Appreciate and Enjoy That Which Is Always With You

Ahh. Breathe. Feel the heart.
As long as you’re embodied, the breath and the beat of the heart will always be with you. At some point you will transcend, but for now, in the body, you’ve most definitely got your breath and the beat of the heart.



Feel Good.

We can train ourselves to enjoy anything. Observing the breath, just watching it flow in and out of the body without trying to control it, you can begin to admire the awesome of intelligence of the body, the evolved intelligence of nature working through you and in you.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, the body is breathing. The heart is beating. ALL THE TIME! ūüôā

These affirmations of life occur moment-to-moment. Just imagine if you train yourself to thoroughly appreciate and enjoy any instance when you bring your awareness to your breath and just notice it flowing. Or enjoy those moments when you bring the palm of the hand and place it over the heart, feeling it beat.

Tune out the world and tune into yourself. Tune into that intelligence. The breath and the heart are the essence of life. This essence flows through all life. Even chickens, grass, and trees. All of life is breathing. All of life has a Heart. Maybe not a physically beating heart like human bodies have, but there is a Heart. Consciousness experiencing.

As far as bliss goes, I think it might rest when we stop desiring anything external. Bliss might be when we turn our gaze inward and more and more connect with That Which is Always With Us. The Breath, the Heart; Consciousness.

Just being is miraculous. Just being is totally awesome. Just being is abundant and reason for immense amounts of gratitude and joy. Just to be…

Breathe and be. Look with wonder upon that which is before you. See the Essence that flows through all Life. Look past the duality and the separation and the illusion and you just might begin to perceive the perfection, the unity, and the goodness.

We may want different physical things or new relationships or knowledge…but will any of that really give us lasting happiness? Lasting happiness only is in that which is in lasting. And what is lasting? Consciousness. The breathe. The Heart.

Enjoy That Which is With You Always.

Smile ūüôā

The Best Teachings Are Free

Free, super abundant, supported by tons of study as well as awesome life experience.

Thinking about why mindfulness and meditation are awesome practices…practicing them helps you realize that happiness and joy and all goodness is with you in the present moment.¬† You don’t need to be watching the TV or shopping or reading your favorite book to experience a deep sense of peace and goodness.¬† That experience you want is yours now.¬† If not now, when?

You are powerful.  So powerful, in fact, that your happiness is only conditional upon external conditions if you let it be. At the same time, using your awesome power, you can choose to be unconditionally happy, regardless of external circumstances.  You have a kingdom within you.  Consciousness is magnificent.  It is yours to use as you will.  Create your Heaven on Earth.

All this best is free.¬† And right now is the very best!¬† And now is the very best.¬† If you believe it, you’ll see it.¬† Believing is seeing.¬† Heaven or Hell your choice.¬† Perspective is reality.¬† What you focus on you’ll experience.¬† Whatever you give your attention to grows.

Nothing external can bring you lasting happiness.¬† Lasting happiness comes from within.¬† Lasting happiness is of the Here and Now, it is Essence, regardless of the external form, it is with you.¬† Tune into it.¬† Smile ūüôā

When you discover the treasures of mindfulness and meditation and Peace Within, your motivations and intentions become purer.  Instead of being motivated by accumulating money, you are motivated by rendering loving service, by doing good, by growing and becoming better and better.  You are motivated by catalyzing the conscious evolution of mankind. You are motivated by Love.

You realize the Basic Goodness underlying all reality.  Happiness is with you.  And knowing it is with you always, regardless of the external Рthe yang Рyou are abundantly connected with the Kingdom Within Рthe yin.

Seeking refuge within, storing up your Treasures in Heaven, centering yourself on the yin, you begin to realize the transient nature of the world of form.  It changes.  Things come and go.  Accepting this, you are free.  Detached from form, you appreciate what is in the Here and Now while easily letting go and transform into something new.

Movies, books, people all come and go.  Conversations come and go.  The ways in which you experience the world are always changing.  The yang is in flux.  What you can count on always is the yin Рthe Kingdom Within Рthe Essence that pervades all form and all reality.

Call it what you will, it doesn’t matter.¬† Words go up like smoke!¬† Within all form is a consistency.¬† Even though a banana looks different than an orange, within both the banana and the orange is an Essence that is also in the tree and the computer.¬† It’s in Everything!¬† As a friend shared with me once, “There is nothing else.”

Deepak Chopra talks about One Reality.  Eckhart Tolle talks about being One With Life.  Oneness.  The Essence pervades.

On the path, remember you are always free to stop and breathe.¬† Standing still or sitting can only be good.¬† How many problems stir from impulse decisions and rushed activity?¬† How many times have we all walked by beautiful flowers and abundant life flourishing all around us without even being slightly around of the Essence underlying it all?¬† Without appreciating the Beauty and the Magnificence?¬† Living a life constantly connected with Beauty, Magnificence, and Miracle can be quite challenging and might sound a bit overwhelming…but…maybe it’s worth the effort?¬† Who knows!

What kind of reality do you want to live in?¬† What do you want to experience moment to moment to moment?¬† It’s your choice.¬† Know what you want, focus on it, and be open and willing to change until you receive what you’re seeking.¬† Ask and you shall receive. Always.

This morning I read in The Power of Now that there is only one spiritual teaching.¬† What is that teaching?¬† I think…it might be…gratitude.¬† Why?¬† Because of Perfection.¬† As human beings, what more could we ask for than that our every prayer is answered?¬† All of our thoughts co-create reality.¬† We are empowered to create and to change and to grow and to become better and better and trust our generous impulse and embrace challenges and contribute to the greater good and give of our very best!¬† We are so empowered!¬† We can do so much.¬† Consciousness creates.¬† We are consciousness creating.

