Purifying Your Intentions…for Peace, Freedom, and Fearlessness!

Just yesterday I walked outside into an abundant snowy wonderland.  I’ve been wearing all white now for several months, but additionally I noticed something peculiar as I wrapped a cozy scarf around the neck.  I connected back with ‘myself’ from several years back, perhaps the self from sophomore year in college, and knew that that ‘self’ would not have worn such a scarf.  So what growth has occurred from then to now that allowed me to confidently wear the scarf?

What I realized is that I stopped caring about what ‘other people’ think about ‘me.’  I’m not out to impress anyone or look good, at least that’s not the intention.  My intentions nowadays are generally well beyond the needs and desires of the small self / physical body, and rather they are aligned with the Greater Good for Life, Humanity, Consciousness, All That Is.  So, as much as I still might intend to learn something easily and well, the intention is setting in the larger context of being ‘For the Highest Good of All.’  It’s not longer about ‘me,’ the small self, but it’s about Me, the Higher Self, that Self which is connected to everyone and everything.  Intending from this context, there is a purity that flows naturally, because all the intentions are not just for the good of the physical body, but for the good of all physical bodies, all forms of life, and for everything that is!

And when you’re operating with pure intentions and desires – such that you intend/desire that which is good not only for yourself but for everyone – that’s how you know you’re working with and for something really good.  That’s when you can arrive in a special space where the opinions of ‘others’ will not hold you back or effect you.  You know, in your heart of hearts, that your intentions are pure and for the Good of All, and in this purity you experience tremendous peace (the result of a clear, clean conscience, aligning with your Higher Self), freedom (no longer concerned about judgment or opinions of others), and fearlessness (no matter what matters, you’re intending that which is Pure and Good, and you are reaffirmed and solidified in that holy foundation).

So, if you want to experience greater Peace, Freedom, and Fearlessness, look at your intentions.  Is your intention centered around the good of your own physical body and family, or is it founded upon something much larger than yourself and your smaller-self context?  Are you focused on helping just yourself, or are you intending to help humanity and all life?

Like a goldfish, we expand to fill the body of water we find ourselves in.  When you expand your own sense of Self to include Planet Earth, all Humanity, and even the totality of Creation, then your desires and intentions will expand as well, and you’ll realize that there is so much more to live for than just longevity of a human body.

Shift the focus from receiving to giving and serving.  When you focus on giving to the whole, inevitably your personal needs are fulfilled.  Trust in Purity and Goodness of your Intentions, follow your heart, and if nothing else – Love!  Loving is a darn pure intention 🙂




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