Hallelujah! Listen. Relax

The five days of solitude have come to an end!  Abruptly, I might add.

Friday evening, to commence Sabbath celebration, I sat in complete darkness and meditated.  This meditation, however, began with a question.  I wrote down in a notebook, as a sort of prayer and request to What Is,

I am asking for 1 to 3 words to commit this life to, in Love and Service to the Highest Good of All.”

Sure enough, as I sat, many thoughts streamed, yet subtly words began to reveal themselves.

The first word that arrived…


Later, as I continued, the word…


and then as I listened for one more…


Hallelujah. Listen. Relax.

I can go with that.

I received those three words probably within the first thirty minutes of meditating, and this was one of the first experiences ever where I felt compelled to ask for something very clear.  And not only did I clearly ask for something, but I received it!

So I sat there and thought, “Should I ask for more?”

Continuing to sit, some more goodness flowed through.

Everything for God.

Wah!  Three more words!  Could it be?

And later…

Here and Now.

Still later…

Let it be.

All in all, I received four sets of 3 words…12 words total!  Go figure, ask Consciousness for 3 words and it gives you all that you asked for and so much more!   Truly, abundance 🙂

One of the many wonderful aspects about these four sets of words is that each of them can be a mantra by themselves, and yet they all complement each other very well too.  Also, the words carry with them an appreciation for the Present Moment, which is all we ever really have.  And the words attest to the quality of our consciousness and experience in the Present Moment.

How should we be experiencing the Present Moment?

You can begin with Hallelujah!  Praise God.  Praise What Is.  Praise your Present Moment!  No matter what you’re experiencing, it’s amazing.  Perhaps it seems mundane, but just go ahead and look at your fingertips or the marks on your hands for a minute.  You’ll likely be amazed.  How’d you get those beautiful prints on you, anyway? 😉

Once you enter the frequency of praising and being grateful for What Is with you in the Present Moment, you can just listen.  Listen.  And as I’ve been practicing listening recently, I’m hearing more and more the beautiful song of birds as well as the beating of the abundant heart.  Birds, the breath, the heart, always singing a song  whether we’re aware of it or not.  Slow down and listen to appreciate the life and flourishing creation that is flowing all around you and within you Right Now.

So you’re feeling grateful, SO GRATEFUL! :-), and you’re listening to the abundance of goodness all around you, and then as you listen you can simply relax.  Let go.  Check in with the physical body.  Can you relax the feet a bit?  Relax the knees, the legs. Relax the torso, the hands and the arms.  Relax the shoulders.  Let go of any tension.  Become aware of the physical body and the form and shape of the physical body in the Present Moment, and let yourself experience a deep sense of relaxation as you are listening and feeling grateful.


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