What Kind of Glasses are you Wearing?

A hero, Sean Stephenson, once said, “Seeing is not believing.  Believing is seeing!  What you believe about reality is what you will experience.”

We are free to choose to believe anything about reality.  It’s our choice.  And, as we believe, so will we experience.

Whatever we believe, reality will mold itself to affirm our belief.

If you believe this world is a terrible place, it will be.  If you believe this world is Heaven on Earth, it will be.

You can be paranoid if you’d like, and believe people are out to get you.  Or, better yet, why not be pronoid and believe everyone is conspiring to help you?  Everyone is working together for your Highest Good!

Believe, see, and experience.  Steve Pavlina wrote a wonderful article about Empowering Beliefs, in which he suggests that the more empowering your beliefs are, the more tuned in your beliefs are with reality, which actually goes along with the belief that, “Reality is 100% on my side!”  Reality wants us to have the best experience possible, so as our beliefs align with the true nature of reality, then we’ll begin to flourish more and more.

Waking up, me thinks, is largely a matter of becoming aware of limiting beliefs, beliefs that hold us back, and replacing them with empowering beliefs that are more aligned with the True, Good, and Abundant nature of Reality.  Waking up means enjoying each moment, Here & Now, believing the Best is always with you, and that the Kingdom is Within.  With a foundation of unconditional safety and support, you are always free to do what you love, shine brightly like the sun, and flow in the Divine Stream, effortlessly, like water.

Just for the record, one of my favorite pairs of glasses to wear: Namaste!  See the Light and Divinity in All.  And, by the way, Namaste Shades are totally free and found Within.

Steve Jobs says, “Master the Message.” So…What’s the Message?

Creation is Perfectly Imperfect.  Meaning, we can always perceive areas for growth and development and learning and teaching and improving and evolving – areas that may look like imperfections to correct – yet really what else would we do if not there wasn’t wisdom to learn or people to teach?  This is very much Heaven, and one aspect of Heaven is growth.  There is a joy in growth, in learning, and in realizing more and more Truth and Beauty and Goodness.  Ultimately, it’s all Good, because it’s all God.  It’s all Spirit flowing and shining and playing and laughing and dancing and singing.  Ultimately, any sounds perceived are Divine Music and all sight is that of Divine Art.  There is Beauty and Harmony in All, and All is worthy of delight and celebration.  This is Heaven, and we are simply co-creators of constructing a more abundantly beautiful, awake, and aware paradise.

If you ever lose touch with Heaven, it is helpful to train consciousness to associate the breath or a footsteps or blades of grass with the Divine, that way there’s a constant reminder allowing us to reconnect with the glory of Here & Now 🙂

Thich Naht Hanh shared a breathing technique of his in the book Peace is Every Step.  He practices, “Breathing in, I know I am in the present moment.  Breathing out, I know it is a wonderful moment.”  Present Moment, Wonderful Moment.  Namaste.

Reflection: One Year after the Street Retreat

Lightworking.  Of course as I start to write this article it’s 11:11.  Wake up!

From my experience, I feel completely assured that reality is 100% on my side.  This means that I am unconditionally safe and unconditionally supported.  Ultimately, this “I” expands far beyond any one human body, but it is actually much closer to the totality.  Everything perceived at any moment effectively stands for me and is a part of me.  That means that any time “I” perceive any sort of problem in “other” people or in the world at large, it’s simply a reflection of a problem that exists within myself, which is consciousness.  The world is a mirror.  That’s why watching fear-based media or dwelling on what may be perceived as “problems of the world” adds little to no value to the quality of anyone’s life.

The responsibility of each and every one of us is to ourselves. Ultimately, I believe we are all connected and one, yet for the time being, in human form, consciousness is often localized to the physical body.  And what consciousness focuses on, it creates as an experience.  So, focus on loving thoughts like family and friends and faith and soon consciousness will more fully experience that loving feeling.  Thoughts create feelings, and   so long as you are feeling full of love, you are using consciousness to serve a wonderful purpose.

Speaking of feelings, gratitude.  I feel so grateful for this moment!  I am so grateful for it All, because ultimately I believe it’s all God, it’s all One, and it’s all Good.  And, the best thing any one consciousness currently localized to a physical body can do is feel good: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Our responsibility is to our own experience of consciousness, whatever that may be.  As Seneca once said, “Not being able to govern events, I govern myself.”  It’s not about “others,”  it’s only about the Self!

So, go ahead and feel good.  Please.  It’s for the Highest Good of All.  Feel Good, Be Good, Do Good.  I can only give what I have, so by having feelings of goodness, happiness, peace, joy, and gratitude, I can give that experience to people.  Feel it and radiate!

