We Are.

Whatever you want to follow “We are” is entirely up to you.  Let me just assure you, it’s not a fact!

Nothing is really assured or guaranteed aside from being in this present moment.  And that’s frikkin’ beautiful!

Being is beyond duality.  It’s beyond judgment.  The human mind likes to place labels and definitions on things that ultimately constrict the expression of the truth, which is the reality of being.  For example, right now I’m writing while standing at a kitchen counter.  In front of me is what you might call a blender.  A blender, as you know, has many parts to it.  There’s the lid, blender jar, and base.  Then you can break each one of those parts down into even smaller parts.  The base, for example, contains a motor, and how many things are in a motor????  Many many! So many, really, that very few people (relatively) could probably name of every part of it, and so the word “motor” just like the word “blender” is our attempt to label what ultimately goes beyond our understanding.

Words, as William Faulkner once said, are shapes to fill a lack.  Words never capture the fullness of any situation.  The only way to fully experience something is to experience it with your being.  Talking about the blender and it’s parts and describing it in detail might help you create an accurate mental image of it, but you still won’t know the exact blender.  Even if I took a picture of it and sent it to you, your experience of the blender is different than mine, largely because your experience is more than the blender, but it is the entirety of your present moment.  The experience is beyond the blender but actually encompasses a totality of everything in your present moment in relationship to everything else, and you can expand that all the way out to the infinite edges of the universe.

Practicing mindfulness and single-pointedness of mind, you might be able marshal your full attention to the picture I sent you of the blender and allow that to be the entirety of your experience in the Here & Now, but that will still be different than my experience.  The best part about this is that no one’s experience is any better than any others.  Experience is simply experience.  If you want to attach labels and definitions to it you can, but wouldn’t you rather be free to experience it fully?  Why pigeon-hole when you can bask in the fullness?

The human mind loves to label and define, seeking to understand how one experience relates to another and what it’s significance is in your life.  We are meaning making machines, as a friend once shared with me. Finding meaning in any situation is a wonderful power we have, yet let’s also remember that you can always let go of meaning and simply experience the Here & Now,Being with What Is.  The Here & Now doesn’t have to be anything; it simply Is. You Are.  We Are!

Great!  We are.  What next?  Enjoy 🙂  When you are being with yourself in the fullness of the present moment, you’re allowed to accept everything that is, moving beyond any labels or judgment.  Help yourself to a liberating scoop of humility and be like Socrates, gracefully exclaiming, “The only thing I know is that I know nothing!”  Embrace ignorance and open up the what the Here & Now is offering you.

We are. We are. We are. Descartes once said, “I think, therefore I am.”  But why even insist on, “I think” ?  Let’s simply embrace the “I am” and live in this moment.  Existing in this present moment, Being Here & Now, is by itself totally awesome and completely miraculous.

One of the greatest values of accepting the “We are,” and the “I am,” is that ultimately you are free from your judgments.  If you ever find yourself judging, you can step back for a moment and observe the ego exercising it’s attempt to create separation.  then, moving back into the space of “We are,” and “I am,” you remember there is only unity and oneness.  Forget the ego and identifying with the body.  Instead, remember who you are really and embrace the present moment, because you’re being with all of it!  You are an experience. Consciousness.

Labels and definitions and judgments can help us to understand things to move us forward in creating a more compassionate world, and that’s what they should be used for.  If you ever find yourself using labels, definitions, or judgments to create separation, let go of them.  Separation is not compassion.  Unity is 🙂  We are!

p.s.  The idea for this post was partially inspired by listening to a beautiful song titled “Down to the River to Pray.”  You can listen to it here.  In the song, the singer calls to sisters, brothers, and finally sinners to come down to the river to pray.  While listening to it, it hit me that you can call people whatever you want, but ultimately that doesn’t make it true.  Also, there’s nothing to say that being called a ‘sinner’ is an inherently bad label.  It only is ‘bad’ if you consider it ‘bad.’  Or, you can just let it be.  Let it be a word.  A sound. And maybe consider the origin of all words. “In the beginning was the Word.”

Also, listening to the song and hearing the call to sinners to come down to the river to pray,  I realized the singer is basically addressing everyone when sinners are mentioned, and so if we’re all sinners, then we’re all equal; equally sinners and equally saints.  No one can escape the equality of us all!    We are equal in our being Here & Now. We are 🙂


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