“Forgive Me…Thank you!”

New Mantra!

Forgiveness is awesome, and it’s something that is available to us every moment.  All you have to do is ask!  “Ask and you shall receive.”

And, once you ask, trusting and knowing completely that you have received and will continue to receive in Perfect Time in a Perfect Way, you can express gratitude!

Ask for forgiveness and express gratitude for receiving the forgiveness.   Then you can engage fully in the Present Moment!

What more holds us back from living in the Present Moment from the unnecessary burdens of guilt / shame / regret that we might carry around with us?  To let go of these burdens, all you have to do is let go!  Put them down on the ground for no one to carry, because no one has to carry those burdens.  Let God handle it.  The universe knows what to do. 

Ask for forgiveness and be free!  Let go of the past – it is dead!  Yet it is easy to hold onto mentally and to cling to something other than the reality of Here and Now…but why not embrace what you got?  Right before you,  right here and right now, there is an abundance!  Open the eyes to see the beauty.  Look for the good and you will find it abundantly.  Focus on what you want to create.  Give your attention to what you want to grow.  Embrace the power of your thoughts and the power you have to create whatever reality you desire.

Create your Heaven on Earth!  What could be better?  Forgive yourself, forgive everyone…let go and let love!

The journey in life….grow in love!  As best as you can, as much as you can, love everyone and everything no matter what!  The only ‘reason’ any of us would choose to not love is because of a superficial judgment we’re making…but doesn’t the Bible say “Judge not lest ye be not judged,” ?  Embrace your ‘not knowing,’ humble yourself a bit and love more abundantly!  Smile at everyone, embrace all forms of life.  Send love and gratitude to everyone.  If nothing else, it feels good.  And soon you’ll find that love and gratitude returning back to you in wonderful ways.

Abundance is your birthright!  Joy is your birthrright!  Enjoy What Is.  Love Yourself, Love the World.  Love the Seen, Love the Unseen.  It’s all mysterious.  How good can you feel?  You have the Power!

Key word: choose. 

As Ellen DeGeneres Guru once illustrated on a notecard in a dressing room, “I choose love.”  Boom!  That simple. Forgive. 

Thank you! 🙂

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