Lent is the season of empowerment.¬† I found myself saying “Thank you Jesus!” the other night, not for necessarily being the one and only savior of the world, but simply for inspiring the lenten season.¬† During Lent, people give up something.¬† I ‘gave up’ picking my nails.¬† No big deal, right?¬† Actually, renouncing this very small activity for this period of 40 days has so awesomely empowered to do even more good and make more abundant change for good…well it’s inspired a lot of good.¬† Reminding myself that I have the the power to consciously not pick my nails…I am reminded that I can do anything!¬† As I wrote down in my journal, “If you can do one thing, you can do anything.”¬† If I can ‘not pick my nails,’ I can ‘not eat unhealthy foods,’ or to frame it in the positive, I can choose to eat only foods that are nourishing and for the optimization of the body and brain and clarity of consciousness.

We are empowered!  One step at a time, moment to moment, day by day, month by month, we can build positive habits, and we can release habits.  Not to judge what habits are good or bad, just knowing that if there is anything you want to change, you can.  You absolutely can change.  You are powerful!  We are all powerful!

And if you’re doubting, hesitant or unsure, stop.¬† Breathe.¬† Maybe smile.¬† Just be in the moment.¬† Maybe be grateful for something.¬† Whether you’re grateful for family, friends, teachings, the body, the mind, the universe, the sky, the trees, water, food, shelter, clothes, time, space, learning, growing, evolution, abundance, creativity, humor, laughter, health, happiness, freedom, love, peace within, music…whatever it is!…so much to be grateful for.¬† And ultimately, the gratitude can be for the Perfection.¬† Knowing that it’s all for Good, that it is all The Very Best, that What Is is Perfect, perfectly imperfect if you like, you can feel an abundance an gratitude in the heart.¬† And gratitude only attracts more abundance to be even more grateful for.¬† So go ahead and cultivate a grateful heart.

You can also be grateful for the abundantly wonderful and free teachings of Steve Pavlina.¬† Bringing Truth, Love, Power, and Happiness to people by sharing abundant ideas and a wealth of knowledge inclined towards catalyzing personal growth and evolution…higher consciousness…what could be better?

Higher Consciousness and Happiness for everyone…there’s an idea.¬† How do you do it though?¬† Each moment is an opportunity.¬† Enjoy ūüôā


Liberation!!! “Do it with Joy or not at all.”

Ahh…freedom feels good.

But what is freedom?

Freedom is complete detachment.  If you consider that a slave wears shackles, so too anything that shackles you enslaves you.

Recently, I’ve been enslaved by this desire to delete eBooks, audio clips, and videos that I may have obtained illegally, while also desiring to listen and learn from these same things. ¬†The tension between the two irks me from time to time, and thankfully I just resolved the issue.

Officially, for the first time in maybe 6 years – as far as I’m aware – there’s not a single piece of stolen ‘intellectual property’ on this computer or in ‘my’ possession. ¬†So, I must say this feels pretty good.

The process of deleting all the files also helped me gain a lot of clarity and come to terms with reality.

A few of the files I had the most trouble deleting were audio files that offered lots of an abundance of knowledge regarding meditation, the present moment, and higher consciousness / enlightenment. ¬†However, even these files were relatively easy for me to let go of, because I realized that ultimately expertise in meditation or achieving an awesome consciousness of Presence or Enlightenment is something realized through practice and effort. ¬†Practice and effort can come in the form of studying via books and audio clips, but it’s primarily something you live out moment to moment to moment. ¬†So to think I’d achieve expertise in meditation or a state of enlightenment through reading is somewhat silly. ¬†Ultimately, I think books can be great teachers. ¬†Yet the true test of learning ultimately comes down to how it changes the way you live your life, moment to moment to moment. ¬†And really, I feel like in so many ways I’ve had that awesome peak experiences of enlightenment / oneness on several occasions, so to deny it would be silly. ¬†More over, to think I need more books or information to live in that state on a more consistent basis is also silly. ¬†If I experienced such a state without certain books, why would they be necessary to achieve the state again?

I had the pleasure of sitting in on a class on existential counselling the other day, and the professor shared some awesome ideas about venturing beyond your comfort zone and being in the moment. ¬†He said that we sometimes might have a tendency to¬†devour life, when really so much joy and peace and freedom can be found when instead of¬†devouring life, we choose to¬†savor life. ¬†Savoring is the key. ¬†And what more is savoring than going slowly? ¬†It’s appreciating what you have. ¬†It’s being in the Here and Now.

Listen to the birds. ¬†Feel your lips curl upward you smile . Flash your eyebrows at the beauty before you. ¬†To experience happiness and peace and joy and the very best life has to offer, we don’t need anything. ¬†All the necessities are before us, beyond us and within us, in this present moment. ¬†Enlightenment and Peace and Happiness are not states to achieve in the distant future; they are qualities of our consciousness that we can experience now. ¬†The time is always now, especially regarding your Peace and Happiness ūüôā

Thinking about questing through life, it seems like many of us move through the world on a quest for more, on a quest for what’s best for us, for that perfect something that will make our lives complete. ¬†Really, that perfect something is not out there, and you don’t have to quest for it. ¬†Questing for it almost moves you away from it. ¬†As I read in a de Mello book, “Seek and you shall miss.” ¬†Instead of seeking, let it be.

When you tune into being, right here, right now, that’s golden. ¬†No books required.

This is not to say to never read a book again.  Rather, you can continue the wonderful journey of lifelong learning and growth knowing that you are perfect as you are now.  You need nothing more for happiness and joy.  So then, why keep reading and learning and trying new things and seeking new experiences?  Well, from a consciousness of Joy and Happiness, why not do whatever you want to do?  The key is to prioritize your Happiness in the Here and Now, and let be from there.

