Going into Silence for a Few Days…

Guiding light in life philosophy: Wisdom is good, and experience is the mother of all wisdom!  So, experience away my friend 🙂

For a long time I’ve pondered the potential awesomeness of what it’d be like to practice silence for a day, a week, a month, a year, or even a lifetime, yet I’ve never really done it.  One time I took a vow of silence for a day as a means of punishing a friend…I know totally not cool…and didn’t even follow through on finishing the day on silence, which I think is ultimately a good thing because I broke the silence out of forgiveness.  Alas, this time around, venturing into the silence at Gethsemani, I’m not doing it to punish anyone, but more so to raise my own consciousness and awareness of the mysteries of this universe, including what’d I’d call God and Spirit that flows through everything.  I figure, if there is one way to really tune in and listen to whatever message is being communicated to me by the great power that created the universe, silence is the way.  Only when we are silent can we really listen.

So, here’s to new experience!  To Silence, to God, to being around some crazy holy mad monks ;-), and growing in consciousness, awareness, and understanding.

So grateful for this present moment!!!


Hallelujah 🙂


2 thoughts on “Going into Silence for a Few Days…

  1. Indeed. Still finding it difficult to slow down and stop for a minute or two. So many wonderful ways to engage in the world, it’s hard for the rational mind to see the value in ‘doing nothing,’ but I think it’s there… 🙂

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