Post 200

Profound, isn’t it?

Here’s to celebrating round numbers and benchmarks that might not mean too much, but at the same time might be packed with immense significance.  It’s all subjective, right?

Just as an aside…

The other day, talking with a few friends about gravity, I realized afterwards that gravity is flippin’ perfect for us!  Sure, it’s pushing us down against the ground, but it’s pushing us just the right amount.  If gravity was any more powerful we’d be crushed, and if it was any less powerful we’d float away.  It’s almost like…some Genius designed this whole thing 😉

So grateful for the Mysterious Creative Power of the Universe 🙂

Also…another fun aside…been working with the intention…courtesy of Steven Pavlina…”I intend to perceive reality accurately.”  I figure this intention is very much along the lines of knowing the truth, i.e. “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free!”


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