It’s not about the What, but the How

What matters most?

Me thinks the Present Moment.   The very best is Here and Now.  If God is ever, God is most definitely in the Present Moment.   Goodness, Beauty, Abundance, Flow, Freedom, Joy…if they are ever…they are now!

These great dimensions of life that we all desire – Peace, Happiness, Joy, Harmony, etc. – are available to us every moment.  No matter what we are doing, we can experience a sense of joy, ease, lightness, grace, abundance, connection, compassion, kindness, gentleness, the list goes on and on.  Any positive quality that you desire to experience, it is available to you right here, right now – no excuses!

No matter what you are doing – you can experience joy.  Thus, it is not about what you are doing.  The significant dimension of life lies in the how.  You can be doing anything you want – whether serving at a soup, writing a book, teaching a class, exercising, pooping – whatever it is, you can do it either with love or you can do it with fear.  You can perform your duties with a sense of caring and compassion or you can act with scorn and malice.  The choice is yours.  So whether or not you volunteer 5 days of the week isn’t the issue at hand.  That volunteering is detrimental to yourself and society if you do it in a state of pride, anger, or fear.  As much as volunteering might be an agreed upon plus for society, if the quality of your consciousness is aligned with a weak attractor pattern / negative vibration…i.e. you’re not accepting or enjoying what you’re doing :-)…then forget about it!

More important that what you’re doing is the how you are doing it.  How are you performing your actions?  With gentleness, ease, grace, and joy?  Then Hallelujah!  Whether it’s taking out the garbage or climbing a tree, go for it.  Prioritize the quality of your consciousness, enjoy your present moment, and whatever action flows from there will be good.  Lead with love.

If you find it challenging to come into a state of acceptance or joy, see if you can bring a smile to the face.  Almost certainly you can!  Then see if you can deepen the breathe, breathing in the abundance of goodness and feeling better and better with each exhale.

Gandhi is one of my favorite heroes of history, and I think his motto, “Do it with joy or not at all,” is spot on.  More significant than the objectivity of your actions is your subjective experience of them.  Are you living with joy in the heart?  Smile!

Emphasize the HOW and the WHAT that follows will always be good 🙂

And just to share another favorite Gandhi quote, “Full effort is full victory.”  Work hard, be your best, accept the greater challenge, and carry on with a smile on the face and joy in the heart.  Abundance!!!


So grateful 🙂



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