All activities can be filled with Joy. ¬†The external conditions don’t matter so much as your perception. ¬†As Eckhart Tolle mentions in the¬†Power of Now, instead of changing your¬†What, try changing your¬†How. ¬†Bring lightness and ease to how you are doing whatever it is you are doing. ¬†To think, “I have to do something other than this,” is enslaving yourself. ¬†You can always free yourself by accepting the present moment as it is and moving into a state of joy, perhaps catalyzed by bring a smile to the face and raising your hands over your head and saying, “Thank you!” ¬† Why not be thankful? ¬†You can always fake it until you make it. ¬†Or, as I heard on a TEDTalk, fake it until you¬†become it.

Meanwhile, why keep learning?  Why keep writing or doing anything if the Happiness and Peace and Joy and Infinite Goodness is Here and Now, Always and Forever?  Why not just let go and bliss out 24 / 7?

From that state of Happiness and Peace, remember that you can serve and you can give and contribute.  And in those acts is even more joy!  An abundance of joy lies in generosity and in giving.  Also, consider, that in so much as you may have found Happiness in the Eternal Present Moment, Your God, some people might still be searching.  So, by your moving and being in the world, connected with that Joy, you can share the Gift and awaken people to the Kingdom.  Why not?

In a way, act selfishly.  That is, prioritize the quality of your consciousness in the present moment.  Let it be filled with Peace and Joy.  What could be more selfish?  And then, beautifully, this seemingly selfish act balances perfectly with the selfless service you can then render from a consciousness of Joy.

We can only give what we have, and what more do people want than Joy? Than Peace?  Than Freedom?  So by you working on yourself to have that Joy, you can then give it to people.  You can share the abundance!  You connect with the Great Gift, and then you share that Gift with your Being.  No physical exchange of form required.  Just being joyous brings joy.  Liberating yourself liberates those around you.

When you listen to the birds and delight in the birds, you tacitly grant permission for all to enjoy the song of nature.  (Woohoo 111 :-)).

Remember always, there are an abundance of ways to serve. ¬†Every moment offers a different opportunity. ¬†And, basically, no matter what you choose to do, it’s all good.

As Gandhi once said, “Do it with Joy or not at all.”

Broadcast Your Desires. What Do You Want Most? Bucket List!!!

Ahh…Steve Pavlina…what a teacher.

In a recent article of his, he looks back on some of his accomplishments and also looks forward to some more things he’d like to do while here on earth. ¬†Essentially, he made a bucket list. ¬†And, best part is, he posted the bucket list for everyone to see! ¬†

As you might have guessed from the words in the link, one thing on his bucket list is to go skydiving. ¬†Another, interestingly enough, is to be homeless and live on the streets for a month. ¬†Being homeless for a month is also something on my bucket list, so perhaps we’ll get to embark on that journey together – who knows!

The point is, whatever it is you want in life, it’s best to feel really good about wanting it. ¬†If you want something but are doubting yourself whether or not you deserve it or are worthy of it or if it’s actually a good thing…if you have any reservations about your desires…then you’re only holding yourself back. ¬†You know your desires and wants and bucket list is really good when you’re confident and comfortable enough with your desires to broadcast them to all the world.

And, a couple years back, synchronistically enough, Pavlina wrote an article titled “Broadcast Your Desires”¬†on my birthday ūüėČ ¬†It’s a good one!

So the question is…what do you desire? ¬†What do you want most from life? ¬†Are you comfortable enough with your desires to broadcast them to the world?

Here are a few activities that are on my bucket list, and if you’re interested in going on any of these adventures with me, please let me know. ¬†Maybe we can co-create some awesome experiences ūüôā

Without further adieu…some things I’d definitely like to do while gifted with consciousness here on planet abundant earth:

1. ¬†30 Day Challenge: homeless, living on the streets. ¬†When you don’t “have a home,” maybe you realize the whole world is your home…who knows!

2. ¬†30 Day Challenge: eating only fruits and seeds and nuts, predominantly, basically a banana and hemp seed experience. ¬†I think hemp is a superfood that can definitely be part of a healthier, sustainable future for humanity and the planet, so it’s probably worth it to bear living testimony to how wonderfully abundant you can feel enjoying them as the staple to your food preferences.

3. ¬†30 Day Challenge: meditate from 4-6 every morning. ¬†I hear those are auspicious hours! ¬†And two hours of meditation seems like a totally abundant way to start the day. ¬†Word on the street is Deepak Chopra starts his days with two hours of meditation, and he seems to do pretty well for himself and for the Greater Good…why not you and me?

4. ¬†Write a book that adequately recounts some awesome life experiences I’ve had regarding blindness, fasting, homelessness, living without money, laughing, crying, going with the flow, synchronicities, being grateful. ¬†Particularly the 7 days of homelessness in NYC was a profoundly transformative experience and I feel like it’s my responsibility to share that story in an effective way as best I can…so that more people can be liberated from material desires and realize the spiritual nature of reality. ¬†Also, I’d like to liberating myself from the desire to tell the story as well ūüėČ

5.  Create an audio / podcast library that can freely be listened to help people become more conscious and aware, growing their lives in the direction of greater health, happiness, freedom, and peace.

6. ¬†Look into another human being’s eyes for 15 / 30 / 60 minutes. ¬†Start minute by minute ūüėČ ¬†And now that I mention it…I haven’t looked into my own eyes for 60 minutes either…perhaps I’ll start there. ¬†I wonder what I’ll find. ¬†Who knows what’s inside there!

