Hallelujah! Listen. Relax. Part 2

This morning in meditation, working with using those three special words, the other three sets of words also came to me.

Everything for God.

Here and Now.

Let it be.

It clicked that each of those sets of words was really just an expansion on the first three words I received.

Everything for God embodies the essence of the word Hallelujah, which comes from the Hebrew, Hallel meaning praise and Jah / Yah meaning God…Praise God!  Prioritizing “Praise God!” is the same as living with everything being for God.  So you can make it Hallelujah, Praise God, or Everything for God, it’s all pretty much the same.  And it’s all totally awesome!!!!!!!

Here and Now…ah how I love to be in the Here and Now.  Listening, like anything really, can only be accomplished in the Here and Now.  Meanwhile, listening is one of those specific activities that can bring you more fully into the Here and Now.  Focusing on listening is sort of like a cheat code to hack your way into the Present Moment, if you want to think about it that way.  Tuned into the sounds around you and perhaps within you, thinking can cease and you’ll begin to experience more fully the essence of being.  Presence.  Listening.  In the Here and Now you can listen, detach from labeling the sounds or trying to categorize them, and just enjoy being.

Let it Be.  How else can you Relax? Letting be implies acceptance of the Here and Now.  It implies nonresistance, going with the flow, detaching from whatever you think is right or wrong and just being in the now.  When you fully accepting your present moment, you are letting it be.  And when you fully accept your present moment, you can relax.  Relax!  Let go and just be.  Acceptance and letting be is the key to any state of relaxation.  Relaxation does not occur in a state of resistance, but in a state of letting go, of surrender, of letting be.

Being with Hallelujah, a smile can easily swim onto the face.  A feeling of gratitude and thanksgiving opens the heart, and the spirit dances and sings with joy.  When everything is for God, you realize the goodness everywhere, and you might begin to perceive the perfection before you.

Being with Listen, the awareness moves to the ears, and then expands outward to the environment.  Listening might lead to a deepening of the breath, and then just focusing on hearing that breath flow.  You can tilt the gaze downward, towards the heart, and hear the beat.  The ever-present beat!  Like God, the heart is always there doing it’s thing whether we think about it or not.  You realize the Here and Now is fully of mystery and wonder and divine song.

Being with Relax, you let go.  You give up any ways of resistance and desires to change the reality of What Is.  You tune into the body, noticing any tension and letting it go as best you can.  You connect with the energy flowing through the body. You let go, you let God, you let Love, you let What Is, Be.  You let it All just Be.




Hallelujah! Listen. Relax

The five days of solitude have come to an end!  Abruptly, I might add.

Friday evening, to commence Sabbath celebration, I sat in complete darkness and meditated.  This meditation, however, began with a question.  I wrote down in a notebook, as a sort of prayer and request to What Is,

I am asking for 1 to 3 words to commit this life to, in Love and Service to the Highest Good of All.”

Sure enough, as I sat, many thoughts streamed, yet subtly words began to reveal themselves.

The first word that arrived…


Later, as I continued, the word…


and then as I listened for one more…


Hallelujah. Listen. Relax.

I can go with that.

I received those three words probably within the first thirty minutes of meditating, and this was one of the first experiences ever where I felt compelled to ask for something very clear.  And not only did I clearly ask for something, but I received it!

So I sat there and thought, “Should I ask for more?”

Continuing to sit, some more goodness flowed through.

Everything for God.

Wah!  Three more words!  Could it be?

And later…

Here and Now.

Still later…

Let it be.

All in all, I received four sets of 3 words…12 words total!  Go figure, ask Consciousness for 3 words and it gives you all that you asked for and so much more!   Truly, abundance 🙂

One of the many wonderful aspects about these four sets of words is that each of them can be a mantra by themselves, and yet they all complement each other very well too.  Also, the words carry with them an appreciation for the Present Moment, which is all we ever really have.  And the words attest to the quality of our consciousness and experience in the Present Moment.

How should we be experiencing the Present Moment?

