What are Your Priorities? What Matters Most to You?

A couple of questions good to ask ourselves every morning, yeah?

One line from Deepak Chopra’s The Book of Secrets that resonates with me strongly, so much so that I wrote it down on a notecard that I often carry around with me, is,

Whatever I give my attention to will grow.”

On the note card, I follow that sentence up with the question,

What do I want to grow in my life?”

My general answer, as far as daily experiences go, is something like this:

Smiles! Hugs! Laughter! Joy!  Creative expression!  Friendship! Harmony! Health!  Compassion and Connection!  Kindness!  Feelings of Appreciation and Gratitude! Awareness of God and the Infinite Goodness of Creation 🙂

And also, I’ll throw in a feeling of being at home wherever I am – home in the Present Moment.  And a sense of unconditional love, unconditional safety, and unconditional support.  A sense of being connected and ultimately one with everyone and everything!  Living in a compassionate, conscious, and caring world, where we live with each other as members of one, universal, family – identifying with each other as children of the Divine!  (If not the Divine Itself…who knows? ;-))

And…thinking about the question a bit more…I’d like a sense of clarity and vision to grow in my life, so that I see and understand more fully how my work and day-to-day activities are contributing to the Greater Good.

But enough about me!  Unless me is you and we are one, then maybe let’s keep talking 😉

What do you want to grow in your life?

What you give your attention to grows.  Focus on it.  Let it grow.  Blossom.



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