Power vs. Force Reflection: Accepting vs. rejecting

I’ve read before that acceptance is the foundation for love.  Unconditional Acceptance actually seems very similar to Unconditional Love.  Each morning I set the intention to unconditionally love everything that is, exactly as it is Here & Now (an intention I first discovered on Steve Pavlina’s blog post, Empowering Beliefs). I’ll often complement the intention to unconditionally love with an intention to unconditionally accept everything as it is, and I find the two intentions create a similar effect.

When thinking about Accepting and rejecting, it’s very easy to perceive the two as mere opposites.  However, rather than opposites, I think they both offer a lens with which to look at the same thing, like two different sides of the same coin.  You can either accept the truth or reject falsehood.  The action is very similar, yet with acceptance you empower yourself with positive language, whereas with rejection you are focusing on the negative (and by focusing on it, you might as well be putting out a prayer to have more of it!).

For example, you can think of yourself walking into a Whole Foods and perusing the produce selection.  You can either focus on the foods you accept as worthy for your shopping cart or on the foods you reject and do not desire to purchase.  Which way of perceiving the foods is more effective?

When you embrace Accepting over rejecting, you choose to focus on all the good and all of that which you desire.  What you accept, you acknowledge.  Instead of giving your attention away to all the negatives that you do not desire, you can give your attention and energy more abundantly towards that which you do desire by focusing on Accepting the positive rather than rejecting the negative.  The difference between Accepting and rejecting may appear subtle, but it makes a big difference in terms of the way you perceive the world around you.  Choose Acceptance 🙂



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