Getting Beeped at Every 7 Minutes for 24 Days

Beep! Beep! Beep!  Every 7 minutes…it’s one heck of a way to live.

In this post, I almost certainly will not do complete justice to the experience – which, for the record, was totally AWESOME – but I will share something that will assuredly deeply enhance the life of someone, most likely me 😉

I’ve been experimenting with the Hydra function on a watch for several months now.  I began by allowing it to beep every 15 minutes, then later I did every 9 minutes, and from December 7 up to the New Year it was beeping every 7 minutes.

The idea behind the watch beeping is that there must be something out there in this universe that is worthy of thinking about or doing every 15 minutes, every 9 minutes, every 7 minutes, maybe even every single minute – maybe, just maybe, every single second.  What might that be for you?  What could you be reminded me of every 15 minutes that would enhance the quality of your life, bring you a sense of peace, or at the very least, not drive you mad?

When I tell some people about the watch and how often it beeps I sometimes receive responses like, “I couldn’t do it,” or “That would drive me bonkers.”  Sure it would if you didn’t use some energy to think about what would be valuable to think about.  In an ideal world, I think we will all be aware of an idea or thought that is worthy of our attention every 15 minutes, and really – every moment!

Considering what thought would bring you a sense of people if you were reminded of it every 7 minutes is a very valuable exercise.  What matters most to you?  What, even just thinking about it, brings you a deep sense of peace and joy?  Family? Friends? Goals? God?  Eternal Life?  The Kingdom Within?  Your Infinite Potential?

For all of us, there are certainly thoughts out there that can enhance our quality of life whenever we think about them, and the watch experiment for me has been a testament to that and has deepened my understanding of consciousness and what matters most.

Details of the Experiment.  

Every 7 minutes, generally, I would:

1. Express gratitude. Often times, this came in the form of “Hallelujah! I am so grateful for this abundance Here and Now and Forever Thank You Lord!!!”  As you might imagine, saying this aloud was sometimes a bit much for people around me, so occasionally I toned down the gratitude a bit and simply gestured upward and sent the gratitude up high!

2.  “Dedicate this all to you Lord, the Most High, the Highest Good of All!”  There’s an incredibly peace when you dedicate whatever it is you’re doing and experience to something greater than your small physical self.  For me personally, it also helped draw out better decisions.  For example, playing video games or watching television or eating unhealthy foods doesn’t resonate with me personally as far as acts I’d dedicate to the power that created me and allows me to experience this wonderful universe, so rarely during this period of being beeped at every 7 minutes did I ever succumb to any lower self / ego desires.  Instead, I spent much time learning information I think will be useful to everyone, meditating, practicing yoga, writing, reflecting, organizing, and planning for a wonderful future and determining how to best love and serve humanity and all creation.  The quest for Truth is a good one.

3.  See Namaste.  After expressing gratitude and dedicating the moment to the Lord, I’d usually bow a spend a moment attempting to be aware of God’s presence in everyone and everything around me, beholding the Divinity before me and throughout the world.  Towards the end of the experiment, I had some fulfilling experiences with this where I felt a deep sense of peace and connection to it all, and felt that all was Light.  Love and Light 🙂

4.  Breathing!  I determined that if there’s anything I’d like to do consciously more often, it’s breathing.  We’re supposedly breathing all the time, but how often are we actually aware of it?  In one of Eckhart Tolle’s books, he says that one simple practice that can grow you in awareness is to become conscious of your breath as often as possible.  So, I thought – why not.  I’ve also read in a book about breathing that apparently you cannot possibly hold onto any negative emotions after several deep breaths.  With the awareness in the breath, in the present moment, everything else evaporates.  You become Here and Now and realize that in the present moment, all is well 🙂

Specifically, for the breathing, I would take in usually 7 breaths to the heart, inhaling and exhaling thoughts of “God,” then I would take in some breaths to the back, sending energy up and down the spine.  For the spinal breaths I would usually alternate thoughts inhaling and exhaling, as the breath travels to the base of the spine on the inhale and travels back up and out the top of the head on the exhale.  So pairs of thoughts I’d practice for inhaling would be “OM, Shanti,” “OM, Guru,” “Love, Gratitude,” “Reverence, Compassion,” “Hallelujah, Amen,”  “Light, Light,” “Spirit, Spirit.”  Occasionally, when I was feeling particularly in the present moment and in the mood to think good thoughts, I’d also throw in breaths for “Lightness, Ease,” “Grace, Harmony,” “Health, Happiness,” “Humor, Laughter,” “Divine Comedy, Cosmic Joke,” “Abundance, Prosperity,” “Success, Fulfillment.”  All good thoughts and goodness gracious does it feel good!  Try it out if you don’t believe me 😉  Better yet, try it it out if you do believe me, because thinking good thoughts is good for everyone, including yourself!

Lastly, as far as the breathing goes, – yes I did a lot of breathing – ( and you do too, whether you know it or not 😉  ) I breathed in usually 3-7 times to the front of the forehead which is the location of the pineal gland and considered by some to be where the 3rd eye resides.

5.  And then finally, to seal the ritual, thanks to the inspiration of my cousins from California, I would laugh and dance every 7 minutes.  If only for a brief giggle and a swing of the arms around like I’m stirring a big pot, I would laugh and dance.  Nothing like living the freedom of laughter.  Ahhh, it feels good to laugh.

All in all, as you’ve probably figured out, this was not brief ritual.  It generally took around 40 seconds to 1.5 minutes to execute depending on how many breaths I took and how deep the breaths were.  So essentially for 1/7 of my waking time (aside from time meditating in the mornings and time spent at church on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with the Methodist Father and Catholic Mother), I performed this ritual.  And, oddly enough, I still found myself to be productive and doing good things.  The ritual may have taken up 1/.7th of my waking time, but it helped me to tune in to what matters most and be way more productive when I wasn’t consciously breathing or laughing or dancing or being so flippin’ grateful for this Present Moment!  Hallelujah!  Ah, feels good to breathe.  In and out through the nose.

For the past 3 days, the watch has been off and it has been produced a pretty awesome shift in my awareness,which I would absolutely love to share with you, oh kind reader, sometime later.  For now, I’ve still got 2-3 more things on the to-do list for the day and I’ve grown to love honoring my word, so I’m going to get to work on those things.  The Truth will set you free 🙂

In the meantime, know that I love you, you’re beautiful, radiant, totally wonderful, full of glorious potential, and your smile is always with you.  The best things in life are free!

“Breathe, smile, and go slowly.” – Thich Nhat Hanh.






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