30 Day Challenge: Hallelujah! Every 15 Minutes. And Gratitude! Breathing…

For the past year or so, I’ve been on a journey of simplifying material possessions and possibly renouncing it all.  This summer, however, afforded me the wonderful opportunity of experiencing how technology can be used for good.  I realized early on that being in possession of watch to tell time and function as an alarm clock would greatly increase my ability to serve and effectively lead some campers on a fantastic journey through space and time.  Visiting my dear friend, Amazon.com, I found a watch that seemed highly functional, and $30 and 2 days later a watch manifested itself on the physical body commonly referred to as Brad.

Little did I know that this watch not only could tell me a sometimes more practical time than “The time is NOW!” (speaking of the Now, I love you :-)), but it also carries it with an incredible function known as Hydra.  Still not exactly sure why the Hydra function exists or what it is for, nor do I care to Google it – needless to say the function has become one of my very best friend, right up there with Amazon.com and you, whichever beautiful soul of the world you might be.

The Hydra function, when activated, goes off like an alarm clock every 15 minutes without needing to be reset.  For the past 6 days, I’ve been waking up each morning and setting Hydra, and every 15 minutes I’ll hear a melodious beeping tune that serves as a reminder for me to take a three deep breathes, think about God, exclaim Hallelujah! and express some gratitude, usually for the Abundance of Goodness that is Here & Now.

It’s been a fantastic 6 days so far, and I’m pretty stoked to see what kind of wonderful transformations this function might catalyze in this experience of consciousness.  Nothing like being reminded to think about what’s most important 🙂

If you were to be reminded of something every 15 minutes, what would you want to be reminded of?  What would you choose to focus on?  What actions might you perform with that magnificent mind and body?


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