You can begin with Hallelujah!  Praise God.  Praise What Is.  Praise your Present Moment!  No matter what you’re experiencing, it’s amazing.  Perhaps it seems mundane, but just go ahead and look at your fingertips or the marks on your hands for a minute.  You’ll likely be amazed.  How’d you get those beautiful prints on you, anyway? 😉

Once you enter the frequency of praising and being grateful for What Is with you in the Present Moment, you can just listen.  Listen.  And as I’ve been practicing listening recently, I’m hearing more and more the beautiful song of birds as well as the beating of the abundant heart.  Birds, the breath, the heart, always singing a song  whether we’re aware of it or not.  Slow down and listen to appreciate the life and flourishing creation that is flowing all around you and within you Right Now.

So you’re feeling grateful, SO GRATEFUL! :-), and you’re listening to the abundance of goodness all around you, and then as you listen you can simply relax.  Let go.  Check in with the physical body.  Can you relax the feet a bit?  Relax the knees, the legs. Relax the torso, the hands and the arms.  Relax the shoulders.  Let go of any tension.  Become aware of the physical body and the form and shape of the physical body in the Present Moment, and let yourself experience a deep sense of relaxation as you are listening and feeling grateful.


5 Days of Solitude

I’ve found that whatever experiments / challenges I post on this blog that I say I’m going to do rarely gets done.  I commonly break my word as far as what I write on here goes, and usually notice some whiplash for it from the universe.  As an example, about 30 days ago I said I was going to write part of the life story for an hour a day (or something like that…don’t wanna go fibbing even more!), and that lasted for about a week until it no longer vibed.  Excuses, right?

Anyway, on the plus side, I have been undergoing an experiment in which for the past 30 days I’ve said to myself throughout the day, “This is a dream. I am dreaming.”  I’ve been entertaining the possibility that this is a dream reality, and it’s made for a pretty fun and meaningful time.  I heard about this idea from Steve Pavlina, who experimented in the dream reality for a bit and then apparently found it so compelling that he never went back!  You can find tidbits of his insights on the dream reality here.

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.

The 30 day dream reality adventure ends shortly, and I will certainly reflect on it, but meanwhile I’ve been given this opportunity to live in a humble abode in complete solitude (if I choose) for the week, so I’m totally doing it!

The plan is to use this opportunity as a consciousness reset of sorts.  Not that I don’t love my current quality of consciousness, but I want to allow myself to be open to whatever God wants to communicate.  The basic idea is to not use a computer or read any books or even write or record anything.  If some wonderful ideas and insight pops into my awareness, then I’m going to do my best to trust that the insight will remain with me for the duration of the time, or consciousness will build upon it and grow it into something even bigger and better.  Of course, if at some point I hear a voice yelling at me, “WRITE!!!” then I’ll probably write something down 🙂

Also considering a vow of silence during this time, or rather silence aside from the “Om” syllable, and whatever noises the belly and breath wants to make 😉

Ahh, and now a significant question or two or abundance popped to mind!  Why are you doing this?  What do you hope to gain from this experience?

Clarity.  An increased sense of Peace, Presence, and appreciation for What Is.  Understanding.  Satisfaction and Fulfillment in the Here and Now without demanding/commanding anything from external reality.  Self-knowledge.

As was mentioned in perhaps the most memorable sermon of my entire life:

“Fast to feast.”  Give up one thing to more abundantly enjoy another.  A little deprivation goes a long way to enhance our awareness and appreciation for what we’ve had all along.

One of my favorite sayings is, “The best things in life are free,”  referring to the gifts of the body, mind, thought, consciousness.  The gifts that are always with us!  Yet there’s so much in the world that can distract us or entertain and engage in other ways that we sometimes forget that we’ve already been given so much.  So, I think these days of solitude will help me reconnect with this sacred gift of life.

Lastly, read an article this morning about a 94-year-old woman named Olga who still runs like a champion and shatters world records on the reg, who you can read more about here, and I thoroughly admire her life philosophy.  Two keep ideas particularly stick out to me which I plan to embrace more fully, during these days of solitude and beyond.

