Celebrating Easter: Believing in Possiblity

I texted a friend this morning something along the lines of, “Happy Easter and Hallelujah!”

He responded, “You celebrate Easter?”

My answer: “E’ery day!  To me it’s about Miracles and Possibility.  And so the party is always on!!!”

Easter, like any other day,  packs with it the incredible potential of awakening to Truth, to Higher Consciousness, and Spirituality.  Every single day offers us the opportunity to celebrate and enjoy All of Life and ponder the mystery of Jesus and so many great men and women of history.

Currently, the only dogmatic un-dogma I believe in is Openness.  I’m willing to allow anything to happen and open to infinite possibilities.  Heck, I might even be dreaming right now.  You can never be too sure…

As Socrates famously proclaimed, “The only thing I know is that I know nothing!” I think that’s actually a very powerful perspective to take on life.  If you know that you know nothing, then you open yourself up to infinite possibilities and potential.  You even allow for so called miracles to happen, because after all, you don’t know anything 🙂  What appears a miracle is really just a limit of your perception.

So,  was Jesus born of a Virgin and raise up from the dead in three days?  I don’t know!  And I’m certainly open to entertaining the possibility.  I’m also willing to consider virgin births and resurrections as a possibility for any and all people.  After all, I don’t know.

Embracing everything openly feels like a bent leg over a cold kitchen counter, which to me, right now, feels very good.  And really, practicing the virtue of openness I think is very similar to believing in an Infinite, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipowerful God.  If those are the conditions of God, then you better leave yourself open to absolutely everything!  Anything less than being completely open to infinite possibility might leave you with less than the Truth.

Briefly, some of the perks that come with opening to Infinite Possibility and Potential:

–  The possibility of Unconditional Happiness, no matter what!

–  The possibility that you are dreaming, and in this dream you are unconditional safe, unconditional supported, and unconditional loved.  You are the Dreamer, and everything in some way is an expression of yourself.

–  You are Eternal.  You are much, much more than just a physical body.  Your true nature is Transcendent Spirit, Pure Consciousness, even Bliss.

– Everything you most deeply and truly desire is with you Here & Now.

Leaving the mind open to Infinite Possibilities, what are some other awesome possibilities for what might be true and real?

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Easter: Believing in Possiblity

  1. Well, I get two conclusions from this:
    1) You are agnostic, according to your own confession.
    2) Since, also according to your own confession, you only know that you know nothing (which is a “contradictio in terminis”; Socrates should have known better), we really cannot take you very seriously in anything that you say; it is pure speculation, because you know nothing, right?

    Perhaps time to learn some things and regard them as referential facts, to believe in something and have it as a referential truth? Just saying….. 🙂

    Peace! 🙂

    • Ahh you are making me think! I love it 🙂

      As you saying, knowing nothing actually suggests knowing something.

      Now I think of words. Words as attempts at explaining that which is beyond words. Hence, paradoxes like “I know nothing,” work quite well at transcending the apparent limitation of words.

      With that, I maintain that I know nothing 😉 And, all the while, I choose to smile.

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