Power vs. Force: a Reflection on Power Patterns in Human Attitudes

One of my favorite books is Power vs. Force.  I was originally introduced to the book by Steve Pavlina’s blog and shortly thereafter gifted the book by a friend.  Amazing how things come together when it’s for a good purpose.

I recently passed the book along to my sister but not before I made an abundance of copies of pages 146 and 147, that you can also find online here, courtesy of the amazing Google.

Just yesterday, I met with a friend who I hadn’t seen for almost a year.  Within 3 minutes of talking to him, he mentioned the Law of Attraction and the Secret and suddenly I started to notice an abundance of synchronicities, those great events that seem like coincidences but really are winks from the Celestial Eye.  It was awesome!

At one point, trusting my intuition, it felt like the right thing to do to give him a copy of pages 146 and 147 from Power vs. Force, so I did.  After doing my best to explain the concept to him and difference between the stronger, powerful words in the left column and the weaker, forceful words in the right column, he encouraged me to write a paragraph on each of the distinctive pairs of words (e.g. Abundant vs. Excessive, Essential vs. Apparent, Respectful vs. Demeaning, etc.).  To be completely open, I have yet to reflect much on all the pairs, so my understanding of some of them is not quite yet worthy of sharing, me thinks.  This works out nicely because I’m headed to a yoga training program tomorrow at Yogaville, which for the record has a totally awesome mission statement, so today I won’t quite get around to all the pairs, although I will start!

Generally speaking, Power, in the long-run, always wins out over Force.  Power appeals to that which is essentially good, whereas Force appears to that which may appear good, but ultimately Force does not resonate with the essential humanity of us all.  As a real life example, consider the examples of Churchill and Gandhi as compared to Hitler.  Churchill and Gandhi appealed to the basic human dignity that is within all of us, representing true Power, whereas Hitler’s ideology ultimately promoted separation and judgment which are part of the forceful paradigm.  Every human being can deeply resonate with the core message of Churchill and Gandhi, whereas Hitler’s message may only resonate with some of us in the short-term or when we’re on the ‘inside.’  Good news is Power triumphs in the end, hence it’s in our own best interest to align ourselves with Power, which, by the way, is steeped in Gratitude and Humility.

Without further ado…

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