One word is all you need.

One Purpose.

One Goal.

One Idea.

One is more than enough.


Focus on what?

What makes you feel good.  Focus on what brings you peace.

Focus on what makes you more aware of the ocean of bliss that you are nearly drowning in.

Focus on the Greater Good you want in your life.

All you’ve got to do is focus.

Train the body.  Train the mind.  Love it all.

Focus on what you most deeply desire.  Know that it’s a pure desire and that you’re worthy of it.

Believe and achieve.

Focus and create.

You are a Creator.

Thoughts create actions.

Focus the thoughts, allow yourself to be moved to action, and create the world of your dreams.

What one singular idea is worthy of your focus?

Maybe there’s a reason the Hindu religions has many many names for God.

The mind likes to wander, monkeys float from branch to branch.  Yet, if a monkey hops from one branch of God to another, it’s all God anyway 🙂

Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Muhammad, Mahavira, Moses.  All holy examples.  All wonderful testimony to the Goodness and Glory of All Creation.  Pick one or the other or none or all; all options are worthy of attention.

What you give your attention to grows.

What do you want to grow in your life?



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