What does it feel like to Unconditionally Love everyone and everything, exactly as exists, Here, Now, & Forever?

Questions are wonderful objects of meditation.  When the mind receives a question, it immediately begins seeking an answer.  Allowing for time and practicing patience, answers to any question will soon arrive and flow abundantly forth from the mind.

This morning, I asked the above question about feeling what it’s like to unconditionally love everyone and everything.  The question briefly transformed into, “How could I unconditionally love everyone and everything?”  and then the thought shifted to, “What do I unconditionally love?”  The answer arrived: The Christ Spirit in All; The Guru; The Highest Self.  I realized that if I am to unconditionally love everyone and everything, then I’ll have to start perceiving everyone and everything as a form that I do unconditionally love.  At this point, the feeling of unconditionally loving everyone and everything became very real, and with each sensation that I perceived, whether it was the sound of footsteps, a door closing, or breath flowing in and out of the body, I understood it as the Christ Spirit being its radiant self.  With the eyes closed, white light abounded from all corners of consciousness.

What do you unconditionally love?  Who do you unconditionally love?  How can you see that person or that object in everyone and everything? Practice, practice, practice 🙂

It’s been said that the purpose of meditation is to become that which you meditate on.  As far as I’ve experienced, unconditionally loving is one of the greatest feelings in the world, and experiencing that more often by spending 20 minutes a day in meditation on it seems like a worthy investment.  What feeling would you like to experience more abundantly?

Last night at a Unity Church, before beginning a Oneness Meditation, a new friend reminded me of the wonderful truth, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”  Ask and you shall receive.





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