Final Thoughts before Yoga Training

In case of emergency, meditate.

If there is no emergency, meditate.

If you can find peace in stillness and silence, you win.

If peace, for whatever reason, evades you in this moment, you win.

We have won, are winning currently, and will continue to win.  Or at least, that’s how I perceive us, considering we’ve all achieved consciousness after 14.5ish billion years.

So does that make us 14.5ish billion years old?  That’s a lot of wisdom.  And to think this whole time I thought I was 23, ha!

Seriously though, meditate.

Or don’t.  But if you can find peace in stillness and silence, you can likely find it anywhere.  Remember – all good things come with time.  Practice makes perfect.  Or, rather, practice makes better.  So, the more you practice experiencing peace, love, joy, happiness, fulfillment, success – whatever it is you seek – the more you will experience that on a regular basis.  What you focus on is what you create.  Exercise your own mind to focus on that which you desire most!

The Greater Good.  11:11.  When you see repeating numbers like that, entertain the possibility that they mean something.  If there is some Intelligence / Consciousness that exists beyond our small physical bodies, perhaps it would communicate with us through numbers.  At least, that’s one of many ways it might try to wake us up to this abundance 🙂

The time for doing good is now.  The time for being your best is now.  And, the time for loving is now.  The time is always now.

My role models?  Aside from so many wonderful people I’ve met, who all are my teachers, I’m a big fan of Water and the Sun.  Flowing and Shining.  Supporting all of Life.  Ideally at least 😉

Hallelujah!  I am grateful for this moment.  Thank you Everything!!!

And where will I be for the next month…

“The goal of Integral Yoga, and the birthright of every individual, is to realize the spiritual unity behind all the diversities in the entire creation and to live harmoniously as members of one universal family. This goal is achieved by maintaining our natural condition of a body of optimum health and strength, senses under total control, a mind well-disciplined, clear and calm, an intellect as sharp as a razor, a will as strong and pliable as steel, a heart full of unconditional love and compassion, an ego as pure as a crystal, and a life filled with Supreme Peace and Joy.”
HH Sri Swami Satchidananda

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