Pain Happens, Suffering is Optional

What is better than experiencing a little bit of pain when you’re completely aware of how you accepting the pain is contributing to the greater good? 

Especially regarding physical pain…

The other day,sitting in a meditation group, this body was positioned in half lotus.  It kind of hurt.  But then, observing the hurt, I realized that it’s only pain if labeled as ‘pain.’  Ultimately, it’s just a feeling, a sensation, and even if it is ‘painful,’ it most definitely does not have to equate to suffering.  The hurt/pain experienced in that circle ultimately faded away as awareness shifted to listening to the group conversation.  The experience was about whatever the body was feeling, but it was more about the intellectual and spiritual web us bodies were collectively weaving together. 

So not only did this supposed pain dissipate as a result of shifting the focus, but it also vanished because I stopped labelling it as pain.  I realized that ultimately it was just a feeling – neither good nor bad.  And, best of all, contextualizing the feeling with the understanding that the posture helps to open the hips and allows this body to more comfortable sit in meditation for longer periods of time…well then it’s just clearly for the greater good!

As best as I can guess, sitting in meditation is one of the most peaceful and universal activities human bodies can engage in.  You can pretty much never go wrong sitting in meditation.  Sure, you might feel called to contribute in a more tangible way or provide some sort of service, and perhaps it’d be best if you did, but ultimately – who would ever fault a meditator?  After all, how many of the problems in this world come from over-activity and over-stimulation, from people feeling overwhelmed by all the things they have to do and additionally being unable to control the mind to focus on the abundance of goodness flowing everywhere?  Meditation abundantizes life.  And yes hoping to coin abundantize unless it’s already a word, in which case – Hallelujah 🙂  And if not, Hallelujah!  Abundance, abundance, abundance.  Sit.  Breathe, smile, go slowly.  So simple, so easy. Bananas!

Yummy fruits and vegetables.  Hooray for health and compassion and human flourishing!

Smile!  You’re on the Universe’s Camera 🙂

Alas…pain.  Who needs it, right?  Yet, how good does it feel to endure a bit of pain for the greater good?  Just like lifting weights or running long distances, you want to stop and you want to give up, but even more than that desire to quit is that desire to excel and to grow and to expand and to become better and better and stronger and more abundant.  So we push through the pain. 

As Transformer’s wisdom tells us, “No sacrifice, no victory.”  No pain, no gain.  Just be sure that the pain has meaning.  Any time you experience pain, realize it does have meaning!  Whether you consciously and voluntarily enter into the pain, as is the case in the gym or perhaps sitting on an semi-uncomfortable yoga posture, or whether it’s sporadically forced upon you, when you connect the pain with meaning it becomes your greatest teacher and friend in the universe.

Everything is here to serve you!  Everyone and everything is conspiring to you help you in all kinds of wonderful ways 🙂 

In the spirit of Easter and Good Friday, we can consider Jesus’ pain.  He carried a huge cross and wore a crown of thorns and was ultimately nailed to the cross and probably beaten and who knows what else.  Yet, did he suffer?  Or, perhaps, was it just painful?  If he remained connected with His Higher Purpose and Father in Heaven, then very likely it was simply painful for him, but not suffering.  He understood that the pain was for the greater good, and because he stood for a principle much greater than his small physical self, he was basically fearless in his pursuit.  When you’re pursuing something pure that is good for all, such as Truth, Peace, Love, Joy, Forgiveness, Understanding…you receive the pleasure of strength from an awesome Power.  And connected with that Power you can transcend any pain and realize that the physical body is simply an instrument for the Divine and nothing you have to be attached to or afraid of losing. 

Be free in realizing a pure purpose, and love the pain, for it’s all a gift, perfect for you in the present moment 🙂


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