1.  Move!  Sitting Kills as a book is titled.  Although, I do love to sit in meditation and hip opening postures…so we’ll see about that 😉

2.  Lighten up!  That is…enjoy!!!

Prioritizing the quality of relationship and experience in the Present Moment can be central to living a loving, fulfilling, whole life.  As Eckhart Tolle writes about in one of his books, the first quality of enlightened being is acceptance.  Accept fully your present moment, your here and now.  Once you accept it fully, you can then enjoy.  Enjoy!  And from enjoyment, when you’re taking action moving you towards the progressive realization of your worthy ideal (Earl Nightingale’s definition of success), you can move into the great enlightened state of enthusiasm.  Have no fear, though, enthusiasm is not exactly a sustainable state of being, so don’t feel like you’ve got to be enthusiastic all the time.  However, by all means, feel free to accept and enjoy each and every moment 🙂

God is good, all the time!  Enjoying is our birthright…and quite possibly our duty!

As Gandhi said when asked to offer a prescription for success in three words…

“Renounce and Enjoy!”

Hallelujah 🙂


One word is all you need.

One Purpose.

One Goal.

One Idea.

One is more than enough.


Focus on what?

What makes you feel good.  Focus on what brings you peace.

Focus on what makes you more aware of the ocean of bliss that you are nearly drowning in.

Focus on the Greater Good you want in your life.

All you’ve got to do is focus.

Train the body.  Train the mind.  Love it all.

Focus on what you most deeply desire.  Know that it’s a pure desire and that you’re worthy of it.

Believe and achieve.

Focus and create.

You are a Creator.

Thoughts create actions.

Focus the thoughts, allow yourself to be moved to action, and create the world of your dreams.

What one singular idea is worthy of your focus?

Maybe there’s a reason the Hindu religions has many many names for God.

The mind likes to wander, monkeys float from branch to branch.  Yet, if a monkey hops from one branch of God to another, it’s all God anyway 🙂

Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Muhammad, Mahavira, Moses.  All holy examples.  All wonderful testimony to the Goodness and Glory of All Creation.  Pick one or the other or none or all; all options are worthy of attention.

What you give your attention to grows.

What do you want to grow in your life?


Morning Meditation Reflection: “Be still and know that I am God.”

What happens when you become completely still?

Seemingly, “you” stop making noise.  Stillness yields silence.  Yet, even once you’ve achieved as much stillness as you’re able, you begin to notice that your stillness and silence does not equate to stillness and silence in the universe, or even in the physical body.

As you practice stillness and silence to the best of your ability, you may nevertheless hear the tummy rumble or even the heart beat.  We can try as best we can to achieve complete stillness and silence, but the greater intelligence that is at work within us and beyond us is always moving, creating, and generating all sorts of sounds.

Try as you might to make the body completely still, and it still moves.  Air moves in and out of the lungs, blood bumps all throughout the body delivering abundances of goodness to keep the cells of the body flourishing, food moves along the digestive journey, and – sure enough – if you still for long enough, perhaps a day or an hour if you’re a man, you might notice hair growth on the face.  Or, sit for a few days, (no food no problems.  Real talk though, physiological rest can be wonderful ;-)) you’ll notice the face growing thinner.  The body is constantly changing, cells constantly moving, making an abundance of cells, whether we will or not, whether we want it to happen or not.

Even with full effort, our attempts at stillness are nothing compared to the always-moving intelligence of the body that is a microcosm of the universe.  Everything’s always moving, and with all movement comes sound.  There is always sound.  Always movement.

Practicing “being still” is the perfect opportunity to become aware of something so much greater than our small selves.  We can open our awareness up to the vast intelligence that flows so freely and effortlessly all around us.

As I sat in meditation this morning, “Be still and know that I am God,” popped to mind towards the very end of the hour long sit.  As the body was physically still and sought stillness of mind, the awareness turned to listening.  Sounds.  Everywhere!  And I realized that the omnipresence of sound can serve as a reminder for the omnipresence of God.  When we are still, we stop and give ourselves the opportunity to deeply listen.  With deep listening, we can hear God.