A tricky aspect of generating good feelings in consciousness is the whole issue of how.  “How do I make myself feel good?  How can I feel happy, grateful, peaceful, joyous, enthusiastic, loving?”  Simply ask the question and you will receive the answer.  Dig within to find the Kingdom.  Everything you could ever desire is with you right now in this Present Moment.  Dig for the gold and discover Heaven Within.  Asking questions to yourself is incredibly powerful.

As Sivananda once chanted, “Inquire, “Who am I?” Know the Self, and Be Free!”

With Self-Knowledge, everything else follows.  Instead of looking to the external world for all the answers, turn the gaze inward.  Realize the wisdom within, the incredible power within, the Infinite Potential of Here & Now.  Let go of culture, let go of fear – know that none of that is the True Self.  Breathe deeply, smile, and know that you are Here & Now.

An awesome Dr. Amrita once said, “We are all meditating all the time – the question is, on what?!?”  Focus on what you desire.  Meditation is simply thought.  Control your thoughts to create exactly the experience that resonates with Heaven on Earth.  You are worthy of it All!  And really, you have it all, always, Within.  Hallelujah 🙂

What is evolution moving towards? Jesus had a pretty good idea ;-)

Think, “What direction is evolution headed in?”  And strive to consciously move yourself in that direction.  Answering this question is not too far removed, if at all, from asking, “How can I be more like Jesus?” Jesus represents a Cosmically Conscious human being, one who was aware of the Infinite Goodness of the universe and the eternity of all life.  Because he unconditionally trusted in God and the Goodness of the universe, he transcended the fear of death and shared an empowering, liberating, and awakening message to many people.

His way of living – perhaps most strongly characterized with the words Loving and Fearless – is a way that we too can live.  Gradually, we can increase our love for ourselves, for people, for animals, plants, Mother Nature, for all of Life and All that Is.  So too, as we love more and more, we let go of judgments and any sense of separation.  What we choose to love very much becomes a part of us, and we begin to realize our unity with All that Is.  Jesus realized the Oneness of Creation and so transcended all fear and any sense of world attachment.  As he said, “Be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33)

When we solely live “in the world,” denying our spiritual nature, we live with an attachment to the physical world that we perceive with the five senses of touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound.  However, if we tune into the spiritual dimension, as Jesus did, we’ll also connect more with our higher abilities like seeing with spiritual eyes, trusting our intuition, healing, and perceiving life energies and vibrations.  We all possess faculties beyond the five physical senses.  However, unless we believe that we do possess these faculties, we will not discover them.  Just like suddenly realizing all sorts of meaningful coincidences occurring in your life, the first step to experiencing more of them is to believe that they are more than mere coincidences and that an Unseen Power just might be at play.  Entertaining the possibility is the first step to opening up to the treasures within all of us.  Our beliefs are incredible powerful.  They will either help us or hurt us, for “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” (Proverbs 23:7)

Summum Bonum Media Productions

Hallelujah, Hallelujah!  Media can be used for good 🙂

Consciousness attracts consciousness, and as you orient yourself to the Greater Good, to the Highest Good of All, to Being Your Best – however you’d like to put it – maybe realizing Heaven on Earth, then the Conscious Universe will bring all kinds of resources your way to help you on your endeavor.  These resources not only include money but also people.

I used to look at people on television and those who’ve amassed all kinds of fame and fortune as ego-driven and selfish and materialistic in their pursuits.  More recently, though, I’ve connected with the use of mediums like books, televisions, and radio to share a powerful message.

Yesterday I watched Oprah and Deepak talk, and as I listened to them, I perceived them as two lightworkers, or lightworking cells, communicating for the Highest Good of All, pursuing the Truth and co-creating a healthier, more peaceful, happy, loving, joyous world.

So there is nothing inherently wrong with being on TV, then again I watched them speak online, although it originally aired on television.  The importance rests in the quality of the message and the intention behind it.  If the intention is to communicate a message that serves the Highest Good of All, then it will do just that.  If, on the other hand, the intention is to communicate a message that increases in one’s fame and popularity, then that might happen too – but my guess is the impact won’t be as great, and ultimately – who really feels that good about themselves when they are simply pursuing fame and fortune?  It’s much easier to feel good about ourselves when pursuing the Highest Good of All, not just the good of the small, physical, body, but for all human bodies, for all of Life, for All that Is!

When we pursue the Highest Good of All, we align ourselves with the Power that brings us Here & Now.  Serving the Highest Good of All is in many ways the same as striving to understand and align with the life-force of evolution that has spurred us forth from a single cell into these multicellular, conscious, magnificent organisms.

