5 Days of Solitude

I’ve found that whatever experiments / challenges I post on this blog that I say I’m going to do rarely gets done.  I commonly break my word as far as what I write on here goes, and usually notice some whiplash for it from the universe.  As an example, about 30 days ago I said I was going to write part of the life story for an hour a day (or something like that…don’t wanna go fibbing even more!), and that lasted for about a week until it no longer vibed.  Excuses, right?

Anyway, on the plus side, I have been undergoing an experiment in which for the past 30 days I’ve said to myself throughout the day, “This is a dream. I am dreaming.”  I’ve been entertaining the possibility that this is a dream reality, and it’s made for a pretty fun and meaningful time.  I heard about this idea from Steve Pavlina, who experimented in the dream reality for a bit and then apparently found it so compelling that he never went back!  You can find tidbits of his insights on the dream reality here.

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.

The 30 day dream reality adventure ends shortly, and I will certainly reflect on it, but meanwhile I’ve been given this opportunity to live in a humble abode in complete solitude (if I choose) for the week, so I’m totally doing it!

The plan is to use this opportunity as a consciousness reset of sorts.  Not that I don’t love my current quality of consciousness, but I want to allow myself to be open to whatever God wants to communicate.  The basic idea is to not use a computer or read any books or even write or record anything.  If some wonderful ideas and insight pops into my awareness, then I’m going to do my best to trust that the insight will remain with me for the duration of the time, or consciousness will build upon it and grow it into something even bigger and better.  Of course, if at some point I hear a voice yelling at me, “WRITE!!!” then I’ll probably write something down 🙂

Also considering a vow of silence during this time, or rather silence aside from the “Om” syllable, and whatever noises the belly and breath wants to make 😉

Ahh, and now a significant question or two or abundance popped to mind!  Why are you doing this?  What do you hope to gain from this experience?

Clarity.  An increased sense of Peace, Presence, and appreciation for What Is.  Understanding.  Satisfaction and Fulfillment in the Here and Now without demanding/commanding anything from external reality.  Self-knowledge.

As was mentioned in perhaps the most memorable sermon of my entire life:

“Fast to feast.”  Give up one thing to more abundantly enjoy another.  A little deprivation goes a long way to enhance our awareness and appreciation for what we’ve had all along.

One of my favorite sayings is, “The best things in life are free,”  referring to the gifts of the body, mind, thought, consciousness.  The gifts that are always with us!  Yet there’s so much in the world that can distract us or entertain and engage in other ways that we sometimes forget that we’ve already been given so much.  So, I think these days of solitude will help me reconnect with this sacred gift of life.

Lastly, read an article this morning about a 94-year-old woman named Olga who still runs like a champion and shatters world records on the reg, who you can read more about here, and I thoroughly admire her life philosophy.  Two keep ideas particularly stick out to me which I plan to embrace more fully, during these days of solitude and beyond.

1.  Move!  Sitting Kills as a book is titled.  Although, I do love to sit in meditation and hip opening postures…so we’ll see about that 😉

2.  Lighten up!  That is…enjoy!!!

Prioritizing the quality of relationship and experience in the Present Moment can be central to living a loving, fulfilling, whole life.  As Eckhart Tolle writes about in one of his books, the first quality of enlightened being is acceptance.  Accept fully your present moment, your here and now.  Once you accept it fully, you can then enjoy.  Enjoy!  And from enjoyment, when you’re taking action moving you towards the progressive realization of your worthy ideal (Earl Nightingale’s definition of success), you can move into the great enlightened state of enthusiasm.  Have no fear, though, enthusiasm is not exactly a sustainable state of being, so don’t feel like you’ve got to be enthusiastic all the time.  However, by all means, feel free to accept and enjoy each and every moment 🙂

God is good, all the time!  Enjoying is our birthright…and quite possibly our duty!

As Gandhi said when asked to offer a prescription for success in three words…

“Renounce and Enjoy!”

Hallelujah 🙂


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