7.  Meditate with someone for an hour while holding hands.

8.  Meditate with a group of people sitting a circle, all holding hands.  Yea, hand holding is sweet!

9. ¬†Meditate with 555 people on the WFU upper quad on April 22, 2014. ¬†Yep…this one’s a pretty firmly established goal. ¬†Of course, not even sure if 555 people can fit on the upper quad, but essentially the idea is to fill the quad!

10.  Write a treatise on my college experience that serves to help college students discover themselves and choose to live with compassion.

11. ¬†Be part of a mastermind alliance with at least one other person that communicates weekly to discuss the Summon Bonum, the Highest Good of All :-), and goals, dreams, visions, Enlightenment, growth, evolution, self-actualization, self-education, self-knowledge, life stories, humor…ha!…all that good, abundant stuff!

12. ¬†30 Day Challenge: silence!!! ¬†Just listening ūüôā

13. ¬†30 Day Challenge: silence…except for Om. ¬†Or maybe only singing / chanting. ¬†As Nietzsche describes the Superman…something like, “Forget talking. ¬†Sing only! ¬†Forget walking, dance! ¬†And laugh, abundantly.” ¬†Not sure if he used the word abundantly, but essentially 30 days of only singing, laughing, and dancing…that sounds like one heck-of-a reality. ūüôā ¬†Heaven???

14. ¬†Give away all material possessions! ¬†This one can be done right now…but ahh perhaps the time is¬†not now. ¬†LOL wait…the time is definitely now! ¬†Alas, perhaps I’m still a bit attached. ¬†Like AA, I guess the first step is acknowledging and admitting I am attached! ¬†Anyway, giving everything away would be an awesome restart, and especially considering the value of education and the mind, or as Jesus says “the Treasures in Heaven,” ¬†I think I’d be pretty darn okay without anything physical.

15. ¬†Walk across the country. ¬†Anyone want to join? ¬†Part of me also wants to do this without any money or possessions…essentially making it a gigantic faith walk to provide some abundant testimony to the unconditional support and love of God, Reality, the Universe, What Is ūüôā ¬†Trust!

16. ¬†Have 1-3 coaching clients and help them achieve goals and develop healthy, holy, happy habits. ūüôā

17. ¬†Sit in for Full Lotus for 1 / 3 / 9 hours. ¬†Who knows what might happen if you just sit there. ¬†In this ‘hectic’ world of constant activity, why does it seem so difficult to just sit and be? ¬†Being is awesome!

18. ¬†OM for 3 consecutive hours. OM OM OM! ¬†This one should be easy enough…perhaps I’ll accomplish it this week!

19. ¬†Go on a speaking tour about the contents of aforementioned book and awesome adventures of the Street Retreat and the ability we all have to courageously and consciously grow and become better and better each day, exploring and co-creating a wonderful world, realizing that we are unconditionally safe, unconditionally supported, and unconditionally loved. ¬†Therefore, it only makes sense to live freely and fearlessly ūüôā

20. ¬†Have…ah the word ‘have’…haha that’s a funny one…already I feel a bit hesitant about this desire…overall though I feel it is for the Summum Bonum. ¬†Have! a space (office?) at Wake Forest where I can receive students to teach meditation, yoga, share personal growth ideas, providing counselling and spiritual/life advising, as well as listening. Additionally, I’d like to be able to live in this space, just sleeping on the floor with a big box of hemp seeds and maybe a few books next to me. ūüôā ‘My’ title could be something like Meditation Teacher / Personal Growth ‘Expert’ (yikes there goes the humility ;-)) / Life Coach / Spiritual Adviser / Yogi.

21. ¬†Memorize 100 / 300 / 500 / 1000 stories / poems / fables / proverbs / quotes / tales that can be shared with people to raise consciousness and awareness and inspire enlightened activity. ¬†Guess I should probably start! ¬†I think my current ‘memorized verses’ count is currently around 20…including quotes though it may be up to 50 or 100…guess there’s a ways to go! ¬†So long as remembering happiness is in the journey and not the destination, this seems like a worthy endeavor. ¬†(Ahh yes! ¬†saw 222 while wriitng that last sentence ūüôā ¬†Truth will set you free!!!)

22. Write a Spiritual / Higher Consciousness Dictionary. ¬†If you’ve spent any time around me, you’re almost guaranteed to hear the words¬†Hallelujah, Abundance,¬†and¬†so grateful several times during our time together. ¬†You might say I abuse the sh*t out of those words, but I think they’re some of the most powerful words in the world, and if we all just live a little bit more in a context of gratitude and abundance and¬†Hallelujah then we’ll become more conscious of how things just keep getting better and better. ¬†We might even realize that everything is, indeed, perfect ūüėČ

23. ¬†Read the Quran, Bible, Upanishads, Sutras, Vedas, and other prominent religous texts. ¬†Perhaps this ‘bucket list’ desire is more of a desire for ‘cultural and religious understanding of the ways of the people throughout the world.’ ¬†Considering that many people allow their religious beliefs to govern their lives, in some ways I think we all have a responsibility to study and understand the world’s major religions so that we can connect with people and move towards unity and oneness. ¬†Of course, I say this but meanwhile have not been reading too many spiritual texts recently (at least as far as primary sources go. ¬†Recently been more of a ‘secondary source’ Eckhart Tolle / David Hawkins / Deepak Chopra reader.)

24. ¬†Run a marathon? ¬†Ha no! ¬†Thank you Reality for helping me overcome silly desires like that. ¬†Although certainly for some people that’s an awesome desire. ¬†I would like, however, to walk 10,000 steps a day for 30 or 60 or 90 days in a row to test it out. ¬†Research suggests 10,000 steps a day is a key to abundant health and happiness ūüôā ¬†Every step you take, you’re getting happier and happier!

