The Best Teachings Are Free

Free, super abundant, supported by tons of study as well as awesome life experience.

Thinking about why mindfulness and meditation are awesome practices…practicing them helps you realize that happiness and joy and all goodness is with you in the present moment.  You don’t need to be watching the TV or shopping or reading your favorite book to experience a deep sense of peace and goodness.  That experience you want is yours now.  If not now, when?

You are powerful.  So powerful, in fact, that your happiness is only conditional upon external conditions if you let it be. At the same time, using your awesome power, you can choose to be unconditionally happy, regardless of external circumstances.  You have a kingdom within you.  Consciousness is magnificent.  It is yours to use as you will.  Create your Heaven on Earth.

All this best is free.  And right now is the very best!  And now is the very best.  If you believe it, you’ll see it.  Believing is seeing.  Heaven or Hell your choice.  Perspective is reality.  What you focus on you’ll experience.  Whatever you give your attention to grows.

Nothing external can bring you lasting happiness.  Lasting happiness comes from within.  Lasting happiness is of the Here and Now, it is Essence, regardless of the external form, it is with you.  Tune into it.  Smile 🙂

When you discover the treasures of mindfulness and meditation and Peace Within, your motivations and intentions become purer.  Instead of being motivated by accumulating money, you are motivated by rendering loving service, by doing good, by growing and becoming better and better.  You are motivated by catalyzing the conscious evolution of mankind. You are motivated by Love.

You realize the Basic Goodness underlying all reality.  Happiness is with you.  And knowing it is with you always, regardless of the external – the yang – you are abundantly connected with the Kingdom Within – the yin.

Seeking refuge within, storing up your Treasures in Heaven, centering yourself on the yin, you begin to realize the transient nature of the world of form.  It changes.  Things come and go.  Accepting this, you are free.  Detached from form, you appreciate what is in the Here and Now while easily letting go and transform into something new.

Movies, books, people all come and go.  Conversations come and go.  The ways in which you experience the world are always changing.  The yang is in flux.  What you can count on always is the yin – the Kingdom Within – the Essence that pervades all form and all reality.

Call it what you will, it doesn’t matter.  Words go up like smoke!  Within all form is a consistency.  Even though a banana looks different than an orange, within both the banana and the orange is an Essence that is also in the tree and the computer.  It’s in Everything!  As a friend shared with me once, “There is nothing else.”

Deepak Chopra talks about One Reality.  Eckhart Tolle talks about being One With Life.  Oneness.  The Essence pervades.

On the path, remember you are always free to stop and breathe.  Standing still or sitting can only be good.  How many problems stir from impulse decisions and rushed activity?  How many times have we all walked by beautiful flowers and abundant life flourishing all around us without even being slightly around of the Essence underlying it all?  Without appreciating the Beauty and the Magnificence?  Living a life constantly connected with Beauty, Magnificence, and Miracle can be quite challenging and might sound a bit overwhelming…but…maybe it’s worth the effort?  Who knows!

What kind of reality do you want to live in?  What do you want to experience moment to moment to moment?  It’s your choice.  Know what you want, focus on it, and be open and willing to change until you receive what you’re seeking.  Ask and you shall receive. Always.

This morning I read in The Power of Now that there is only one spiritual teaching.  What is that teaching?  I think…it might be…gratitude.  Why?  Because of Perfection.  As human beings, what more could we ask for than that our every prayer is answered?  All of our thoughts co-create reality.  We are empowered to create and to change and to grow and to become better and better and trust our generous impulse and embrace challenges and contribute to the greater good and give of our very best!  We are so empowered!  We can do so much.  Consciousness creates.  We are consciousness creating.

Lent is the season of empowerment.  I found myself saying “Thank you Jesus!” the other night, not for necessarily being the one and only savior of the world, but simply for inspiring the lenten season.  During Lent, people give up something.  I ‘gave up’ picking my nails.  No big deal, right?  Actually, renouncing this very small activity for this period of 40 days has so awesomely empowered to do even more good and make more abundant change for good…well it’s inspired a lot of good.  Reminding myself that I have the the power to consciously not pick my nails…I am reminded that I can do anything!  As I wrote down in my journal, “If you can do one thing, you can do anything.”  If I can ‘not pick my nails,’ I can ‘not eat unhealthy foods,’ or to frame it in the positive, I can choose to eat only foods that are nourishing and for the optimization of the body and brain and clarity of consciousness.

We are empowered!  One step at a time, moment to moment, day by day, month by month, we can build positive habits, and we can release habits.  Not to judge what habits are good or bad, just knowing that if there is anything you want to change, you can.  You absolutely can change.  You are powerful!  We are all powerful!

And if you’re doubting, hesitant or unsure, stop.  Breathe.  Maybe smile.  Just be in the moment.  Maybe be grateful for something.  Whether you’re grateful for family, friends, teachings, the body, the mind, the universe, the sky, the trees, water, food, shelter, clothes, time, space, learning, growing, evolution, abundance, creativity, humor, laughter, health, happiness, freedom, love, peace within, music…whatever it is!…so much to be grateful for.  And ultimately, the gratitude can be for the Perfection.  Knowing that it’s all for Good, that it is all The Very Best, that What Is is Perfect, perfectly imperfect if you like, you can feel an abundance an gratitude in the heart.  And gratitude only attracts more abundance to be even more grateful for.  So go ahead and cultivate a grateful heart.

You can also be grateful for the abundantly wonderful and free teachings of Steve Pavlina.  Bringing Truth, Love, Power, and Happiness to people by sharing abundant ideas and a wealth of knowledge inclined towards catalyzing personal growth and evolution…higher consciousness…what could be better?

Higher Consciousness and Happiness for everyone…there’s an idea.  How do you do it though?  Each moment is an opportunity.  Enjoy 🙂



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