A Reflection on Year 23 (Embodied) :-)

Well, Hallelujah!  Hallel Yah.  Praise God.  The Truth is liberating and liberation itself – what more could we ask for?

For a super brief recap of year 22…which was also an amazing one…college graduation…Street Retreat…as a result largely liberated from material desires, realizing the best things in life are free and truly the treasures in Heaven (or as a friend once called them, the Spiritual Riches)…lived without using any money for 6 months…grew a lot spiritually (shrunk a bit physically…such things happen when you don’t use any money ;-)), and grew mentally too – reading wonderful books like Power vs. Force (Hallelujah and thank you for that gem, Jp!) and The Book of Secrets, and Peace is Every Step, as well as Cosmic Consciousness.  (Oh…also…perhaps the highlight…getting banned from the Wake Forest campus.  Dangerous what happens when you first discover that you can see the entire universe and profound beauty in a single slice of orange.  Also, can be dangerous when you realize that every time you move your hand towards your mouth with food in it, you don’t have to eat it!  Crazy what happens when you break habitual patterns of movement.  Quite liberating, really!) (Should probably mention…Steve Pavlina played a huge role in year 22…enlightening the crap out of me with his awesome free blog, introducing me to lightworking and setting intentions for the greater good and abundance and gratitude and manifesting and all kinds of wonderful.  Thanks Steve!  And sure enough year 23 would lead me to meeting the man himself…)

And now for the super brief recap of year 23, perhaps with a bit of expansion to follow…read Rhythm of Life by Matthew Kelly, talking about the Best Self, and then the Universe sends me a job offer to work at a camp with a ‘Best Self’ guiding philosophy (go figure, harmonious Universe 😉 )…decided priority #1 was to decide on a place to earn a yoga teacher certification and the very next day a friend contacts me out of the blue to tell me about Yogaville / Satchidananda Ashram (thanks again, Universe 🙂 ) visa vie Claire Hallelujah!)…met incredible people at Yogaville as well as introduced to the notion of a ‘Guru,’ the beauty of chanting, and ‘Truth is One Paths are Many,’ also Yogaville introduced me to all wearing all white as a yoga instructor (which I’ve now taken on full time, because why not?  Simple, pure, peaceful, so easy!)…from Teacher Training went to work at the American Youth Foundation, got owned on a bike trip, remembered that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, yet all the while it is important to “Ride Safe” as the Maine license plate suggests – and live balancing the ‘Hu’ and ‘Man’ aspects of us…discovering heightened awareness with a beeping watch…immense amounts of joy and happiness leading a service trip (to think I got paid to do that is somewhat absurd…was a pretty strong manifestation of what Heaven can be 🙂 )…the job was basically ‘being a role model’ – perhaps the best job in the world, meanwhile inspired all kinds of expressions of abundance and gratitude and also manifesting cake!  Beyond the camp…finally earned a position to teach yoga at WFU – a dream come true – continued experimenting with a beeping watch, and found a fairly sustainable living arrangement that doesn’t cost a penny – Hallelujah!  Also discovered the abundance of hemp seeds – a super food indeed!  Also have thoroughly enjoyed walking backwards down steps, and more than ever feeling called to share the life story in a clear, concise way, however it seems like I keep procrastinating, alas!  Came into possession of the Beex Foundation, a nonprofit geared at sharing practices of meditation, yoga, and mindfulness, enlightening society one breath at time, pollinating the world with love!  Sister married a great man – Hallelujah!  And I actually wore a tuxedo…that was weird.  Then I had the joy of spending 4-5 days on a semi-silent retreat at the Abbey of Gethsemani and discovered Thomas Merton and that awesome contemplative tradition.  Perhaps one of the biggest ‘accomplishments’ of year 23…finally passed on the car to a friend!  So I am free from that whole material thing of having a car and insurance and blah blah blah Hallelujah!  Thanks to food orders online I don’t even need to go to a store to shop.  Wearing all white is also a huge step, as well as developing a daily meditative practice of 30 minutes a day, aspiring to where it will be a minimum of 2 hours a day (largely because I hear that’s what Deepak Chopra does, every morning from 4-6 AM, and he seems to know ‘what’s up,’ or at least ‘is successful’ in a way I’d also like to be successful).  Ah yes, also successfully sat in full lotus!  Not quite comfortable in it yet, but who knows…some day 🙂  And met Steve Pavlina, who literally seemed to be radiating light.  Also met Bill Kandelis, read the Bhagavad Gita, and am feeling fairly confident that a living teacher is not necessary for higher consciousness, and that, as I read the words of the Dalai Lama…books can be the teacher!  Another big development during year 23…I realized ‘enlightenment’ is the goal, or rather it is the means and the ends…every step and breathe of the way!  Presence 🙂  Also read my first ever book by Wayne Dyer, There is a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem, and first by Gary Zukav, The Seat of the Soul, and another gem by some ancient lady who seemed to know some things, The Game of Life and How to Play It.  So Hallelujah!  Year 23 was super abundant in manifesting all kinds of goodness and loving relationships and great books.  Also, I might say I commenced my public speaking career – hehe – speaking twice at open mic nights at the summer camp…that was way fun.  Also posted a guided meditation online that received 42 hits, but since it seems to have been taken down or disappeared into the either.  Alas!  This year has also been marked by the flourishing of both old and new relationships – seems like more new than old – to all of whom I am so grateful!  People are beautiful.  And I read somewhere that all things are possible when one decides to firmly root down, and I’m feeling more and more than the Wake Forest community is the place where I will root down more and more, centered upon sharing the practices of meditation, yoga, and mindfulness – as well as more generally, love 🙂  and Hugs!

