Reflection: One Year after the Street Retreat

Lightworking.  Of course as I start to write this article it’s 11:11.  Wake up!

From my experience, I feel completely assured that reality is 100% on my side.  This means that I am unconditionally safe and unconditionally supported.  Ultimately, this “I” expands far beyond any one human body, but it is actually much closer to the totality.  Everything perceived at any moment effectively stands for me and is a part of me.  That means that any time “I” perceive any sort of problem in “other” people or in the world at large, it’s simply a reflection of a problem that exists within myself, which is consciousness.  The world is a mirror.  That’s why watching fear-based media or dwelling on what may be perceived as “problems of the world” adds little to no value to the quality of anyone’s life.

The responsibility of each and every one of us is to ourselves. Ultimately, I believe we are all connected and one, yet for the time being, in human form, consciousness is often localized to the physical body.  And what consciousness focuses on, it creates as an experience.  So, focus on loving thoughts like family and friends and faith and soon consciousness will more fully experience that loving feeling.  Thoughts create feelings, and   so long as you are feeling full of love, you are using consciousness to serve a wonderful purpose.

Speaking of feelings, gratitude.  I feel so grateful for this moment!  I am so grateful for it All, because ultimately I believe it’s all God, it’s all One, and it’s all Good.  And, the best thing any one consciousness currently localized to a physical body can do is feel good: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Our responsibility is to our own experience of consciousness, whatever that may be.  As Seneca once said, “Not being able to govern events, I govern myself.”  It’s not about “others,”  it’s only about the Self!

So, go ahead and feel good.  Please.  It’s for the Highest Good of All.  Feel Good, Be Good, Do Good.  I can only give what I have, so by having feelings of goodness, happiness, peace, joy, and gratitude, I can give that experience to people.  Feel it and radiate!

A tricky aspect of generating good feelings in consciousness is the whole issue of how.  “How do I make myself feel good?  How can I feel happy, grateful, peaceful, joyous, enthusiastic, loving?”  Simply ask the question and you will receive the answer.  Dig within to find the Kingdom.  Everything you could ever desire is with you right now in this Present Moment.  Dig for the gold and discover Heaven Within.  Asking questions to yourself is incredibly powerful.

As Sivananda once chanted, “Inquire, “Who am I?” Know the Self, and Be Free!”

With Self-Knowledge, everything else follows.  Instead of looking to the external world for all the answers, turn the gaze inward.  Realize the wisdom within, the incredible power within, the Infinite Potential of Here & Now.  Let go of culture, let go of fear – know that none of that is the True Self.  Breathe deeply, smile, and know that you are Here & Now.

An awesome Dr. Amrita once said, “We are all meditating all the time – the question is, on what?!?”  Focus on what you desire.  Meditation is simply thought.  Control your thoughts to create exactly the experience that resonates with Heaven on Earth.  You are worthy of it All!  And really, you have it all, always, Within.  Hallelujah 🙂


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