Warning: Life Lessons from Bathroom Experiences…aka Pooping

I’ve been playing around in a dream world for the past 20ish days or so, and in this dream I find that whatever I’m aware, particularly that which excites me or scares me, is relevant to future events.

The other night, for the first time in a long, long time, I watched a movie.  I know, crazy right?  Staring at a 2-dimensional screen when I can move around in 3-dimensional is a bit of a ridiculous decision, but the nonetheless someone who I occasionally consider to be an angel gave me the DVD to watch…so who am I to disobey an angel?

The movie was Dogma, and it was totally perfect.  Many wonderful moments and lessons from the movie, however one in particular stands out and directly applied to some events that shortly thereafter occurred in reality.

If you’ve seen the movie, perhaps you’re familiar with the gigantic poop monster demon guy that floods out of a toilet.  That guy scared me.

And why did he scare me?  Well… here comes the personal part…so read on at your own discretion, and feel free to judge away because it’s all just or fun anyway 😉

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been leaving colossal amounts of excrement in the toilet bowl.   For many of this bombings of the white porcelain receptacle, I entertain the idea of flushing halfway through just to be sure that it does flush.  Because really, these have been some big poops!  And why they’ve been such monstrous droppings is a whole other story…perhaps it has to do with a bit of intermittent fasting and an abundance of dried fruit, but who really knows.  Anyway…

Amidst  the abundance of doo-doos the thought is usually there to flush halfway through.  Yet, I have yet do such a thing.  Instead, I think part of me, the more egoic part perhaps, really wants to experience the thrill of releasing a poo so gargantuan that the toilet cannot send it through the pipes.  So big poo after big poo, they continue to flush.  Until the poo that came after experiencing Dogma and the Poop Demon…

The day after Dogma, I prepare to drop the usual abundance of brown matter into the generous white bowl.  Things go smoothly at first and soon enough there’s a mountain like Everest in the toilet.  I go for the flush, but the flush doesn’t go for me.  The bowl fills up with water and all of the abundance sits there in peace.

Finally, I had succeeded in manifesting a movement so massive that the great powers of plumbing and gravity and water could not even take it down.  So, briefly, the ego smiled and I was one proud pooper.

Resolving the issue was not as fun as creating it.  And perhaps some of the details of this experience are even too graphic for text, then again it’s ultimately just really funny and it all happened in the past so what’s the difference anyway? 🙂

My first attempts to unclog the toilet involved using a empty peanut butter jar to scoop some of the water out of the clogged toilet and transfer it over to another nearby.  I did for about three flushes before deciding that this method wasn’t doing much other than providing me an opportunity to practice zen while playing in the world of poop.  The zen saying goes, “Chopping wood, carrying water,” so I’m pretty sure I was in the ballpark with scooping poop water and flushing toilets.

I eventually found a plunger, but that too failed against conquering Everest.  More oxygen was needed.

Now here’s where it got pretty intense…and heinz site I’m site so glad it happened, because now I’ll likely never experience it again and am probably all the better for it.

The idea popped to mind that if I poured some really hot water down the toilet that might help to break up some of the fecal particles and allow the matter to flow through the pipes.  After boiling what was close to a gallon of water, I poured it in the toilet, and…

Poop steam!!!  There I was taking a steam bath scented with a fragrance that only shortly before was expelled from this physical body.  Few things I’ve experienced have been funnier than inhaling a bunch of fecal-matter-scented steam.  Poop particles up the nose and in the eyes and mouth…hooray!  And somehow I’m still alive, Hallelujah 🙂

As genius as the boiling water might have been, and as much fun as I had inhaling the poop steam, the toilet refused to properly flush.  At this point, it as getting close to noon and I was planning to meet a professor as well as attend a class, so I had to progress on.  I decided to fill the bowl back up with water and let it sit.  Sure enough, within just a few minutes of allowing the water to sit, just letting it be there, the laws of nature conquered the human-made poop, gravity did its things, and all went through the pipes and it’s as if none of it ever happened, aside from the tainted peanut butter jar.

So what’s the lesson?