(Dated 3:.16.2013)

Abundance 🙂


Some Lessons and Wisdom from Yogaville and Teacher Training

Jai Satya Jai!  Om Guru Om.  Victory to the Light of Truth!

A “form” ations: pose what you want in the form of a question and the mind, Universal Mind even, will begin to answer it.  For example, “How does it feel to be completely, unconditionally in love with everything as it is, exactly as it is, Here & Now?”  Or, “What does it feel like to be unconditionally happy?  to flow like water? to exist in perfect health and harmony?  Even trippier…”What is it like to be both everything and nothing?  What does it feel like to be so incredibly grateful for this very moment, all of it, forever?

Laugh-a Yoga – free to laugh 🙂 Ho ho ho, ha ha ha.  Play.  Celebrate.  Very good, very good, yay!  Happy Lion wags the tail.

Breathe.  Calm, Clear, and Focus.  Connect with All.  Present Moment, Wonderful Moment.

Gratitude Always.  Gratitude is the only prayer.  Express gratitude, and feel it so deeply, as though all you ever desired has already been fulfilled.  Feel it in your heart, then experience it.

Open the heart.  Lead with the heart.  Sing in gratitude from the heart.

“Is it for the tongue or for the body?”  If it’s for the body, it’s okay.  Or – a more Sivananda-esque approach: “Will this bring me energy or disease?”

Om Guru Om.

Nothing inherently has meaning.  We give it meaning.  So might as well give it meaning that empowers you, fills you with Light and Love and Peace and Joy 🙂

Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu: The entire universe if filled with Peace and Joy, Love and Light, and I am so grateful for all of it 🙂

Nadi Sudi to cultivate virtue: breathe in what you desire, release any and all that does not serve you.

Most important thing about eating: enjoy it.  Eat when peaceful, serene.  Relax and calm the body and mind and you will digest the food much better.

Conserve Prana.  Speaking, eating, moving: all uses prana.  On fast days, you conserve prana from not eating and allow the prana to heal the body.  Good to fast from words, too, as it conserves Prana.  Prana is the life force that flows through all.  We can live without breath, such as when we hold our breath, but we cannot live without prana.

Om Guru Om.  Jai Satya Jai!

Row row row your boat, gently down the stream, merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream!  “We are getting pretty good at dreaming!  This dream rocks.”

Health is our birth right, and health implies happiness, lightness, ease.  Live a useful life.  Radiate universal love.

Truth is one, paths are many.  Bring the faiths together, all the sciences, and let’s realize our unity.

The Guru is in All.  Always with you.  Spirit. Light.  Love.  Consciousness.  See the Guru in All.

Pratyahara: sense control.  Tame the tongue.  See the Beauty.  Hear the Harmony.  Experience the Ocean of Bliss, Here & Now – Ananda.

What is the most I can do, right now?  Often times the answer might be to simply smile and breathe.  Breathe in the Cosmic Consciousness and exhale the Peace for One and All.

Inquire, “Who am I?” know the self, and be free!

Do it Now!  Do it Now!  Do it Now!

Serve, Love, Give, Purify, Meditate, Realize.

Rama Krishna to a disciple: “Do whatever you like – gamble, sleep with women, drink alcohol – but before you do it, dedicate the act to me.”  The disciple could not bring himself to dedicate those acts to Rama Krishna, and sooned dropped those lesser habits.

If you keep putting in the good, the bad will come out naturally.  Like adding oil to a car – the bad just falls out.

Practice and Non-attachment.  The consciousness of self-mastery that is free from craving of objects seen or heard.  Practice requires constant effort, without break, performed in all earnestness.

If you want something – DO IT EVERY DAY!  It’s just that simple.  Practice, practice, practice.  Focus on what you want to create.

Discipline yields freedom.

Heaven on Earth is very real.  Heaven is Here & Now.  It’s just a matter of remembering who you really are, connecting with the True Self, letting go and transcending 🙂

” Get over it!  You are that.  You are that.  You’re God.  Get over it.  ”

Connect with the energy of the Realized Masters: raise your consciousness by even just thinking about them.  Remember them.  They are in you and in All.

God is like Mr. Happy.

I am grateful for this moment!!!! For Here…and Now 🙂

Who am I?  Namaste.  The Divinity in me acknowledges, smiles at, and adores the Divinity  in you 🙂  Live this Truth.  (Would you like to live in this reality?)

The Light of Truth overcomes All.

You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free.

Feel in your heart and realize.

Any question you can ask, the answer is Within.

Experience the Peace Within.  This is Your True Self.