Life Motto? “Accept the Greater Challenge.”

Yesterday I was given the opportunity to ask someone a question, any question I could possible want to ask, and the mind was blank.  There was no question.  And that was okay, nothing wrong with not asking someone a question, but especially considering this person was a guest visiting his girlfriend in class for the day and I had never met him before, you’d think only a hint of curiosity and appreciation for this human being would stir some question.

Reflecting back on the blankness and dearth of curiosity, I was a bit disappointed.  If I was in a more reverential state, appreciating the present moment and the abundance of flourishing life , especially the awesomeness of human life, surely I’d have an abundance of questions to ask this fellow citizen of planet earth.  Especially if in the perspective of acknowledging each individual as a child of God, how could I not want to ask a question?

Alas, there was no question.  After a few seconds of semi-awkward silence (only awkward if you let it be ;-)) a classmate jokingly asked, “So…how’d you two meet?”  Laughter ensued.  Ah, the beautiful sound of laughter.  The boyfriend then facilitated a bit more abundance of joy as he replied, “Well you see this one time I was on the moon…”

I found his moon joke to be just about the funniest reply ever.  And that helped me realize that there’s always an opportunity for humor, always a time for laughter.  Nothing is so serious that we cannot laugh.

Anyway…fast-forward 6 hours…reflecting last night…I realized it makes sense to be aware of questions that you’d be sincerely interested in knowing the answer to.  That is, questions to ask people you just meet!  And not necessarily questions like, “Where are you from?”  “How old are you?” but maybe some questions that stimulate deeper thought and higher consciousness.

And without further adieu , one of the best questions I’ve come up with that I’d like to hear the answer from pretty much anyone, is…”What’s your motto for life?”

The marines have Semper Fi.  Eckhart Tolle has “Here and Now.”  Thich Nhat Hanh has, “Breathe, smile, go slowly.”  Gandhi’s “Renounce and enjoy.”

What’s yours?

So far I’ve asked 2 people, and one of them did not have one.  The other, though, a great girl named Sung Min, the lady friend of Gurdeep Guru, said hers is “Accept the greater challenge.”  Whoa!  Yes!!!

“Accept the greater challenge.”  What’s your greater challenge?

Definitely going to spend some time in thought thinking about the greater challenge in my life to accept.

So then, two questions going further.

What’s your motto for life?  If you don’t have one, think about it!

and…What’s the greater challenge in your life for you to accept?

In all matters, Hallelujah 🙂


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