Flow like water.  The Tao says water is the most powerful force on earth.  And how does water move?  Effortlessly.  In completely harmony.

And there I was, for close to an hour, putting in all sorts of effort to try and resolve this issue, when really if I had just let go and let things be, water would have flowed and fixed everything in perfect time.  Yet I kept doing, doing, doing, thinking and doing, determined that through my labor and effort I could solve a problem that was much greater than myself and really was a problem having to do with the laws of nature.

When toilets clog, that’s a result of universal law.  Just like when they flush, it’s universal law.  How could human effort affect it would one way or another?  Of course, if I had trusted the generous impulse and the desire to do good instead of entertain the ego, human effort could have led me to flushing half way through instead of continuing extracting the abundance just to see if maybe I could make it not flush.  Sure enough, if you can imagine something in your mind, you can definitely manifest in reality, so imagining a toilet not flushing is not all that hard to manifest, and thankfully no part of me has any desire to manifest that scenario again.  Once is enough.    No more poop steam baths for me.

Oddly enough, I feel like there are actually a ton of lessons to learn from this pooping experience, as pooping, like anything, can be a complete metaphor for life.

Why are we here if not to heal and purify ourselves?  And what more is pooping than one of the awesome magic tricks and purification processes of the body?  Put it in orange apricots and yellow bananas and green avocados and you get out brown condensed balls of poop??? How the heck does that work?  Miracle!

So much intelligence in these bodies working without our conscious knowledge or control.  Amazing!

For now, flush half way through.  Commit to completing the act, if you’re feeling in the zone, yet remember you can always flush, clear the channels, and continue.  There’s no need to do it all at once.  Take your time.  Respect the laws and your understanding of how things work.  Embrace the purification process, yet do it consciously.  Trust in nature to do it’s thing and try and be a bit more like water.  Let go and flow 🙂


Warning: Completely Open and Semi-Sexual Story About to Unfold

WOOHOO!  Here’s to not hiding anything and just sharing awesome life experiences regardless of how personal they might be.  If you don’t want to read anything that might be about sexual thoughts or actions or funny awesome synchronistic events in the universe, then you can probably stop reading now, and just know that regardless…you’re totally abundant!  And, perhaps more importantly, God loves you and there is nothing you can do about it!!!

Anyway, storytime!  Complete vulnerability and skeletons in the closet being revealed.

Are you sure you want to keep reading this?  It gets a little personal.  Or maybe even…a lot of personal!

Okay…here it goes.  We’ll start with some key words.

Celibacy?  Lubricant?  Masturbation?  Nocturnal emissions?

One of my dad’s favorite questions to ask me on the phone is, “How are the nocturnal emissions?”  Yeah, it’s fun.  Not masturbating or having sex can cause some nighttime explosions from time to time, but it’s all good.  Life happens beautifully 🙂

Celibacy is choice found amongst some yogis, and there are even certain yogic postures to practice daily to help restrain the sexual urge and else prevent nocturnal emissions.  For better or for worse (Really…for the Highest Good!!), I did not practice said postures yesterday.  Around 7 AM I woke up and things were…well…you can figure it out.

Fast forward 7 hours later and I’m making some voice recordings about the value of human accountability and some other abundantly awesome topics to think and talk about.  (Just briefly…imagine if you lived your entire life like a 5 year old child, your 5 year old child, was always watching you, seeking to learn how to live based on your example.  Do you think that might lift up to a much higher standard of living?  Or, as Thomas Jefferson said, “Act as if the whole world is watching.”  Wow, that’s some intense accountability!  So much for watching TV, doing drugs, masturbating, eating garbage, moping around, etc…if the whole world is watching you best believe I’m going to smile my cheeks off and do my best to serve the Highest Good of All, setting a healthy, happy, holy, generous, joyous, compassionate, example.  That’s a tall order…but hey…the whole world is watching!  Imagine the potential to lead by example and inspire a wonderful way of being.)

