“Be the Change You Want to See in the World.”

For many of the experiments I do, whether it’s attempting to live on only hemp seeds and a multi-vitamin for 30 days, blindfolding myself for a week, living without money, living on the streets, or wearing a watch that beeps every 7 minutes, I receive feedback from people questioning whether what I’m doing adds any value to humanity or if it’s just a purely selfish pursuit.  Now I’d like to address my perspective on the matter.

Firstly, the experiments I do are intended to raise my own consciousness and awareness.  By doing that, I grow in understanding of the universe and of what it means to be human.  With greater understanding, I am then more empowered to communicate in a way that is aligned with the Truth, which generally means greater love and compassion 🙂  Essentially, you might say the experiments are experiments to facilitate personal growth, and by growing as an individual, the collective grows too.

It’s easy to focus on the problems of the world and think that all is hopeless and there’s too much nonsense occurring at any given moment to even know where to start, however I think if we look to some of the great men and women of history, they’ll all tell us to begin at the exact same place…with ourselves!  “Be the change you want to see in the world,” as Gandhi said.

No one of great success, however they chose to define success, succeeded by spending all of their time worrying about the problems of the world.  Instead, what they did, I believe, was turn their gaze inward.  They had an internal dialogue that went something like this: “Okay – I perceive many problems in the world.  Meanwhile, I am one person, so what can I do as an individual to move this world in the right direction, if only with one step and one breath at a time?  How can I personally grow in peace, love, joy, and compassion?  For I know that as I grow in compassion, if only a little bit, the whole world collectively grows in compassion.”

As Thomas Merton so eloquently put it:

“To allow oneself to be carried away by a multitude of conflicting concerns, to surrender to too many demands, to commit oneself to too many projects, to want to help everyone in everything, is to succumb to the violence of our times.” 

We cannot help everyone.  Assuredly, the one person we can always help is ourselves.  And as we help ourselves, we help the world.  We can only give what we have, and what many of us really want most is simply an experience of peace, friendship, happiness, connection, joy, love, kindness,  health, you name it.  So, if you are to give someone friendship or health or happiness, you’ve first got to have it yourself!  To grow the world in compassion, grow yourself in compassion!  Love yourself more and more to love the entire world more!

Nourish the body and mind – treat yourself as a channel for the Divine to flow through.  You are a sacred being and are worthy of the very best that this creation has to offer, and you can have it all if you believe you can.  Open up to the Kingdom that is within you, realize your great potential, smile abundantly, and share your awareness of love and goodness with the entire world.  If you find yourself judging people, ultimately you are judging yourself, so stop that 😉  One way you can love yourself more is by loving everyone!  “Beautify the mind,” as James Allen put it.  Flood your consciousness with the wealth of wisdom of the great teachers like Jesus and Buddha and all those luminaries.

Personal growth fundamentally begins with changing your thoughts.  As you change your thoughts and the words you use – becoming more aware of your language – every aspect of your being will change too.  Especially in the morning is a great time to affirm the very best of yourself and of all the world.  Say to yourself, “I’m a masterpiece!” and sure enough you are, and you’ll begin to realize and share more abundantly the masterpiece that is you with all the world.

As I heard from either Steve Pavlina or Eckhart Tolle, “The most important relationship in your life is the one you have with the present moment.”  And why is that?  Because in the moment are your thoughts and your feelings and your awareness.  No where else do you exist but in the present moment!  So, to “be the change you want to see in the world,” begin in this present moment.  Look around you and soak in your present moment.  If you want to see a world with more love in it, look around you and tell everything in your present moment that you love it, if only mentally.  Deeply appreciate what you are experiencing Here & Now, express gratitude for it all, regardless of what it is.  Just love it and be grateful for it, simply for being!  And even if you might not feel the love and gratitude for it…perhaps the best advice I’ve ever received…fake it until you make it!  Fake the thoughts of love and gratitude for all your present moment offers you, and soon enough you’ll begin to feel the truth of the love and gratitude and your awareness will expand to realizing the wonder in the present moment, which slowly but surely transforms into a Wonderful Moment.

Each and every moment of your life can be filled with a sense of love, gratitude, and wonder if you allow it be.  It’s all a matter of accepting responsibility for the quality of your experience and choose to focus on the good that you desire for yourself and for everyone.

You can let go of the problems of the world and turn your gaze within.  Focus on yourself, be the change you want to see in the world, and step by step, you are making the world a more wonderful place.


Happy Present Moment to you Here, Now, and Forever 🙂


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