Yep, that’s about it.

Heal, Grow, Evolve…what could be better?

How to grow? Read books, talk to new people, identify any fears you have any take action against them to discover your fearless nature, and of course….30 day challenges!

One of the very best ways to grow, and imagine what an amazing world it would be, if every month, each one of us human beings was undergoing a 30 day experiment, trying something new, just to see how we like it. To detach from all dogma and be open to exploring a new way of being, if only a change so small as brushing with your left for 30 days or exercising for 20 minutes or reading for 30 minutes or sitting and listening to the breathe for 5 minutes or expressing gratitude for 10 minutes…so many wonderful 30 day challenges that can really expand one’s appreciation for life and increase joyfulness.


Compassion has been vibing real hard. It’s pretty much fool-proof. (Note: I might have just made up the term fool-proof, but maybe it makes sense?)

30 day experiments with becoming more compassionate, towards the physical body, ‘other’ human beings, all forms of life, the earth, the universe…so beautiful.

When you align with compassionate action, any action is good action. Being led by compassion, you’re pretty much always safe.

And, potentially – THEORY – elevating food choices alone has the potential to radically enhance the quality of life on this planet. Eating for health rather than for satisfying the taste buds is one of the most mature and responsible decisions one can make. It’s also a great way to treat the physical body with more compassion as well as demonstrate more compassion to all forms of life as well as to the earth.

So hey, why not bring a bit more compassion into your life?

Co-create a more compassionate world!

Grow! One step at a time…30 days a time…however you’d like…be free from the dogma and creatively explore this wonderful world 🙂

A new month is about to start very very soon…what will your 30 day challenge be to yourself?

Maybe you’ll journal in the evenings, or express gratitude in the mornings, or go for a walk and appreciate nature, or catch up with an old friend every day…embrace whatever novelty you’d like to add. And, even better, maybe have your 30 day challenge adventure you outside of your comfort zone. Talk to a stranger every day, and even compliment them! Whoa, that’d be crazy fun, right? Or even more epic…hug a stranger every day! Of course, after enough conversation and hugs and smiles and laughter…you realize no one is a stranger – the entire universe is a reflection of your true self – and you’re really just hugging yourself 🙂 Love one, love all.

What’s your relationship with the universe? What is your greatest purpose? What’s your greatest fear? What holds you back from enjoying life even more?

What’s working? What’s not?

What do you want to do more? What do you want to do less of?

You are the creator of your life. Focus on that which you desire and live your dreams. Realize your heaven on earth…step by step 🙂


Hallelujah!  Listen.  Relax.


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