Learn from the Luminaries

Jesus.  Now there’s an exceptional human being!  Or at least, a wonderful example.  Buddha, there’s another one.  How about Mother Teresa? Gandhi?  Abraham Lincoln?  Stellar individuals, right?

Let’s learn from them.  Let’s study what they do, read their books, know their story, and practice the principles they preach.

People who actually practice what they preach are few and far between, and I think when humanity is gifted with a rare individual or two who actually abides by the word they say is truth and wisdom, we would all greatly benefit from listening to them and attempting to understand their teachings and way of being.

Too often do we corner the teachings of Jesus or Buddha into a religion and forget that they are not only leaders of a religious tradition but they’re also examples of human life worthy of emulation.  So, even if you don’t believe in the doctrine / dogma of Christianity or Buddhism or any religious tradition, you can at least open yourself up to studying the lives of great individuals who inspired countless millions to follow their lead.  Not saying you should conform – definitely don’t conform! – but instead, study openly.  A great way to benefit the world is to benefit yourself by growing in understanding of how to live a wonderful life that grows people in love and compassion and connection to each other.

Who do you know that lights up the world?  Would you like to light up the world as they do?  It is your birthright! The very best this world has to offer is most definitely your birthright, and if you commit yourself to receiving what is yours by divine right, you can experience an abundance of abundances.  Jesus and Buddha lived fantastic lives, and even when they were abused, they connected with the Kingdom Within, and their external suffering could not compromise their internal peace.  Happiness is a choice, beginning with thought.  Expose the mind to wonderful thoughts, such as those shared by Jesus and Buddha, and allow your own live to grow in wonder and splendor each and every day.  What you think about is what you will become, so if you think about the lives of exceptional human beings, you will become one and experience all the abundances of goodness this world has to offer.

Meanwhile, Hallelujah 🙂

So grateful for this abundance!!!



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