The Soul

Do you believe that human beings have souls?  Do you believe in the soul?

I’ve spent the last week reading a book Sister Julie lent to me called The Seat of the Soul.  The author, Gary Zukav, writes rather authoritatively about the soul, Angels, life on other planets, karma, reincarnation, and an abundance of other mind-expanding ideas which have yet to be scientifically proven yet resonate with that inner part of many of us that seems to know without knowing.  Ya know?

I was about to write “I’m not completely sold on the idea of the soul,” and then I just realized that the soul is really just a word.  Just a shape to fill a lack, as William Faulkner once said.  I do believe in a nonphysical part of us that exists beyond the physical body and brain, and largely that seems to be what Zukav calls the soul, so I suppose we are in agreement!

One idea I’ve reconnected with after exploring Zukav’s work is the idea of the Higher Self, which he may or may not very subtlety distinguish from the soul.  Zukav says that our souls consciously choose to come to the Earth school for healing, and the healing occurs when we connect with the Higher Self and act on the inspiration that is aligned with the Higher Self.  According to Zukav, we have a personality, very similar to the idea of the ego, and the soul.  Healing occurs when we let go of the desires of the personality and focus on fulfilling the desires of the soul.  The personality may want to be angry or resent or blame, but the soul thrives on forgiveness, being compassionate, gentle, kind, and loving.  Something to think about 🙂

The Higher Self always opts for the actions and qualities that you might associate with God or virtue.  the lower self / ego / personality is what might choose destructive attitudes or behaviors that generate disease, disharmony, or pain.

Pain, by the way, Zukav distinguishes from suffering.  Suffering, he says, has meaning and therefore can be endured.  Suffering is pain when we’re aware of the Higher Perspective / Divine Reason operating and understanding that what we’re experiencing is necessary for the healing of our soul and spiritual development.  So, next time you’re experiencing pain, consider what you might learn from that experience, how it might benefit you in the long-run, and find some peace in that 🙂  Every event, no matter how evil or wrong it might seem, is really our servant in that it’s offering us exactly what we need for our growth and conscious evolution.

One last interesting tidbit to share before I go on to finish this gem of a book…he says you cannot nurture the body and mind if you do not know they exist.  Just so, you cannot nurture the soul unless you know it exists.  Furthermore, to nurture mind, body, and soul, you must understand how they work, what they desire, and what strengthen and weaken them.  So…food for thought!


What contributes to the health of my mind?  What contributes to the health of my body?  What contributes to the health of my soul?


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