthy?  Not really.

I trust in the enjoyability of meeting Leo because of his dedication to his craft.  To achieve the level of mastery he’s achieved requires tremendous discipline, determination, and focus.  Mastery also requires a lot of energy.

What’s the best way to get more energy?  Raise your consciousness!  Just to give a quick list of some levels of consciousness in ascending order, they go from Shame to Guilt to Apathy, Grief, Fear, Desire, Anger, Pride, Courage, Neutrality, Willingness, Acceptance, Reason, Love, Joy, Peace, and Enlightenment.  The higher level of consciousness you operate from, the more energy you have.  Like the Dalai once said, “The more you are motivated by love, the more fearless and free your actions will be.”  Free actions mean you aren’t weighed down by the shackles that would otherwise burden you, hence people operating from Love-Consciousness have lots of energy.

Given his commitment to his craft, my guess is Leo surely operates frequently at the level of Reason, as Reason served to guide him in the process of pursuing excellence through discipline and concentrated effort.  He probably has also ventured into the realms of Love, Joy, and Peace a time or two before.  Maybe even Enlightenment!  Who knows? Nonetheless, higher consciousness allows for greater achievement, and people who operate from higher states of consciousness are frikkin’ enjoyable to be around 🙂

So…today and tonight have been full of revelations.

As much as Jesus still might be the ultimate role model, there is a lot we can learn from looking up to anyone who has achieved a level of mastery and excellence in their craft, including Leonardo di Caprio.

Even if my understanding of him is completely wrong, I am still free to hold an idealized image in my mind, and look to that image as a reference point to help make decisions.  For example,I can ask, “Would Leonardo di Caprio sit in front of the television and eat cardboard at 8 PM on a Thursday night?”  Not as far as I know!  If he wasn’t enjoying people, he’d probably be practicing his craft, developing a skill, reading, or learning something new.

Now let’s see…”Would Jesus sit in front of the television and eat cardboard at 8 PM on a Thusrday night?”  No!  He’d probably be walking around, healing people, praying, or chillin’ with the disciples.

Since the time Leo inspired me to get off my butt and ‘be productive,’ I drank some delicious water, spent time reading, helped my parents, and now I’m writing.  Sounds like mostly a di Caprio’n way of being…guess it’s time to balance it with some Jesus-action and hit up the good ole prayer.


Just for kicks…”Would Abraham Lincoln sit in front of the television and eat cardboard at 8 PM on a Thursday night?”  No,  he’d probably be reading, reviewing the day, or sleeping.  Maybe chopping down one last tree before the day ends.

Thanks to this electronic medium, no trees are directly harmed in producing this text.  Alas, I’m chalking it up as the proverbial chop of the tree and hittin’ the sack.  Honest Abe for the win!


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