What’s the New World Order looking like?

Recently I’ve delved into the book Risky is the New Safe, which paints some absurd pictures about future realities, or should I say virtual realities, that we’ll all be experiencing in only a few years.  Among other incredible predictions, the author believes that by the end of the decade virtual reality sex will be a very real thing.

Essentially, technology is rapidly increasing.  And, one of his major points of emphasis is that when everyone is zigging, you must zag.  Look for the way the masses are moving, consider what the pushback will be, and go in that direction.  Whatever everyone else is doing, do the opposite.

Moreover, he begins the book by informing readers that monkeys are being trained to harvest coconuts from trees at the rate of 1000 coconuts per day, so there goes that job.

With technology advancing at an accelerating pace, offering all kinds of possibilities  with smartphones and iPads and tablets and go-go gadgets, everyone’s wanting to evolve with them…so what’s the serious problem with all this?  Well, perhaps the perceived evolution is actually more like devolution.  Being addicted to technology, like any other addiction, carries with it a plethora of negative side affects.  For example…

Communication.  We are forgetting how to communicate with people, and even we’re forgetting how to communicate with ourselves, much less even considering that there is Universal Consciousness that we can communicate with too.  With technology expanding, some people think that Tech is the ultimate answer – that Tech is the new god.  And, believing Tech is god, I guess I don’t fault people who walk with their heads down, worshiping Tech, meanwhile missing out on the beautiful people and nature surrounding them.

Unfortunately, worshiping Tech might mean a decreased quality of life.  It can mean you forget how to connect with people and how to share a laugh together.  It can mean that anytime you’re not plugged into the virtual reality, you’re dissatisfied, maybe even depressed.  And sure,at this time, you might think you can stay plugged in all the time, so perhaps you don’t have to think about that anyway.

Ah yes, but I just mentioned a wonderful word – think.  Thinking might be the rarest and most valuable skill to possess in this New World Order.

Thinking is a skill – perhaps the most important.   Think is also one of the highest functions we are capable of performing as human beings.  Thinking allows us to relate to reality in an effective way that brings us greater peace and happiness.  Thinking empowers us to create the future we desire.  Think & Grow Rich, as Napoleon Hill’s famous book suggests.

But, how do you define rich?  Does rich exist in material possessions?

To me, and this is JUST ME,  I think the greatest wealth and riches any person can acquire is the treasures we can store up inside ourselves.  A truly rich man can be materially broke but all the while acquire anything and everything he desires.

Education, that wisdom that draws out our Highest and Best Self, is the greatest treasure available to us all.  This isn’t necessarily education you receive in a formal institution, but it is the education that empowers you to use your own mind effectively to achieve whatever you desire.  Yes, even if you desire happiness, you can literally educate yourself to experience happiness in any given moment.

Ultimately, I think our lives become better as we desire less physical possessions and more spiritual treasures – such as peace, happiness, love, growth, contribution, and community.

Heck, I would thoroughly enjoy spending 4 hours a day learning and then 4 hours a day teaching.  The best thing we can do is cherish the gifts bestowed upon us freely at birth.  In particular, cherish the mind.  This three pound organ locked inside our skull has all sorts of potential that we can only guess at.  The way I see it, it’s in everyone’s best interest to explore that mine extensively, day in and day out.  Start now!  As my friend Earl Nightingale likes to say, dig for gold in your fertile mental soil.

With new advances in technology, we are becoming ever more ADD and losing control over the mind.  The monkey inside us is swinging all the more haphazardly from branch to branch with no signs of sitting still in meditation anytime soon.  If we really want to live joyous, happy, peaceful, fulfilled lives, we’ve got to give that monkey some bananas and train it.  Or maybe give it coconuts – whatever it wants.

The best way to train the mind…stillness  and silence.  If not both, then definitely one.  Make it a rule to not physically move for 30 minutes, or to not speak for 30 minutes and just walk.  We’ve got to gain self-knowledge so that we can choose happiness and Peace of Mind in every moment, and then from there we can go forth and joyously make our dreams a reality.

