Hallelujah! Listen. Relax. Part 3

Really, this is just happening because things are better in threes. And, of course, I’ve discovered a bit more about this tri-fecta of words.

Hallelujah expands your awareness to all past, present, and future. With an awareness drawn to the glory of God, you connect with the totality of everyone and everything. It’s huge, it’s amazing, it’s wondrous and who the heck knows what it’s all about or how it happened or why. One things for sure: it’s cool. Thinking about the origins of the universe, even the story of your life that brings you to this present moment can be a wonderful journey through experience and knowledge and history and understanding of What Is. Maybe you don’t remember what you ate for breakfast three weeks ago, but it happened, right? And it all adds up. It all brings you here and now. If you had another breakfast that day, perhaps you’d be sleeping right now, or perhaps it would have poisoned you and your body would be in a grave and maybe you’d be in a spirit form just laughing about the writing of this post. Who knows! Either way, miracles abound. At least, they look like miracles from our smaller-self perspectives, but seen from the Higher Perspective, we can more easily understanding that God is God and whether you call it a miracle or Divine or Awesome, extraordinary or ordinary, it’s all just What Is. Whose to say miracle or not?

Listen. Listening brings you into the Present. Listening isn’t about the past or the future – it’s about the Now. The Here! Present Moment, Wonderful Moment. Sounds everywhere. If you listened closely enough, perhaps with some godlike/doglike ears, you could even hear the wall next to you. Because everything is moving and making a sound, however loud or soft it may sound to us. Sound is that constant affirmation of life and consciousness and flow in the universe. Listen to it. You can imagine the sound you’re hearing the Love revealing itself, or that it is the universe consciously evolving, or that it is God working in so many ways to more fully reveal Heaven on Earth. Whatever it is, sound always Is. There is always something to listen, and can always tune you into the Here and Now, freeing from the past and the future. Of course, past and future in the context of “Hallelujah!” is pretty awesome, so it’s not like we always have to be freed 🙂 Just if we are dwelling the past or fearing the future, that’s when listening to the Present can help us connect with reality and get outside of the monkey mind.

Relax. Not only does relaxing bring into the present moment and help you connect with the goodness that is Here and Now, but it also relates to the state of embodiment in human form. Relaxing involves bring your conscious awareness to the physicality of the body and connecting with the form and energy of it in the Present Moment. Eckhart Tolle writes a lot about the inner-body, and how when your awareness is grounded in the inner-body, it is much easier to maintain a sense of peace and tranquility. Keeping some of your awareness in the body helps you retain control over the flux of the external world. Things can be changing and moving and grooving all around you, yet when you keep a bit of awareness in your hands or feet or lips or ears, just feeling them and noticing that they are where they are, you protect yourself from the monkey mind and any flotsam and jetsam that may be coming your way.

Hallelujah! Tune into the grandness of Life and the Universe and All That Is.
Listen. Tune into the flourishing and thriving and flowing around you.
Relax. Tune into the reality of the body. For now, you’re in one. Might as well accept it how it is and feel good in it 🙂


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