10,000 Steps to Happiness

What if every step you took during the day moved you in the direction of greater and greater happiness?  Might that be an incentive enough for you to walk around a bit more and soak in some of the beauty of nature and the magnificence of life all around you?  Imagine, every step you take, you can think “I’m getting a little bit happier with each step,” or even “I can feel myself growing and happier and happier with every step I take.”  When you keep in mind that 10,000 steps a day is a general prescription for a happier life, you can really begin to feel how each step does make you a bit happier.

And if you’re curious what happens beyond 10,000 steps, I’m not too sure.  It might be bliss.  Allow experience to be the mother of your wisdom.  Life is the great teacher 🙂

p.s.  The idea of “10,000 steps to happiness” was first shared with me by a friend who read about in a book titled The Happiness Project.  Amazing, we can really learn anything!  Whether you want to learn how to be charming, attract your perfect mate, experience inner-peace, or even something so simple as happiness.  You can learn it.  What a gift!  Extraordinary what we can do.  Infinite potential is within us all.


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