“Every Great Life has carried with it a Great Renunciation.”

What does it mean to be an exceptional human being?

Perhaps examining the lives of people history considers ‘great’ will shed some light on the matter.

Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, Gandhi, St. Francis, Thomas More, Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, Mother Teresa.  That’s a pretty solid list, right?  As far as I know, more than 50% of the people in that list ended up dying as a result of the way in which they served the Greater Good with their life’s work.  Alas, a few people on that list didn’t end up being killed for what they believed in and how they served, so maybe we don’t all need to be assassinated in order to be considered ‘great.’  Hallelujah for that 🙂

Aside from the super powerful beliefs about reality, what else do these titans of history have in common?

Clothing!  Or lack of clothing, rather.  In today’s culture, these champions of humanity might very well be shunned for their lack of style.  Just imagining these people existing in human form, I am only picturing them wearing a single piece of clothing.  I don’t really see them waking up in the morning considering what outfit they’ll wear and how well the color of their shirt matches their pants.  Do you?

Instead of waking up thinking about what clothes they’ll wear for the day, they think about their most important beliefs about reality, whether those beliefs are related to God or the equality and liberation of all people, these people did not think about clothes.  Imagine if all the energy spent thinking about clothes was instead dedicated to thinking about serving the Greater Good and becoming a better person and living a happier, more fulfilling life.  The possibilities are endless!

The question now becomes…is it worth it?  Ugh, to wear the same clothes every day.  Golly, doesn’t that sound miserable?  Hehe, actually allow me to attest from a bit of personal experience (rocked jeans, white v-neck, and blue hoodie for all but a few days of the senior year in college), it is incredibly liberating!  Clothes can create so much separation amongst people.  It feels wonderful to free oneself from the separation and the judgment of ‘others’ and simply decide to wear the same clothes every day.  We are, after all, much more than our clothes, and why should we rely on our clothes to be our creative outlet?  Instead, when we normalize our clothing choices, we allow for our magnificent minds to channel our creative capacities to more productive expressions, in love and service to the Greater Good!

Think about what’s most significant, as much as you can.  That’s what people like Mother Teresa did, and it seemed to work out a pretty well for her.  What a hero!  If only we can all bring ourselves to wear a robe like hers every day, then our ability to focus and co-create a more compassionate world would skyrocket!

Ehh, but I guess it’s time to stop ranting and start being the change I want to see in this world.  Does this mean I’ll start wearing the same clothes every day?  It just might!  And maybe I’ll hold onto a rain jacket just in case…


When asked for his keys to success in three words, Gandhi replied, “Renounce and enjoy!”  So simple, yet so true.  What could be your great renunciation?

Edit 8/26/2013:  I encourage you wholeheartedly to try wearing the same clothes every day.  It’s absurdly liberating!  Even better, wear only one color of clothing, and allow that color to stand for you.  Every color carries with it positive connotations, so choose a color that best resonates with you.

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