A Hard Way to Learn a Lesson: Ride Safe

The Universe communicated to me strongly on day-2 of a 7 day bike journey.  It gifted me eyes to see a motorcycle license plate on the side of the road.  The plate reads…


387 HU

Ride Safe

Wow Universe. What a Gift!  The Hu…ah yes… the Hu in the Human.  My Brother told me once that Hu is an ancient word for God, and so the Hu in “Human Being” speaks to the godlike qualities and powers we all – the power to create, to love unconditionally, to serve, and to understand.  Essentially, as I interpret it, the business of being conscious as a Human Being is the business of nurturing the Hu, the Higher Self and Spirit in All of Us, while also taking care of the physical man part of us. I know this now, although – as you may guess – I did not realize this until after this lesson was learned in a hard way.

After picking up the plate, I felt so called by the ‘Hu’ that I neglected the reference to the man part of us all, present on the plate not online in the word ‘MAiNe’ but also with ‘Ride Safe.’  Controlling this body is kind of like being on a rollercoaster, and so while we have it we are to ride safe with it, taking care of it an respecting it.

As one of my newfound role models, Kris Light likes to say, “Taking care of yourself is also the best thing you can do for other people.”  Caring for others begins with caring for the small, physical, self.

Striving to realize the Hu and connect with Spirit, I neglected care for this physical body.  Going down a hill, I released the breaks and max-speeded down, at the bottom of the hill crashing to the ground.  Thank Goodness, a paramedic jumped out of the car right behind me and immediately checked me out.  All was well!  Aside from a lot of pain and road rash on the arms, the body remained fully functional, and I jumped up celebrating with a “Thank you!” and “Hallelujah!”

It feels so good to do something silly and irresponsible and know that you are nonetheless unconditionally forgiven, safe, and loved.  Hallelujah 🙂

As much as I feel the Hu is greater than the man part of us, certainly these bodies are recreational vehicles that require care and attention.  The Hu only shines forth when we take proper care of these vehicles and love them with all our Spirit.

Focusing on realizing the Hu while neglecting the Man only leads to hurt.  Likewise, cherishing the physical Man and shunning the Hu (Spirit, Higher Self) only leads to a lacking yearning for more.  Only when we harmonize our actions so that they nourish both Hu and Man can we experience the greatest joy, love, and peace that is our birthright.  Here’s to being our very best!

p.s.  Going quickly down the hill also reminded me so clearly of one of my favorite quotes,

“Breathe, Smile, and Go Slowly.”  Go slowly, says Thich Nhat Hanh, and certainly, when we go slowly, we experience greater safety, health, and joy.  Only when we go slowly can we really smell the roses.  Soak it in.  This present moment is truly a Golden Present from the Most High, and it is wonderful 🙂

p.p.s.  What you are experiencing, right now, is most definitely offering you a message for your growth and evolution to higher planes of Consciousness.  The Universe is packed with meaning, and wants to let you so fully and completely that It is Present, all the time, listening, ready and willing to help you create a more compassionate and conscious world.  Open up to Universal Consciousness and reap a bountiful harvest – abundant with love, friendship, and opportunity 🙂

p.p.s. Last night, a friend and I were discussing the possibility of this all being a dream.  If it’s a dream, we thought, we can probably manifest something.  So I asked her, “What do you want to manifest tomorrow?”  “Cake!” was her reply.  Sure enough…this morning…for breakfast…coffee cake!!! Haha, Funny Universe.  Now if we can all tap into this great Power to create something truly wonderful…let’s do it!  What shall we manifest?  How about…more compassionate behavior from all people, that looks like hugs and smiles and sounds like laughter and words of affirmation?  Yea!!!

Hallelujah, Hallelujah.  Peace, Peace, Peace.  Namaste. Amen.