25. ¬†Speaking of physical goals…I’ve recently been contemplating the ideal physical form for the body. ¬†Part of me is inclined towards the Gandhi-esque way of intense skinniness and lightness. ¬†It seemed to work pretty well for him at least. ¬†So perhaps I’d like to try and 30 or 90 day experiment of living at a weight of 140 lbs (currently around 160). ¬† Really though, this experiment / desire seems like the more central focus is on how much food I’d be consuming. ¬†And, considering I heard once from a neuroscientist that some studies suggest optimal brain functioning might occur with a food intake of around 1000-1500 calories, I guess more accurately I’d like to try living for 30 days while only consuming 1500 calories. (Ha, as soon as I wrote that the tummy growled a bit. ¬†The body seems to know what’s up!) ¬†Aye, train those taste buds ūüėČ

26. ¬†Facilitate a men’s group that talks about all matters of life, as well as discusses the tricky topic of women. ¬†Basically, I’d like to offer instruction regarding attracting a mate and communicating effectively with women. ¬†For me personally, life kind-of-sucked before I studied communication and winning friends and talking with women. ¬†This group would have a dual focus on communicating with people/women and also personal growth. ¬†Love me some personal growth conscious conversations ūüôā

27. ¬†Hug someone for an hour. Why not? ¬†Perhaps I could start with hugging a tree for an hour…

28. ¬†Co-teach a class at WFU on eastern and western story, including Aesop and Zen and whatever else. ¬†This class would likely also include an abundance of teachings on meditation, self-knowledge, and mindfulness (Woohoo saw 777 while writing this sentence…miracles abound!)

29. ¬†Ensure that WFU offers a hatha yoga class every day of the week. ¬†Potentially, it’d be awesome to offer a 7 AM class 5 days a week followed by a 30 minute meditation. ¬†Imagine what kind of community that would create….ahhhh abundance!!!

30. ¬†“See the Self in All and All in Me.” ¬†A line from the Bhagavad Gita. ¬†Whatever it means, I’d like to experience that for at least 30 days, if not a lifetime. ¬†Essentially, living in a state of Cosmic Consciousness, which I’m fairly confident I’ve had glimpses of before. ¬†It’s kinda like…bliss ūüôā

31. ¬†Teach Laughter Yoga at WFU. ¬†If Laughter Yoga isn’t one of the most liberating activities in the world, I don’t know what it is. ¬†The first time I was in a Laughter Yoga class, ahhh soo liberating! ¬†To think, you’re always free to laugh. ¬†Even to laugh at seemingly nothing. ¬†And is laughter not one of the most joyous expressions we’re capable of? ¬†A friend told me the other day, “Laughter is religion.” ¬†Still not exactly sure what to make of his words, but I like them. ¬†Laugh it up, freely and fearlessly!

32.  Be able to make myself sweat via meditation (Burning Meditation).  This is a bit of a ridiculous desire, but I feel like it could actually serve a very practical purpose, especially in cold weather!

33.  Know the Truth. Shine in the Light of Truth.  Serve the Highest Good of All!  Hehe.  Is that specific enough?

34. ¬†Flow like Water. ¬†This is kind of a moment-to-moment way of being. ¬†To make this desire more tangible, perhaps I’ll say…30 day challenge of prioritizing ‘flowing like water,’ not operating from an agenda but just letting go and letting flow.

35. ¬†Meet Thich Nhat Hanh. ¬†What a legend. ¬†“Breathe, smile, and go slowly,”¬†might really be all we need to know. ¬†Of course, who has the courage to actually put it to the test?

36. ¬†30 Day Challenge: focus and guiding principle for living is “Breathe, smile, and go slowly.” ¬†See how it goes. ¬†This desire may be the same as the desire to only walk mindfully, slowly, for 30 days in a row. ¬†Peace is every step!

37. ¬†30 Day Challenge: Practice Kirtan / Chanting for an hour a day. ¬† Om Om Om Hari Om! ¬†Om Shanti Om Om Guru Om Jai Satya Jai! ¬†Sempier Fi ūüôā

38. ¬†At WFU, weekly offer a chanting / kirtan session. ¬†Love to chant with some people! ¬†Chanting, like Laughter Yoga, is uber-liberating ūüôā

39. ¬†90 Day Challenge: live in a prison and teach yoga and meditation every morning, as well as offer instruction in mindfulness and counselling / spiritual advising throughout the day. ¬†Maybe in such a setting would be a good opportunity to write a book on the side? ¬†(Woohoo another 222 sighting :-)) ¬†And I was thinking…great opportunity to teach the Law of Attraction / The Secret, which is one of the reasons why I think meditation is so important. ¬†Our thoughts create reality, suggest the Secret, so by training the mind to focus via meditation, you can then more fully harness your magnificent power to manifest and create whatever you desire, what you might call your Heaven on Earth ūüôā ¬†And ultimately, I think our deepest desires are independent of the external form of the world and are desires of a quality of our consciousness, something we experience each and every moment. ¬†So imagine, having trained the mind, you can focus on what you want most – that quality of consciousness – and manifest it, internally, instantly. ¬†All human beings are significant and each mind is powerful and to help to train minds to focus on the good and co-create a more compassionate world, a world filled with loving kindness…well that sound pretty awesome to me ūüôā

40. ¬†Live in a state of Unity and Oneness with everyone and everything. ¬†Eh, too vague? ¬†Well I guess this is a bit of ‘my desire’ for that quality of consciousness I mentioned above. ¬†Also, to lovingly accept and unconditionally love everyone and everything, that’d be cool ūüôā

41. ¬†To smile as much in real life as I did in this blog post ūüėČ

42. ¬†Understand everything. ¬†Particularly the meaning of 42. ¬†ūüėČ

Laughing. ¬†Out. Loud. Ahhh. ¬†So fun to think big and dream about what’s possible.

