You are what you eat? You communicate what you eat.

The quality of your communication depends on the quality of what you eat.  And for the sake of clarity, eating is the same as consuming.  So, we communicate based upon what we consume.  If we consume pure foods, thoughts, and experiences, then our communication is pure and wholesome.  If, on the other hand, we consume unhealthy foods or foods manufactured under pretenses of violence, and if we expose our consciousness to fear-based media and pessimistic people and conversation, and if we go around the world judging people and harboring sentiments of separation and worry, then that is exactly what we’ll communicate.

If you consume that which is holy, clean, and pure, that’s exactly how you’ll communicate with yourself, with all people, and with the universe.  The more you consume consciously that which nourishes the body, mind, heart, and soul, the more your moment-to-moment experience will blossom and the more wonders you will perceive.  Wonders abound if you simply look for them, however it can hard to be conscious enough to look for the wonders when we’ve been unconsciously consuming anything that is violent or destructive.

Whatever you do, do it in love. Love, love, love!  And how can you do it with love?  It begins with conscious.  You have the freedom to choose!  You can choose to consciously consume with love and think with love and experience your reality with love.  You can consciously choose to focus on the spiritual dimension of reality – the unseen, nonphysical, and long-term – or you can focus on the physical, short-term sensory experience.  The body might want to consume foods and thoughts and experiences that stem from violence and destruction and disease, but what does the soul want?  What kind of nourishment is your soul asking for?  And how can you give that nourishment to the soul?

Each moment offers us an opportunity to experience love, gratitude, and to smile deeply and joyfully.  We can breathe deeply and enjoy our awareness in the present moment.  We are free to choose, free to focus on whatever it is we desire.  The more we accept responsibility for this great power and gift of choice, the more we can begin to consciously create and realize the fulfillment of all of our heart’s deepest desires and dreams.

If you can dream it, you can do it.  It begins right here and right now, appreciating what you already have.  Look around you with love.  Tell everything – animate and inanimate objects alike – that you love it.  Love the physical and nonphysical; the seen and the unseen.  It’s all with you now in the present moment, so you might as well embrace it with love, and just maybe it will love you back, abundantly. 🙂

As much as you can, approach each and every moment of your life with a sense of love and gratitude – deeply appreciate what is – and allow yourself to be amazed as your gift of love and gratitude to your present moment is multiplied in abundance.  As you sow, so shall you reap.  Sow the seeds of love and gratitude, and soon enough you’ll reap an abundance of dreams come true and have all the more reason to be even more loving and grateful towards your present moment.  It begins right here and right now by appreciating what you’ve already been given.  Body, mind, heart, soul – incredible gifts.  You are endowed with infinite potential, and anything you can imagine in the mind, you can manifest in your physical reality.  It’s simply a matter of focusing on what you most deeply desire and giving thinks for it as though it is already real, because it is real as soon as you imagine it.  Be grateful in all circumstances 🙂  Miracles and blessings abound, sometimes in disguise.  Look with the discerning, spiritual eyes to see the goodness, beauty, and Spirit in every circumstance.  Each moment is offering you exactly what you need to learn, grow, and become more conscious and aware.  Tis a wonderful creation indeed!

So what does all this mean for what you eat and what you consume on a day-by-day, moment-to-moment basis?  Simply, consume with an awareness.  Love whatever it is you are consuming and be grateful for it.  Consider yourself a consumer of the present moment, and look for the good in each and every moment.  Love it.  Consciously.  Choose.  Embrace your authentic power.  You are a co-heir with Christ and co-creator with God, here to bring Heaven to Earth as best you can.  The Creator wants you to enjoy each and every moment of life as best you can and experience the fulfillment of all your deepest desires – that’s why the Creator listens constantly and receives every thought and feeling as a prayer request.  So choose wisely.  Embrace consciousness and your magnificent ability to choose.  Focus and create 🙂  Consume with an awareness of love and gratitude and you can only do good and wonderful things.

As Matt Silver once said, “Love always wins.”





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