Appreciate and Enjoy That Which Is Always With You

Ahh. Breathe. Feel the heart.
As long as you’re embodied, the breath and the beat of the heart will always be with you. At some point you will transcend, but for now, in the body, you’ve most definitely got your breath and the beat of the heart.



Feel Good.

We can train ourselves to enjoy anything. Observing the breath, just watching it flow in and out of the body without trying to control it, you can begin to admire the awesome of intelligence of the body, the evolved intelligence of nature working through you and in you.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, the body is breathing. The heart is beating. ALL THE TIME! šŸ™‚

These affirmations of life occur moment-to-moment. Just imagine if you train yourself to thoroughly appreciate and enjoy any instance when you bring your awareness to your breath and just notice it flowing. Or enjoy those moments when you bring the palm of the hand and place it over the heart, feeling it beat.

Tune out the world and tune into yourself. Tune into that intelligence. The breath and the heart are the essence of life. This essence flows through all life. Even chickens, grass, and trees. All of life is breathing. All of life has a Heart. Maybe not a physically beating heart like human bodies have, but there is a Heart. Consciousness experiencing.

As far as bliss goes, I think it might rest when we stop desiring anything external. Bliss might be when we turn our gaze inward and more and more connect with That Which is Always With Us. The Breath, the Heart; Consciousness.

Just being is miraculous. Just being is totally awesome. Just being is abundant and reason for immense amounts of gratitude and joy. Just to be…

Breathe and be. Look with wonder upon that which is before you. See the Essence that flows through all Life. Look past the duality and the separation and the illusion and you just might begin to perceive the perfection, the unity, and the goodness.

We may want different physical things or new relationships or knowledge…but will any of that really give us lasting happiness? Lasting happiness only is in that which is in lasting. And what is lasting? Consciousness. The breathe. The Heart.

Enjoy That Which is With You Always.

Smile šŸ™‚


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