So there I am recording about human accountability, and then I finish.  I stop and notice that I’m feeling fairly sexually aroused, which seems to be normal after nights when those nocturnal emissions mysteriously happen.  Relaxing on the couch, I’m seriously considering breaking this long streak of celibacy I’ve had going and performing that strange peculiar act of masturbation.  Sure enough, right as I’m having this thought (and actually that thought was coupled with the potential of going to the store to harvest an abundance of raisins and/or bananas or whatever other abundances were favorable) who else shows up at the door than the Guru himself!  Nothing like some human accountability to lift oneself out of more selfishly minded, “More! More! More!” type American-consumerist thinking.

Gurdeep Guru knocked on the door as I was contemplating the two distantly connected potentialities of masturbating and shopping and sure enough he helped me realize the absurdity.  Hallelujah for the Guru!

Because his timing was totally synchronistic and clearly of Guru-quality, It felt only natural to open up to him and share with him the thought-stream that running through.  I had to affirm his Guru status!  But actually I didn’t affirm his Guru status until after he told me that he had to take a friend to the airport, thus eliminating the possibility of using his car to go to the store, so there’s one success for the Guru already!  And then I went on to share with him how for the first time in a while I’d been thinking about masturbating.  With that, he walked over to a drawer in the kitchen, just opened it to look around, and pulled out a bottle.  He said, “Has this always been here?”  I responded, “I don’t know.  What is it?”

“It says it’s some kind of lube.”

What?!?  Neither him nor I knew there was lube in the drawer and sure enough it just happens to appear during this stream of consciousness.  And who knows…maybe he did know it was there…but either way the Guru placed my thoughts and actions in perspective.

As much as I was entertaining the possibility of masturbating after he left, the lube helped me realize the silliness of the whole activity and….yea.  Hard to say what exactly about the awareness of the lube completely destroyed any sexual appetite…but it did.  And Hallelujah!  Because really, sure sex makes sense and none would exist without it, but masturbation?  That doesn’t make too much sense!  Especially when you might be spending money to be a lubricant to help you do it, when that same money could be used to be bananas or other delicious fruits and vegetables?  Even oats, I mean…Oats > lubricant all day.  At least, for me 🙂

Oh right!  One last lesson the Guru helped me learn.  Well, so much has Gurdeep taught that it is likely worthy of a book…and this is a blog post for now.  Alas – preferences!

The Buddha said desire is the cause of all suffering.  Meanwhile, Ken Keyes in his Handbook to Higher Consciousness writes about elevating desires to preferences, so instead of desiring something you merely prefer it. That way, whether your preferences is fulfilled or not doesn’t really affect you, because it’s just a preference.  You’re detached either way and always open to go with the flow.

So this preferring and detaching was part of the reasoning I was using to decide to masturbate instead of stick with the celibacy – after all, who am I say to say either way?  As much as I prefer celibacy for now, no telling what the moment might stir, right?  Situational ethics have become more of a thing in my life recently – embracing the idea that it’s all contextual.  Given a particular context, there might be a whole variety of ‘right’ options that would appear totally ‘wrong’ in another context.  Embracing situational ethics means detaching from dogma and doctrine and accepting humility and “knowing nothing” like Socrates.  This is super liberating and empowering.  Instead of dogmatically proclaiming “I’m vegan” or “I’m celibate” or even “I’m straight,” with situational ethics and realizing life is totally contextual you can go with the flow and prefer vegan foods and celibacy and heterosexuality…but ultimately…who really knows???  Context can be crazy.

As much as I was allowing reason of situational ethics to lead me to the decision of masturbating, the presence of the Guru ultimately helped know myself more and reconnect with core values and long-term vision.  To all this and more, Hallelujah!

Life is contextual.  Ethics can certainly be situational.  And yet, that doesn’t mean you have to let go of all your ethics and that no ethical behaviors apply in all contexts for a particular individual.  We all have the right and freedom to root down in whatever ethical behaviors and guidelines are good.  We also have the right and freedom to release them at any time, to adapt, adjust, and change and grow given the situation and given our context.  And, we also have the right and freedom to hold certain ethical decisions given any context.  It’s really whatever floats your boat 🙂