“Let’s meditate! Think about what you want most.”

While in the midst of an enlightening conversation with a friend, the moment struck when it felt perfectly appropriate for a spontaneous meditation.  We were standing outside in the middle of a courtyard with people flowing all around us, and bam!  We closed our eyes and journeyed within.

After about a minute of standing in silence, we opened our eyes.  I asked, “So what is it you want most?”  His answer, “To do what I want to do.”

Initially, I thought – blast!  Another person who doesn’t know what they want.  However, after further prodding, ask, “What does that look like?”  I realized he knew what he wanted to do and it very much aligned with what I want to do.  He said, “If I want to sleep in, I sleep in.  If I want to go eat, I eat.  I get to do whatever I want to do.”

Aha!  So really, to help him clarify and to myself clarify, I re-phrased what he said.  “Oh…so you want to flow in the moment!”

Trusting intuition.  That inner-voice, the pure guiding light that moves us in the direction of the Highest Good for One and for All.  Regardless of whatever external pressures might try and push you to do something else, there is incredible Power and Peace in opening to the Voice Within that is always ready and willing to guide you along the beautiful path.

From personal experience, flowing like water is one of the greatest feelings.  Opening to the intuition and grooving with it is intensely liberating.

Yesterday, while talking with a Chaplin about what we each want most in life, he answered the question in a way that almost moved me to tears.  He said (roughly), “I want to connect deeply with everyone and everything. Ultimately, what I want is connection.  To know that I’m a part of all of it, love all of it, and just be with it.”  I responded by asking if it was okay if I turned his deepest desire into my own.  How wonderful it is to connect deeply.

One person wants to flow in the intuition, another wants deep connection.  What’s the difference?

The answers might be phrased differently, but ultimately I think they manifest in the same way.  They both entail having a wonderful relationship with your Present Moment, whatever that is at any time.  However you currently experience your Present Moment, flowing and connecting both involve a consciousness that understands that Here & Now is What Is.  To flow and connect, you accept everything and open to the wonderful field of possibilities before you each and every moment.  You realize the interconnectedness of us all, and you trust the Voice Within to guide you in the right direction, because you know this Moment is Good 🙂

Openness.  Open, open, open, completely open!

As I’ve been chanting the past couple days while walking, “Open body, open mind, open heart – Spirit Shine!”

Open to the Present Moment and your connection with it all. Allow the Golden Present to answer your deepest desires and fulfill your every need.

The most important relationship in your life is the one with the Present Moment 🙂





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