What Kind of Glasses are you Wearing?

A hero, Sean Stephenson, once said, “Seeing is not believing.  Believing is seeing!  What you believe about reality is what you will experience.”

We are free to choose to believe anything about reality.  It’s our choice.  And, as we believe, so will we experience.

Whatever we believe, reality will mold itself to affirm our belief.

If you believe this world is a terrible place, it will be.  If you believe this world is Heaven on Earth, it will be.

You can be paranoid if you’d like, and believe people are out to get you.  Or, better yet, why not be pronoid and believe everyone is conspiring to help you?  Everyone is working together for your Highest Good!

Believe, see, and experience.  Steve Pavlina wrote a wonderful article about Empowering Beliefs, in which he suggests that the more empowering your beliefs are, the more tuned in your beliefs are with reality, which actually goes along with the belief that, “Reality is 100% on my side!”  Reality wants us to have the best experience possible, so as our beliefs align with the true nature of reality, then we’ll begin to flourish more and more.

Waking up, me thinks, is largely a matter of becoming aware of limiting beliefs, beliefs that hold us back, and replacing them with empowering beliefs that are more aligned with the True, Good, and Abundant nature of Reality.  Waking up means enjoying each moment, Here & Now, believing the Best is always with you, and that the Kingdom is Within.  With a foundation of unconditional safety and support, you are always free to do what you love, shine brightly like the sun, and flow in the Divine Stream, effortlessly, like water.

Just for the record, one of my favorite pairs of glasses to wear: Namaste!  See the Light and Divinity in All.  And, by the way, Namaste Shades are totally free and found Within.


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