To have more fun living…

Start dying!  No, not really.  Well in a sense.  And I literally mean in a sense.  Not innocence, although that’s worthy of many words too, but in a sense. Die in a sense and start to enjoy life more!

For the past couple months, I’ve taken to walking down steps backwards.   There are so many good reasons for doing this.  Not only is it good for the knees, balance, and the brain, but it’s also a fantastic way to bring people into the present moment and stimulate thinking!  Nothing like helping people become more conscious and aware 🙂  With this process of going down the steps backwards, thanks to the encouragement of Brother Rob (so many things to thank him forever),  I also started closing my eyes while doing this, which benefits the brain and balance even more!  So it’s like a win/win/win/win/win, going down the steps backwards, eyes closed.  Every body, brain, mind, and heart wins.  Consciousness wins too!

So if you want to spontaneously start having oodles of fun…the current prescription I recommend is letting one of your senses die, if only for a few seconds.  Walking over to this computer, I was in a fairly open space on a patio with no obstacles in the way, so closed my eyes and began walking.  So much fun!  When you close your eyes and let your seeing go, all of your other senses become enhanced, and you adopt a new perspective on reality.  You also will grow in reverence for how amazing the eyes really are, and how amazing are what they eyes see!

Another way to die in a sense is fasting.   You could either go for a water fast, in which case your sense of taste would be blank for a day, likely resulting in a greatly enhanced enjoyment of food the next day, as well as the additional benefit of giving your hard-working organs a well-deserved physiological rest.  The digestive systems works really hard, and it loves when you give it a break.  And you’ll then grow in appreciation and gratitude for food so much more too!  Another win/win/win.  The 3rd win is that it builds your self-discipline muscle, which then can empower you to even greater feats of awesomeness!  And if you didn’t want to do a water fast, you could do something like a juice fast, depriving yourself of the sensation of chewing, and maybe next time you eat solid food then you’ll appreciate a bit more the joy of chewing.

Appreciation and gratitude…those are the keys to a fun-filled, joyous life.  And how do we experience appreciation and gratitude?  Well, it can be tough to appreciate what you have, especially something you’ve always had.  How the heck am I supposed to appreciating using my hands to write letters and type on a keyboard and pick my nose when I’ve been doing these sorts of activities for years with only very rare conscious attention?  Perhaps if I tied the hands behind the back for a day, then I’d really appreciate them!  Or, more practically, I practiced honoring the Sabbath last Saturday, and a general rule for honoring that day is to not create anything, which includes writing anything down.  After all, the word made flesh, so writing down words is making something, and on the Sabbath making is a no-no (except for making friends and conversation – that seems to be acceptable).  Alas, after a day of not using a pen to write anything down – which seemed like the very day I hadn’t used a pen in at least 6 months – I approached the pen and pad with such greater appreciation that Sunday.  I wrote very slowly, consciously, appreciating the stroke of the pen and the freedom I had to write ideas on paper.

The general idea…Fast to Feast!  Deprive yourself a bit of what you’ve always had to grow in appreciation for that which you’ve always had.  Voluntary deprivation is a huge gift, largely because it will help you become more aware of so many other gifts!  It’s been said that we only appreciate something when it’s gone…so why not take something away on your own accord and start to appreciate it now?

Close your eyes for 3 seconds and walk.  You’ll be more grateful for your eyesight and ability to balance.

Drink only water for a day and eat only positive thoughts. You’ll be more grateful for the taste of earth-grown food.

Sit still and stare at a single point for 5 minutes.  You’ll be more grateful for your ability and freedom to move and look around at the wonder and beauty which is in front of you Here, Now, and Forever!


Hallelujah 🙂


2 thoughts on “To have more fun living…

  1. Very nice reflection! If you want to live, you have to die first….. and you have to die to your senses….. dying to oneself is LIVING for “the Greater Good”, right? 🙂

  2. Thank you for the kind words JP! I think you are totally onto something. It’s like…I’m going to pass on this cupcake and enjoy this apple instead, because choosing this apple over the cupcake treats the better body and mind better and also sets a good example for others to follow. Those taste buds are pesky though…very pesky. Imagine training them to enjoy only food which was healthy and wholesome and nourishing and to abhor any food that was heavy, highly processed, or toxic. Ahh what a life that would be! Hehe, although – even with eating less processed foods, today I seem to have still roused a bit of a stomach ache from 1-3 too many dried apricots. Maybe that whole drying process is a bit too much processing…who knows! All I really know is….so grateful!!! Hallelujah 🙂
    Also, you’ll be happy to know that I plan to attend some good ole fashioned Catholic Mass this Sunday at Davis Chapel, 11:30 AM. So be on the feel for prayers coming your way!

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