Letter to Self from the AYF Best Self Summer

At the end of an awesome summer experience, all of the 4Trails Leaders wrote letters to ourselves that we were told we’d receive during the winter season.  Sure enough, just opened my letter to self, and must say I’m quite inspired.  And, because it’s Here & Now in the Present Moment and All is Good, I see no reason why not to share it in full.  Besides, what if I get blown up by a missile in the 21 minutes and then possibly no one except myself would ever get to see the letter, and wouldn’t that just be a-little-less-than-best?  So why not share it?  For my eyes only? Never!  Living openly is fun and liberating.  Of course, you are under no obligation to read the letter, but by all means, feel free to enjoy it thoroughly.  As the letter attests, I’m into ideas.  And without further ado…

Dear Self,                                                                                      8/16/13, Here + Now

Oneness.  Unity. Light. Love. Peace. Joy. Yoga. Hallelujah!

Remember: the Guru is always with you, in every part of you, essentially You.

Everything is offering you a message for your growth and expansion to Higher Consciousness.

The truth is Powerful.  Use technology for the Greater Good!

As Best you can, set a worthy example all the time!  Operate by the Highest Standard, and slow down and ask questions if you are unsure or desire guidance.

The Guru Within / Indweller / Christ Spirit knows.

Beauty in every blade of grass.

Smile.  Look around the circle and count the smiles, feel the goodness, warmth, and radiate from the heart-center.

Self-going forward, remember the words of Thomas Jefferson,

“Act as if the whole world is watching.”

Look to Lincoln, too.  Any + all heroes of history are eagerly waiting to assist you in any way possible.

Ask and you shall receive.

“Breathe, smile, go slowly.” Every 15 minutes.

Consider, “What’s the next step to human evolution?” and act on that intuition.

Trust the Inner-Voice.

Enjoy that which is for all – the simple, sustainable, spiritual treasures – the gifts freely bestowed upon you at birth.

Cherish. Delight. Live a fully dedicated Life, in Love + Service to the Highest Good of All!

Ideas Worth Spreading

Play.  Connect. Communicate.

Inspire. Educate. Enlighten.

Free. To enjoy, experience the Bliss + Goodness Always.

Ask, “What’s most important?” God. Goodness. Peace.

Peace is a wonderful guiding Light.

“I am Siva: the Source of All Goodness.”

Cultivate the creative, flowing, harmonious expression.


Celebrate Life!  Live in the Miracle of the Here + Now.

Everything brings you to this moment.  Cherish it and delight in the unconditional connection of it all.

Choose your standard.  Solidify your Power in the Tubes of Light. Cultivate the Highest Self and let the world go.

“Rejoice! Be cheerful for I have overcome the world.”

That’s what the Here + Now is all about.  Renounce + enjoy.  Be Free.

What’s most important –> “the knowing without knowing.”

You are worthy of the very best, now and forever!! 🙂

Om Guru Om


Jai Satya Jai






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