The heart’s deepest desires…What are your heart’s deepest desires?

If you share your desires with the world, the world can more easily help make your dreams come true ūüôā

And just to clarify…my current favorite word is…


Life Motto? “Accept the Greater Challenge.”

Yesterday I was given the opportunity to ask someone a question, any question I could possible want to ask, and the mind was blank. ¬†There was no question. ¬†And that was okay, nothing wrong with not asking someone a question, but especially considering this person was a guest visiting his girlfriend in class for the day and I had never met him before, you’d think only a hint of curiosity and appreciation for this human being would stir some question.

Reflecting back on the blankness and dearth of curiosity, I was a bit disappointed. ¬†If I was in a more reverential state, appreciating the present moment and the abundance of flourishing life , especially the awesomeness of human life, surely I’d have an abundance of questions to ask this fellow citizen of planet earth. ¬†Especially if in the perspective of acknowledging each individual as a child of God, how could I not want to ask a question?

Alas, there was no question. ¬†After a few seconds of semi-awkward silence (only awkward if you let it be ;-)) a classmate jokingly asked, “So…how’d you two meet?” ¬†Laughter ensued. ¬†Ah, the beautiful sound of laughter. ¬†The boyfriend then facilitated a bit more abundance of joy as he replied, “Well you see this one time I was on the moon…”

I found his moon joke to be just about the funniest reply ever. ¬†And that helped me realize that there’s always an opportunity for humor, always a time for laughter. ¬†Nothing is so serious that we cannot laugh.

Anyway…fast-forward 6 hours…reflecting last night…I realized it makes sense to be aware of questions that you’d be sincerely interested in knowing the answer to. ¬†That is, questions to ask people you just meet! ¬†And not necessarily questions like, “Where are you from?” ¬†“How old are you?” but maybe some questions that stimulate deeper thought and higher consciousness.

And without further adieu , one of the best questions I’ve come up with that I’d like to hear the answer from pretty much anyone, is…”What’s your motto for life?”

The marines have Semper Fi. ¬†Eckhart Tolle has “Here and Now.” ¬†Thich Nhat Hanh has, “Breathe, smile, go slowly.” ¬†Gandhi’s “Renounce and enjoy.”

What’s yours?

So far I’ve asked 2 people, and one of them did not have one. ¬†The other, though, a great girl named Sung Min, the lady friend of Gurdeep Guru, said hers is “Accept the greater challenge.” ¬†Whoa! ¬†Yes!!!

“Accept the greater challenge.” ¬†What’s your greater challenge?

Definitely going to spend some time in thought thinking about the greater challenge in my life to accept.

So then, two questions going further.

What’s your motto for life? ¬†If you don’t have one, think about it!

and…What’s the greater challenge in your life for you to accept?

In all matters, Hallelujah ūüôā

What are Your Priorities? What Matters Most to You?

A couple of questions good to ask ourselves every morning, yeah?

One line from Deepak Chopra’s¬†The Book of Secrets that resonates with me strongly, so much so that I wrote it down on a notecard that I often carry around with me, is,

Whatever I give my attention to will grow.”

On the note card, I follow that sentence up with the question,

What do I want to grow in my life?”

My general answer, as far as daily experiences go, is something like this:

Smiles! Hugs! Laughter! Joy! ¬†Creative expression! ¬†Friendship! Harmony! Health! ¬†Compassion and Connection! ¬†Kindness! ¬†Feelings of Appreciation and Gratitude! Awareness of God and the Infinite Goodness of Creation ūüôā

And also, I’ll throw in a feeling of being at home wherever I am – home in the Present Moment. ¬†And a sense of unconditional love, unconditional safety, and unconditional support. ¬†A sense of being connected and ultimately one with everyone and everything! ¬†Living in a compassionate, conscious, and caring world, where we live with each other as members of one, universal, family – identifying with each other as children of the Divine! ¬†(If not the Divine Itself…who knows? ;-))

And…thinking about the question a bit more…I’d like a sense of clarity and vision to grow in my life, so that I see and understand more fully how my work and day-to-day activities are contributing to the Greater Good.

But enough about me! ¬†Unless me is you and we are one, then maybe let’s keep talking ūüėČ

What do you want to grow in your life?

What you give your attention to grows.  Focus on it.  Let it grow.  Blossom.


Hallelujah! Listen. Relax. Part 3

Really, this is just happening because things are better in threes. And, of course, I’ve discovered a bit more about this tri-fecta of words.

Hallelujah expands your awareness to all past, present, and future. With an awareness drawn to the glory of God, you connect with the totality of everyone and everything. It’s huge, it’s amazing, it’s wondrous and who the heck knows what it’s all about or how it happened or why. One things for sure: it’s cool. Thinking about the origins of the universe, even the story of your life that brings you to this present moment can be a wonderful journey through experience and knowledge and history and understanding of What Is. Maybe you don’t remember what you ate for breakfast three weeks ago, but it happened, right? And it all adds up. It all brings you here and now. If you had another breakfast that day, perhaps you’d be sleeping right now, or perhaps it would have poisoned you and your body would be in a grave and maybe you’d be in a spirit form just laughing about the writing of this post. Who knows! Either way, miracles abound. At least, they look like miracles from our smaller-self perspectives, but seen from the Higher Perspective, we can more easily understanding that God is God and whether you call it a miracle or Divine or Awesome, extraordinary or ordinary, it’s all just What Is. Whose to say miracle or not?

