30 Day Challenge Complete! Every 15 Minutes, Awakeners!

Whew.  That was a month full of a lot of beeping.  Breathing too.  And gratitude!

This awesome Timex watch I purchased for the summer has an incredible function on it called Hydra.  When activated, the Hydra function will countdown from 15 minutes and beep when finished.  It then automatically resets itself for another 15 minutes and beeps again and does this until you tell it to stop!  It’s totally amazing.  Slightly annoying to someone who isn’t expecting it and doesn’t understand why it keeps going off, but alas – I’m confident it’s all for the Greater Good 🙂

For the past 30 days, I’ve activated the Hydra function early in the morning (usually after meditation and yoga) and then allowed it to run for the rest of the day until sleep (unless meditating).  Whenever the Hydra function completes it cycle, that is every 15 minutes, I did my best to stop whatever I was doing, including stopping physical movement, take 3 deep breaths, think of God, express gratitude (in most cases it was “I am so grateful for this Abundance of Goodness Here & Now Hallelujah!), and go on my merry way.

As the month progressed, the activity every 15 minutes evolved a bit.  Recently, it’s come to the point where I close my eyes, put my hands together in front of the heart in a prayer position, take 3 deep breathes meditating on God, express gratitude, and then take three angel breaths (which I learned about in the book 3 Days to Vitality – essentially, hands start at heart-center, inhaling raise them up high over head and apart, chin tilts up, then exhale lowering the arms out and to the side, chin goes down to the chest).

As you can imagine, stopping everything to breathe every 15 minutes and do angel breaths presents a bit of a challenge and potential embarrassment.  Thankfully, because I felt the power that any and all of us can receive when we align with serving the Greater Good and the Higher Self rather than just the good of the small, physical self, I overcame a lot of hesitancy and performed this ritual in many public spaces with people watching without being phased by it.  I am so grateful for serving the Greater Good!

Nothing like raising some consciousness and awareness 😉

Interestingly, I found myself in many conversations with people who were initially unaware of the 30 day challenge,so when the watch starting beeping in the middle of the conversation some looked at it confused while others seemed to not hear it or ignored it. The development of this habit allowed for me to understand my relationships with people a lot better.  With some friends, particularly younger ones, I found myself more ready to share the ritual with them, or at least comfortable enough to stop talking (if I was) and stop to breath.  With older people who I consider mentors, I initially wasn’t so keen on either interrupting them or stopping my own thought to breathe and express gratitude and would do it silently instead while acknowledging God with a look up and a smile and a point.

One of the primary motivators of this challenge was to become more aware of God.  After all, omnipresence is a general quality attributed to God, which means that whenenver is, God is!  So really, God always is (if you choose to believe in that, whatever, whoever, or however God might be to you), so I thought that it’d be a great practice to remind myself every 15 minutes of the Presence.

Within about a week of starting the ritual, I found myself desiring to only wear white clothes.  So I did.  And wearing white right now.  🙂  I figure it’s peaceful, calm, and in a way I feel like this clothing choice holds me to a higher standard.  It also raises the consciousness & awareness of people who see the clothes.  After all, it’s not every day when you see someone wearing all white!

In addition to wearing all white, I feel like the 15 minute Awakener (as a good friend likes to call it) catalyzed some other lifestyle changes as well.  For one, in the adventure of breathing deeply and expressing gratitude every 15 minutes, I secured a wonderful place to stay that is free from distractions (e.g. TV, chatter, neighbors) and allows me to sleep very peacefully, sometimes going to bed by 10 PM and rising by 4 AM.  It’s pretty fun 🙂  Really been enjoying the several hours of solitude in the morning to practice meditation and yoga, express gratitude, walk, chant, read, laugh, and reflect.  Few things bring me greater joy than a stellar morning ritual.  And then, as soon as the ritual is complete, lock & load Awakeners!

Also, during this past month, I’ve grown in appreciation and connection with water.  I discovered mindful eating about a year ago through personal experience and officially through Thich Nhat Hanh’s Peace is Every Step about 6 months ago, but it wasn’t until this month that I really started to deeply appreciate water and mindfully drink.  Just like you can see the entire universe in an orange, you can also see it in a sip of water.

Which brings to the next step along the journey…holiness.  Or Wholeness. Living a fully integrated life.

Whatever we believe about Reality, we are expressing those beliefs 100% of the time.  Our every thought, word, and action is an external manifestation of beliefs we hold internally, whether we’re conscious of these beliefs or not.  With the Awakener sounding every 15 minutes, I was called to continuously reconnect with my belief in God and gratitude and the value of breathing and the Abundance of Goodness Here & Now! 🙂  Potentially this would work in a such a way that the Awakener could remind me to honor personal values and move me away from an activity, although I don’t recall this happening.

Once, within the past 3 days, I remember talking with a a spiritually-minded friend who was well aware of my experiment with the Awakener, and nonetheless ego got the best of me.  The Awakener sounded as I was in the middle of telling a story, and I paused for maybe a micro-second before continuing on the rambling way.  Not cool! Because really, the Awakener is a time to think about what’s really most important, it’s a time to honor whatever is sacred to you, and by disregarding the Awakener, well…not the proudest moment.  Alas, I was telling a story about an awesome synchronicity that the universe hooked me up with (free fresh fruit!) so I suppose I semi-justified it by presuming I was sharing a story that promotes consciousness and the wonderful idea, “Ask & you shall receive.”  I asked for free and healthy food, and sure enough I was in just the right place at the right time.  Nevertheless – Awakeners!

What’s most important to you?  What would you agree to do or think about every 15 minutes for a month?

Breathing and smiling is a pretty safe foundation.  I think we’d all agree with that one.  Maybe we wouldn’t venture so far as meditating on God, but perhaps Peace? Love? Joy? Family? Happiness?  Goodness?

One other peak experience from the Awakener 30 day Journey.  Within maybe 10 days of starting the experiment, I remember the first time when the Awakener sounded and I considered what we were talking about – sure enough it was God.  I thought, “Wow!  I was just about to think about God and honor the sacred by performing this ritual, but we’re already talking about God.  This is awesome!”  And as the month progressed, I found more and more often conversations trended around beliefs I hold sacred, at least when the Awakener sounded.

Every 15 Minutes…

A time to breathe.  A time to smile. A time to be.  Grateful.

Think about what brings you Peace and Love and Joy 🙂

This Timex watch…perhaps the best possibly $30.00 investment known to man.  The Awakening function…priceless.

Present Moment, Wonderful Moment!



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