Looking forward to Year 24…

It’s about time a book gets written.   Or some cohesive telling of some of the more inspiring, awakening, empowering, liberating, enlightening experiences of life.  I feel like that is probably the greatest gift I can give, at least speaking in the long-term.  The greatest gift seems to be Presence, Love, and Listening in the Here & Now!

Speaking of which…core skills to develop…Listening.  Intense listening.  To the point of being fully present and blissful in the complete awareness of sound and harmonizing with it.

I also hope to more fully embody “The Little Way,” proposed by a saint or two as well as Mother Teresa, essentially the idea that there are no great acts, only small acts done with great love.  That resonates strongly with Thich Nhat Hanh’s simple sentence for success, “Breathe, smile, go slowly.”  Going slowly…ahhh what a gift.  Oddly sometimes difficult to practice, but worth an abundances of abundances and then some. As the sign in Vegas says, “You must be present to win!”  So ideally this year is steeped in Presence, spiritual growth, listening, increasing ability in teaching yoga and inspiring through that, as well as more abundantly sharing the practices of meditation and mindfulness with the the WFU community and hey…why not all the world?  This book I’ll be writing ideally lifts readers beyond material desires and helps open hearts and eyes and minds to the much greater treasures in life that come through education, loving relationships, and training the mind to focus on goodness and whatever you really desire most, realizing that the truest desires are unseen, beyond form, and can be spontaneously fulfilled in any given moment.  Such is the glorious gift of God and Consciousness.  To all this and more…Hallelujah!

God is Good.  All is Good.  Jesus,  Buddha, Krishna, Rama, Muhammad, all of them seem quite wonderful as well.  Cosmic Consciousness and Enlightenment seems like a worthy field of study.  Nothing like learning from some heroes of history 🙂  And of course, cultivating the Kingdom Within, cherishing the most magnificent gifts of life – all those gifts freely bestowed upon us at birth.  Asking and Receiving 101, 24/7.  Everyone who asks, receives.  Ask away! 🙂  Trust.  Believe in your heart you’ve already received it, feel as though you have, and it’s all yours!



2 thoughts on “A Reflection on Year 23 (Embodied) :-)

  1. Only one small correction: last year was year 24 for you. You are starting the year 25 of your life, my friend. Think about it….. Happy birthday, Brad! 🙂

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