Listen. Listening brings you into the Present. Listening isn’t about the past or the future – it’s about the Now. The Here! Present Moment, Wonderful Moment. Sounds everywhere. If you listened closely enough, perhaps with some godlike/doglike ears, you could even hear the wall next to you. Because everything is moving and making a sound, however loud or soft it may sound to us. Sound is that constant affirmation of life and consciousness and flow in the universe. Listen to it. You can imagine the sound you’re hearing the Love revealing itself, or that it is the universe consciously evolving, or that it is God working in so many ways to more fully reveal Heaven on Earth. Whatever it is, sound always Is. There is always something to listen, and can always tune you into the Here and Now, freeing from the past and the future. Of course, past and future in the context of “Hallelujah!” is pretty awesome, so it’s not like we always have to be freed ūüôā Just if we are dwelling the past or fearing the future, that’s when listening to the Present can help us connect with reality and get outside of the monkey mind.

Relax. Not only does relaxing bring into the present moment and help you connect with the goodness that is Here and Now, but it also relates to the state of embodiment in human form. Relaxing involves bring your conscious awareness to the physicality of the body and connecting with the form and energy of it in the Present Moment. Eckhart Tolle writes a lot about the inner-body, and how when your awareness is grounded in the inner-body, it is much easier to maintain a sense of peace and tranquility. Keeping some of your awareness in the body helps you retain control over the flux of the external world. Things can be changing and moving and grooving all around you, yet when you keep a bit of awareness in your hands or feet or lips or ears, just feeling them and noticing that they are where they are, you protect yourself from the monkey mind and any flotsam and jetsam that may be coming your way.

Hallelujah! Tune into the grandness of Life and the Universe and All That Is.
Listen. Tune into the flourishing and thriving and flowing around you.
Relax. Tune into the reality of the body. For now, you’re in one. Might as well accept it how it is and feel good in it ūüôā

Hallelujah! Listen. Relax. Part 2

This morning in meditation, working with using those three special words, the other three sets of words also came to me.

Everything for God.

Here and Now.

Let it be.

It clicked that each of those sets of words was really just an expansion on the first three words I received.

Everything for God embodies the essence of the word Hallelujah, which comes from the Hebrew, Hallel meaning praise and Jah / Yah meaning God…Praise God! ¬†Prioritizing “Praise God!” is the same as living with everything being for God. ¬†So you can make it Hallelujah, Praise God, or Everything for God, it’s all pretty much the same. ¬†And it’s all totally awesome!!!!!!!

Here and Now…ah how I love to be in the Here and Now. ¬†Listening, like anything really, can only be accomplished in the Here and Now. ¬†Meanwhile, listening is one of those specific activities that can bring you more fully into the Here and Now. ¬†Focusing on listening is sort of like a cheat code to hack your way into the Present Moment, if you want to think about it that way. ¬†Tuned into the sounds around you and perhaps within you, thinking can cease and you’ll begin to experience more fully the essence of being. ¬†Presence. ¬†Listening. ¬†In the Here and Now you can listen, detach from labeling the sounds or trying to categorize them, and just enjoy being.

Let it Be.  How else can you Relax? Letting be implies acceptance of the Here and Now.  It implies nonresistance, going with the flow, detaching from whatever you think is right or wrong and just being in the now.  When you fully accepting your present moment, you are letting it be.  And when you fully accept your present moment, you can relax.  Relax!  Let go and just be.  Acceptance and letting be is the key to any state of relaxation.  Relaxation does not occur in a state of resistance, but in a state of letting go, of surrender, of letting be.

Being with Hallelujah, a smile can easily swim onto the face.  A feeling of gratitude and thanksgiving opens the heart, and the spirit dances and sings with joy.  When everything is for God, you realize the goodness everywhere, and you might begin to perceive the perfection before you.

Being with¬†Listen, the awareness moves to the ears, and then expands outward to the environment. ¬†Listening might lead to a deepening of the breath, and then just focusing on hearing that breath flow. ¬†You can tilt the gaze downward, towards the heart, and hear the beat. ¬†The ever-present beat! ¬†Like God, the heart is always there doing it’s thing whether we think about it or not. ¬†You realize the Here and Now is fully of mystery and wonder and divine song.

Being with Relax, you let go.  You give up any ways of resistance and desires to change the reality of What Is.  You tune into the body, noticing any tension and letting it go as best you can.  You connect with the energy flowing through the body. You let go, you let God, you let Love, you let What Is, Be.  You let it All just Be.



Hallelujah! Listen. Relax

The five days of solitude have come to an end!  Abruptly, I might add.

Friday evening, to commence Sabbath celebration, I sat in complete darkness and meditated.  This meditation, however, began with a question.  I wrote down in a notebook, as a sort of prayer and request to What Is,

I am asking for 1 to 3 words to commit this life to, in Love and Service to the Highest Good of All.”

Sure enough, as I sat, many thoughts streamed, yet subtly words began to reveal themselves.

The first word that arrived…


Later, as I continued, the word…


and then as I listened for one more…


Hallelujah. Listen. Relax.

I can go with that.

I received those three words probably within the first thirty minutes of meditating, and this was one of the first experiences ever where I felt compelled to ask for something very clear.  And not only did I clearly ask for something, but I received it!

So I sat there and thought, “Should I ask for more?”

Continuing to sit, some more goodness flowed through.

Everything for God.

Wah!  Three more words!  Could it be?

And later…

Here and Now.

Still later…

Let it be.

All in all, I received four sets of 3 words…12 words total! ¬†Go figure, ask Consciousness for 3 words and it gives you all that you asked for and so much more! ¬† Truly, abundance ūüôā

One of the many wonderful aspects about these four sets of words is that each of them can be a mantra by themselves, and yet they all complement each other very well too.  Also, the words carry with them an appreciation for the Present Moment, which is all we ever really have.  And the words attest to the quality of our consciousness and experience in the Present Moment.

