Summum Bonum Media Productions

Hallelujah, Hallelujah!  Media can be used for good 🙂

Consciousness attracts consciousness, and as you orient yourself to the Greater Good, to the Highest Good of All, to Being Your Best – however you’d like to put it – maybe realizing Heaven on Earth, then the Conscious Universe will bring all kinds of resources your way to help you on your endeavor.  These resources not only include money but also people.

I used to look at people on television and those who’ve amassed all kinds of fame and fortune as ego-driven and selfish and materialistic in their pursuits.  More recently, though, I’ve connected with the use of mediums like books, televisions, and radio to share a powerful message.

Yesterday I watched Oprah and Deepak talk, and as I listened to them, I perceived them as two lightworkers, or lightworking cells, communicating for the Highest Good of All, pursuing the Truth and co-creating a healthier, more peaceful, happy, loving, joyous world.

So there is nothing inherently wrong with being on TV, then again I watched them speak online, although it originally aired on television.  The importance rests in the quality of the message and the intention behind it.  If the intention is to communicate a message that serves the Highest Good of All, then it will do just that.  If, on the other hand, the intention is to communicate a message that increases in one’s fame and popularity, then that might happen too – but my guess is the impact won’t be as great, and ultimately – who really feels that good about themselves when they are simply pursuing fame and fortune?  It’s much easier to feel good about ourselves when pursuing the Highest Good of All, not just the good of the small, physical, body, but for all human bodies, for all of Life, for All that Is!

When we pursue the Highest Good of All, we align ourselves with the Power that brings us Here & Now.  Serving the Highest Good of All is in many ways the same as striving to understand and align with the life-force of evolution that has spurred us forth from a single cell into these multicellular, conscious, magnificent organisms.

(Dated 3:.16.2013)

Abundance 🙂



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