Seeing the Awesome, Cosmic Story Right in Front of You!

Amidst a gigantic showering of snow, I had the opportunity to walk across the upper quad on the Wake Forest campus.  I’ve walked across this quad many times over the course of the 6 years this body has been physically acquainted with the campus, yet I don’t recall any walks when it has been covered with snow . This walk was quite a special walk, which at times turned more into a jog and a frolick, but, nonetheless…

What made this walk was not only the snow, but also what the snow revealed.  Before I had the pleasure of walking across the snow-covered quad, so had many people before me.  The quad was not only covered in snow, but also in footprints!  Everywhere I looked there were footprints going in all sorts of direction, seeming as though there had been hundreds if not thousands on the quads before me.  Life was abundantly evident.  Even though while on the quad it was just me and my friend (whose name means is Gurdeep, meaning Flame of God, and sort of discovered last night that he’s an Angel…but that’s perhaps that’s another story 😉 )

Footprints upon footprints riddled the quad and created quite the textural landscape.  Stopping to connect with the footprints, I could see so many people having wonderful experiences playing on the quad, perhaps laughing and dancing and throwing snowballs, earlier in the day.  The people were no longer physically present on the quad, but their spirit lingered in their footprints.

And to think that no matter where we walk in this world, chances are thousands if not millions of footprints have stepped before where we are stepping now.  How much life precedes our own life?  How much has come before us, treated the space with respect, and is now allowing us for be in that same space?  How much Life lived perfectly to allow us to be precisely Here & Now?  How many stories unfolded just as they did to create this Special Moment?

It’s amazing how much goes on this world that we take for granted.   And my guess is we take it for granted because it’s the work of the Unseen.  When we look at a footprint, we might just see a footprint, but if you look closely enough you can see the shoe, you can see the person, and you can see that person’s parents, teachers, friends, and family.  You can see all the food that person consumed, all the water they drank, and you can see the abundant sunlight and rain that grew the food to nourish that person, and you can see all the people who invented all the technology to deliver all the food and create the clothing and the shoeprint itself!  So much can you see in a single print.  And ultimately you can see the entire universe in any footprint, in any leaf, or a single blade of grass.  It all adds up perfectly to create the Here & Now.  Our interconnectivity and oneness is evident whenever we slow down to become aware of what is fully before us.  In any given moment, we are experiencing the entirety of Creation precisely as it unfolded over the entire course of time and space to create this Present Moment.  Truly, the Present Moment is a Cosmic Moment, full of wonder, story, and life.

The Sun is in it all, your parents are in it all, I’m in it all, you’re in it all – we’re all in it!  Even Jesus and Gandhi and Buddha and Krishna and Muhammad and Mahavira and Hitler and Stalin and Mr. Rogers and Bob Barker…we’re all in it! That turkey you ate 3 thanksgiving ago is in it all too!  Nothing is separate. No man is an island.  No moment is an island!

There is a story to all; a Life-Affirming, Divine, Cosmic story.  When you hear someone say, “Stop and smell the roses,”  it’s just for you.  Everything you experience is just for you.  Each Moment is your Divine Appointment with the Highest Teacher that is perfect for you Right Here and Right Now.  Especially if you’re ever upset or frustrated or confused…what a wonderful learning opportunity is before you!  We’re all learning – the entire universe is learning!  Becoming more conscious and aware is the best journey anyone can go on.  It is a spiritual journey, a physical and mental and emotional journey.  It’s all connected.  It’s all for good.  Each moment is precious.  And each moment you can connect with the whole, the totality.  Embrace it all and know that it’s all precisely perfect for you.

Just so, the Present Moment loves to say, “I will be whatever you want me to be.”  You are the shaper of your experience.  Create whatever reality you desire.  Let your Present Moment be populated with Angels, if that is your desire.  Become aware of God in each and every Present Moment, if that’s what you want.  Allow your Present Moment to be a place of friendliness, support, nurturing, growth, friendliness, kindness, compassion, gratitude, and all goodness in abundance, and it will be.  It’s all perspective.

What kind of glasses are you wearing?  What station is your radio tuned to?  What music are you listening to?  What kind of massage are you receiving from this Present Moment?  What sort of ocean are you swimming in?  What’s in the air you’re breathing?  What permeates your cells?  Who are you, anyway?  Are you just a body, a mind, a soul? Are you eternal and immortal?  Are you one with all life? 🙂


p.s.  Another insight I had list night…as far as having the intention to glorify God goes…I realized that can most definitely look like someone dancing and saying / singing, “So grateful, so grateful, so grateful!”  Glorifying doesn’t always have to come in the form of song and dance, but for me, it’s pretty hard to argue against it as a definite form of glorifying at any time, in any place.  Other glorifying activities that I feel fairly confident in: meditation, prayer, laughing, studying a good / holy text, writing / reflecting, walking, connecting with nature, practicing mindfulness, conscious breathing, and going slowly.  Going slowly is good work 🙂  Also, listening!  Ahh, to listen.  Such an art.  Creating beauty, too, and any creative expression.  Creativity is gold 🙂 Express Your Self!




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