As much as new technologies allow for innovation and creativity, I think they also stifle a lot of progress.  We are forgetting how to focus the mind.  Focus, at any given moment, is the greatest power and gift we have.  Focus is our attention and our awareness.  Whatever we focus on expands.  If we train the mind to focus on what we truly desire, then those desires will become realer with each passing day.  On the other hand, if we allow our mind to wander and let the monkey swing from branch to branch with no sense of discipline or concentrated effort, how will we ever achieve that which we desire?

The more integrated our lives become, such that our every thought, word, and action are oriented towards realizing our dreams and living our ideals, the more rapidly our dreams come true.  How do we integrate our lives?  Focus!

Technology is a wonderful servant, but a horrible master.  Thinking is a great skill and power we all possess, yet technology poses an imminent challenge to cultivating the faculty.  To truly think means to sit down, write out a problem, or a goal, or any desire, and ponder possible ways of realizing its fulfillment more effectively.

Give yourself time to think.   Allow your mind to soak in focused thought on whatever it is you desire.  Don’t just say you desire a Lamborghini in passing, but if you really want it- write down, “I desire a Lamborghini,” at the top of a page, then write next to it, “How can I increase my abilities to acquire a Lamborghini?”  and spend 30 minutes to an hour answering the question.  I assure you, if you spend one hour answering that question you will come up with some incredible ideas!  No one could possibly predict what kind of marvelous ideas would come spewing out of your magnificent mind after only one hour of thought.  Only you can find this out for yourself.

Many of your ideas might be worthy of the dumpster, but also discover several diamonds in the rough that were worth all the time you invested and much more.  Cherish your ideas and your ability to think.  It’s one of the greatest things you can do.

When everyone is zigging, you want to zag.  Currently, for me, I look and see so many consumed by television and technology – so I choose to focus my efforts on learning via books, audio programs, people, and nature.  The masses are ruled by the dollar, so I choose to be ruled by Peace, Love, and Conscious Evolution instead.  The masses enjoy material possessions so I choose to enjoy the spiritual treasures instead.  The masses like to eat unhealthy foods and watch television, so I practice a vegan diet, yoga, and meditate daily.  The masses don’t like to think, but instead mindlessly consume media and all kinds of physical, mental, and spiritual toxins.  I choose to consume that which nourishes my body, mind, and spirit.  The masses like relegating their beliefs to Sunday worship.  I strive to integrate my beliefs about reality into every moment of living.  On that note…“Your daily life is your temple and your religion.  Whenever you enter into it, take with you your all.”

Also, I think that a pushback to the technological boom and the ADD generation disconnected will be increased demand for people who enjoy…people!  Effective communicators are becoming scarce, and yet communicating with people is one of the most joyous things we can do, although some might argue Angry Birds is more fun.   Regardless of the technological pushback or not, I commit much of my study to communication and  cultivating Presence – that is living in the Here & Now, humbly and gratefully – rather than dwelling on the past or imagining the distant future.  I focus on smiling as much as I can and being conscious of my breath.  During the Street Retreat in New York City, I discovered many zombies, living in imaginary realms, unaware of the Present Moment and all the joy that is with them Here & Now if they only breathed a little more deeply.  These zombies scared the crap out of me, and now I do my very best to be present rather than become entranced in the zombie worlds of the past or the future.

To summarize…

The New World Order is…

Here & Now.  Going slowly, living moment by moment, cherishing what is, is the best strategy for transitioning.

Breathe deeply.  Think about what you value most and who you really are.  There is infinite strength and courage and peace and happiness within you.  The Kingdom of God is Within You!

You need nothing.  This moment is more than enough.  You are enough.  Actually, not only are you enough, you are abundant!

As Camus said, “In the depths of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”

1 thought on “What’s the New World Order looking like?

  1. Great article, Brad! Yes, sir, the two most noble activities that any human being can perform are thinking and praying, which are like a participation in the Essence of our Creator.
    However, do not confuse the mind with the BRAIN. The brain is indeed an organ -the one that weighs three pounds- but the mind is not. The mind is the magnificent conscience of our inner self. The brain is the organ that allows us to get to know that inner self in us, and to express it to others.

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