Hallelujah! Listen. Relax. Part 2

This morning in meditation, working with using those three special words, the other three sets of words also came to me.

Everything for God.

Here and Now.

Let it be.

It clicked that each of those sets of words was really just an expansion on the first three words I received.

Everything for God embodies the essence of the word Hallelujah, which comes from the Hebrew, Hallel meaning praise and Jah / Yah meaning God…Praise God!  Prioritizing “Praise God!” is the same as living with everything being for God.  So you can make it Hallelujah, Praise God, or Everything for God, it’s all pretty much the same.  And it’s all totally awesome!!!!!!!

Here and Now…ah how I love to be in the Here and Now.  Listening, like anything really, can only be accomplished in the Here and Now.  Meanwhile, listening is one of those specific activities that can bring you more fully into the Here and Now.  Focusing on listening is sort of like a cheat code to hack your way into the Present Moment, if you want to think about it that way.  Tuned into the sounds around you and perhaps within you, thinking can cease and you’ll begin to experience more fully the essence of being.  Presence.  Listening.  In the Here and Now you can listen, detach from labeling the sounds or trying to categorize them, and just enjoy being.

Let it Be.  How else can you Relax? Letting be implies acceptance of the Here and Now.  It implies nonresistance, going with the flow, detaching from whatever you think is right or wrong and just being in the now.  When you fully accepting your present moment, you are letting it be.  And when you fully accept your present moment, you can relax.  Relax!  Let go and just be.  Acceptance and letting be is the key to any state of relaxation.  Relaxation does not occur in a state of resistance, but in a state of letting go, of surrender, of letting be.

Being with Hallelujah, a smile can easily swim onto the face.  A feeling of gratitude and thanksgiving opens the heart, and the spirit dances and sings with joy.  When everything is for God, you realize the goodness everywhere, and you might begin to perceive the perfection before you.

Being with Listen, the awareness moves to the ears, and then expands outward to the environment.  Listening might lead to a deepening of the breath, and then just focusing on hearing that breath flow.  You can tilt the gaze downward, towards the heart, and hear the beat.  The ever-present beat!  Like God, the heart is always there doing it’s thing whether we think about it or not.  You realize the Here and Now is fully of mystery and wonder and divine song.

Being with Relax, you let go.  You give up any ways of resistance and desires to change the reality of What Is.  You tune into the body, noticing any tension and letting it go as best you can.  You connect with the energy flowing through the body. You let go, you let God, you let Love, you let What Is, Be.  You let it All just Be.




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