Forgiveness or “Get Over it” as Joel O’Steen likes to say

Let it go.  Release the past!  Be here.  In the Now!  The now is where you have all your power.  If you give your attention to the past or the future, particularly in a dwelling fashion, you’re disempowering yourself.  It’s valuable to look to the past in a reflective mode to learn from it, but dwelling on it or regretting past decisions serves no good.  Then again, everything serves some good in that it allows you just the opportunity you need for your growth and conscious evolution!  Even the greatest pain you’ve ever experienced has served it’s purpose for you, and if you look to that pain and ask, “What can I learn from this?  What message is this offering me?  What can I be grateful for about this experience?” an abundance of wonderful reasons and deeper understanding will very likely emerge in your consciousness.

Enjoying life comes when we practice patience with ourselves and give the gift of discerning the meaning behind our life experiences.  Everything most definitely happens for a reason, and when you can tune into the Divine Reason underlying exactly every moment that’s unfolded in your life, then you’re also tuning into an incredible source of power and connection and understanding that frees you to thrive and flourish in this wonderful creation.

It requires the same energy to celebrate, smile, and rejoice as it does to dwell, suffer, and sulk.  You can use the same energy you use to laugh as you use to feel angry.  The same energy is used to feel compassion towards people as is used to feel resentment.  Think about this.  How the energy is used is under your control.   You are powerful!  You can choose to forgive or resent, to love or to hate.  It’s all your choice.  It’s all consciousness. All energy.  Use it as you will, and just remember that you have the power.  The blame game seems popular among some circles of people, but realize blame is an illusion.  You are responsible for your life, your thoughts, feelings, and everything you experience!  Such is the gift of God.  We can choose happiness each and every moment if we so desire 🙂

This morning I listened to Joel O’Steen talk about “Get Over It.”  Whatever it is you’re holding onto that’s holding you back, get over it.  Let it go.  If you’re resenting another, realizing we’re all just doing the best we can, and you’d likely do the exact same thing if you were in their situation.  We’re all here learning and growing.  We are learning!  We are this planet to learn and grow and evolve and realize our power and the power of Love and the Kingdom Within and Beyond, and some of us get there faster than others, and certainly for anyone who has arrived, help your neighbor!

My dad shared a story with me this morning he heard from his minister. “If you see a turtle on a stump, someone put him there.  Similarly, if you see a Christian, someone helped him become a Christian.  So as a Christian, the responsibility is to show people the light who are not there.”  Put yourself on that glorious stump and help put more turtles on the stump!   Choose the loving, compassionate, gentle, forgiving way.  And also, if you’d like, sprinkle on a bit of love and reverence and you’ve got what is darn close to a perfect experience, serene at the least!

Meanwhile, Hallelujah 🙂

Love & Gratitude!


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