Steve Jobs says, “Master the Message.” So…What’s the Message?

Creation is Perfectly Imperfect.  Meaning, we can always perceive areas for growth and development and learning and teaching and improving and evolving – areas that may look like imperfections to correct – yet really what else would we do if not there wasn’t wisdom to learn or people to teach?  This is very much Heaven, and one aspect of Heaven is growth.  There is a joy in growth, in learning, and in realizing more and more Truth and Beauty and Goodness.  Ultimately, it’s all Good, because it’s all God.  It’s all Spirit flowing and shining and playing and laughing and dancing and singing.  Ultimately, any sounds perceived are Divine Music and all sight is that of Divine Art.  There is Beauty and Harmony in All, and All is worthy of delight and celebration.  This is Heaven, and we are simply co-creators of constructing a more abundantly beautiful, awake, and aware paradise.

If you ever lose touch with Heaven, it is helpful to train consciousness to associate the breath or a footsteps or blades of grass with the Divine, that way there’s a constant reminder allowing us to reconnect with the glory of Here & Now 🙂

Thich Naht Hanh shared a breathing technique of his in the book Peace is Every Step.  He practices, “Breathing in, I know I am in the present moment.  Breathing out, I know it is a wonderful moment.”  Present Moment, Wonderful Moment.  Namaste.


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