How should we be experiencing the Present Moment?

You can begin with Hallelujah! ¬†Praise God. ¬†Praise What Is. ¬†Praise your Present Moment! ¬†No matter what you’re experiencing, it’s amazing. ¬†Perhaps it seems mundane, but just go ahead and look at your fingertips or the marks on your hands for a minute. ¬†You’ll likely be amazed. ¬†How’d you get those beautiful prints on you, anyway? ūüėČ

Once you enter the frequency of praising and being grateful for What Is with you in the Present Moment, you can just listen. ¬†Listen. ¬†And as I’ve been practicing listening recently, I’m hearing more and more the beautiful song of birds as well as the beating of the abundant heart. ¬†Birds, the breath, the heart, always singing a song ¬†whether we’re aware of it or not. ¬†Slow down and listen to appreciate the life and flourishing creation that is flowing all around you and within you Right Now.

So you’re feeling grateful, SO GRATEFUL! :-), and you’re listening to the abundance of goodness all around you, and then as you listen you can simply relax. ¬†Let go. ¬†Check in with the physical body. ¬†Can you relax the feet a bit? ¬†Relax the knees, the legs. Relax the torso, the hands and the arms. ¬†Relax the shoulders. ¬†Let go of any tension. ¬†Become aware of the physical body and the form and shape of the physical body in the Present Moment, and let yourself experience a deep sense of relaxation as you are listening and feeling grateful.


5 Days of Solitude

I’ve found that whatever experiments / challenges I post on this blog that I say I’m going to do rarely gets done. ¬†I commonly break my word as far as what I write on here goes, and usually notice some whiplash for it from the universe. ¬†As an example, about 30 days ago I said I was going to write part of the life story for an hour a day (or something like that…don’t wanna go fibbing even more!), and that lasted for about a week until it no longer vibed. ¬†Excuses, right?

Anyway, on the plus side, I have been undergoing an experiment in which for the past 30 days I’ve said to myself throughout the day, “This is a dream. I am dreaming.” ¬†I’ve been entertaining the possibility that this is a dream reality, and it’s made for a pretty fun and meaningful time. ¬†I heard about this idea from Steve Pavlina, who experimented in the dream reality for a bit and then apparently found it so compelling that he never went back! ¬†You can find tidbits of his insights on the dream reality here.

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.

The 30 day dream reality adventure ends shortly, and I will certainly reflect on it, but meanwhile I’ve been given this opportunity to live in a humble abode in complete solitude (if I choose) for the week, so I’m totally doing it!

The plan is to use this opportunity as a consciousness reset of sorts. ¬†Not that I don’t love my current quality of consciousness, but I want to allow myself to be open to whatever God wants to communicate. ¬†The basic idea is to not use a computer or read any books or even write or record anything. ¬†If some wonderful ideas and insight pops into my awareness, then I’m going to do my best to trust that the insight will remain with me for the duration of the time, or consciousness will build upon it and grow it into something even bigger and better. ¬†Of course, if at some point I hear a voice yelling at me, “WRITE!!!” then I’ll probably write something down ūüôā

Also considering a vow of silence during this time, or rather silence aside from the “Om” syllable, and whatever noises the belly and breath wants to make ūüėČ

Ahh, and now a significant question or two or abundance popped to mind!  Why are you doing this?  What do you hope to gain from this experience?

Clarity.  An increased sense of Peace, Presence, and appreciation for What Is.  Understanding.  Satisfaction and Fulfillment in the Here and Now without demanding/commanding anything from external reality.  Self-knowledge.

As was mentioned in perhaps the most memorable sermon of my entire life:

“Fast to feast.” ¬†Give up one thing to more abundantly enjoy another. ¬†A little deprivation goes a long way to enhance our awareness and appreciation for what we’ve had all along.

One of my favorite sayings is, “The best things in life are free,” ¬†referring to the gifts of the body, mind, thought, consciousness. ¬†The gifts that are always with us! ¬†Yet there’s so much in the world that can distract us or entertain and engage in other ways that we sometimes forget that we’ve already been given so much. ¬†So, I think these days of solitude will help me reconnect with this sacred gift of life.

Lastly, read an article this morning about a 94-year-old woman named Olga who still runs like a champion and shatters world records on the reg, who you can read more about here, and I thoroughly admire her life philosophy.  Two keep ideas particularly stick out to me which I plan to embrace more fully, during these days of solitude and beyond.

1. ¬†Move! ¬†Sitting Kills as a book is titled. ¬†Although, I do love to sit in meditation and hip opening postures…so we’ll see about that ūüėČ

2. ¬†Lighten up! ¬†That is…enjoy!!!

Prioritizing the quality of relationship and experience in the Present Moment can be central to living a loving, fulfilling, whole life. ¬†As Eckhart Tolle writes about in one of his books, the first quality of enlightened being is acceptance. ¬†Accept fully your present moment, your here and now. ¬†Once you accept it fully, you can then enjoy. ¬†Enjoy! ¬†And from enjoyment, when you’re taking action moving you towards the progressive realization of your worthy ideal¬†(Earl Nightingale’s definition of success), you can move into the great enlightened state of enthusiasm. ¬†Have no fear, though, enthusiasm is not exactly a sustainable state of being, so don’t feel like you’ve got to be enthusiastic all the time. ¬†However, by all means, feel free to accept and enjoy each and every moment ūüôā

God is good, all the time! ¬†Enjoying is our birthright…and quite possibly our duty!

As Gandhi said when asked to offer a prescription for success in three words…

“Renounce and Enjoy!”

Hallelujah ūüôā