Last Words…Sacred Space Is Here & Now

I love going on trips, particularly car trips where I’ll be staying someplace overnight, because for me it provides an opportunity to grow a bit closer to death (who knows, I might explode!), which also means growing a bit closer to life, and connecting with what’s really important.

While talking with a friend about potentially not wearing a tuxedo to sister’s wedding, he said, “Particularly when you enter into a sacred space, it’s important to wear your best.”

Our conversation came to a somewhat abrupt clothes, and I must say it was really perfect time, because now I have this wonderful opportunity to reflect on his wisdom.

Entering a sacred space…well…where is a sacred space?  Are sacred spaces only found in churches? Mosques? Synagogues? Temples?  Or are there also sacred spaces around mountains, lakes, and throughout Nature?

Ultimately, I feel that every space is as sacred as we allow it to be.  To pray to God or connect with your deepest beliefs and Highest Self, you can be anywhere.  Heck – one of my most profound experiences of faith and gratitude came in a coffee shop.  To me, the coffee house was certainly a sacred space filled with a Presence that transcended the ordinary.

Ah, here’s the rub!  The real delight in living comes when our ordinary becomes extraordinary.  When the sacred space permeates throughout the entire cosmos.


There is no space more sacred than the Here, and there is no time more full of opportunity and wonder and splendor and light and love than the Now.  Here & Now is all there is and all there will ever be.  The time to enjoy is Now.  The place to celebrate is Here.  This is It.

Ultimately, the past is dead and the future is imaginary.  All we have is right Here and right Now.

“The time is Now and we are Here.”  That is All.

Goodness. Wisdom.  Truth. Beauty.  Never was there better a time to experience such transcendent principles as the Now.  The Sacred Space is everywhere – Here included 🙂

In the space and time of Here & Now rests absolute Freedom and Peace.  Nowhere to go, nothing to do, just be Here, Now.

“Just being is enough.”

No expectations.  No limitations.  Simply embrace What Is.  Accept your Present Moment wholly and completely, and know that it is indeed a Wonderful Moment.

The most important relationship in your life is the one you have with the Present Moment.  All we’re really ever asked to do is Love our Moment.

Love your Moment!

Sacred Space and Sacred Time are Here & Now, Always & Forever.

How do we live with this Wonderful Awareness?  For starters, “Breathe, Smile, and Go Slowly,” shared by the lovely monk Thich Nhat Hanh.

Thich Nhat Hanh also shared, “Peace is every step.  It turns the endless path to joy.”  Every step counts.  Every breathe counts.  Every thought, word, action, deed – it all counts!  Every drop of water counts.  Every bite of food counts.  All is Sacred, all is Holy.  Live in the awareness of the Presence of the Sacred Here & Now.  Reverence.  See with New Eyes.

This is the Moment!!!

Open, open, open, completely open!

Hallelujah 🙂

p.s. Ahh I can feel the hypocrisy already.  It’s darn tootin’ one-heckuva-challenge to live with such an awareness.  But hey – that’s why we practice.  Practice, practice, practice.


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