How can you realize more Peace in your life?

“Fearless, free, the Power of Peace!”

A chant that came to the mind while walking to this computer…holding up peace signs no less!

Walking on the street holding up peace signs, hundreds of cars driving past filled with passengers potentially staring at you, even judging you…sounds terrifying, right?

Well, As Emerson Guru said something like, “Do the thing, and you’ll get the energy to do the thing,” me thinks he was on to something.   Said this time and time again but it bears repeating…however you want to be…whatever you want to do…fake it until you make it!  Fake it until you become it.  “Act as if,” what you seek is already yours, and soon it will be.

As the intelligence governing this body (heh ;-)) guided the body to hold up peace signs with the peace fingers, a little bit of fear rippled throughout the consciousness of the body.  Soon enough, though, as the body continued to walk, step after step, confidence bubbled up and the fear dissipated.  As Jesus Guru say, “Perfect Love casts out fear.”  So too, Peace casts out fear.

The Power of Peace…the Power of Purity…the Power of aligning your consciousness with any pure intention and pure energy field…that’s been said to be the great teaching of all spiritual masters throughout the ages.  As Ellen DeGeneres Guru wrote on a notecard on her dressing room mirror, “Choose love.”  It’s just that simple.

The other day a friend mentioned to me that he didn’t want to work.  I told him, if he simply aligns his life with loving everyone and everything unconditionally, he’ll never have to work.  Or, at least, if he does “work,” he won’t consider it “work,” because it will be a labor of love of his own choosing.  The only reason people do work they don’t enjoy is because of fear – the fear that perhaps they are not worthy of doing what they love, or the fear that if they do what they love, they won’t survive.

For some reason, choosing Love can stir up a bit of fear.  Perhaps it’s because the choice of love goes beyond reason, as science has yet to ‘objectively prove’ the Power of Love.  So, that’s where trust comes in.  Try it out for yourself.  Experiment and explore.  Simple focus on loving yourself, all people, all forms of life, Mother Nature, and the Entire Universe.  Simple, right? 😉  Just Love, Love, Love, and see what happens.

How can you bring more Love into your life?  How can you love your physical body more?  How can you take better care of your body and brain?   How can you care for your spirit more abundantly?  How can you care for all human beings more and all forms of life?  How can you be more compassionate towards Mother Nature and the Universe as a whole?

When you think about bringing greater Love or Peace to your life, you can also consider Joy, Gratitude, Health, and Happiness.  As you grow in any of the aforementioned capitalized words, you’re bettering everyone and everything.  And the words are just a few examples of energies aligned with Power, rather than Force, as discussed extensively in the profoundly awesome book written by David Hawkins, Power vs. Force.  Align with anything that is Power instead of Force, and you’ll experience a much more wonderful quality of life, or rather quality of present moment, because, after all, Life is moment-to-moment, and we’re continuously choosing what we focus on and what energies we align with.

Personally, here are some ways on increasing the amount of Love / Peace / Joy / Gratitude / All That Good Stuff 🙂 into my experience…

– Sit down before I eat or drink any food, and spend a few minutes in prayer, thanksgiving, and gratitude.  Also, take a few deep breathes to come into the present moment and connect more abundantly with the universe’s gift of food and water.  Such wonderful gifts, yet so easily taken for granted.  Ah, imagine the abundant consciousness if for every sip of water or bite of food, we experienced profound gratitude, realizing the great significance of the moment and the gift.

– Go to bed early and wake up early / sleep on a regular schedule.  This is one way of increasing energy levels, giving the mind/body the gift of regularity and a schedule.  The same principle goes for eating.  Eating food at the same time every day is a wonderful gift to give the body, and probably helps it digest food a lot better because it expects it and prepares itself accordingly.  In a similar way, you can even do this with entering flow states.  If you allow yourself to “enter the flow” at the same time every day, wow…I can only imagine how much more effective you’d be!  Dan Kennedy Guru says he writes at the same time every morning, around 7 AM before breakfast, and he’s definitely one productive dude…maybe not all that abundantly happy…but then again…I don’t know 🙂

–  Entering the flow.  If you want to think about major definite purpose in life…I think us humans might be around simply to enter the flow.  Flow states are so amazing.  They are ways in which we connect with the highest part of us and express ourselves in a creative way that challenges us and helps us grow and contribute to the global community.  Flow states allows us to dig deep into the wealth of gold within ourselves and discover thoughts and ideas and abundance that we might not have known was there to begin with.  Then again, as much as we live for flow, I think we also live for relationships, which is why…

– Alliance!  Ahh, how great it would be to participate in a “Knights of the Round Table” type group.  Gather together once or twice a week and talk about goals, vision, values, purpose, abundance, the universe, God, Truth, etc…working together for the summum bonum, the Highest Good of All!  Nothing like collaborating to co-create a more compassionate world.  Heaven on Earth 🙂

– Meditation!  The more time I spend sitting still, the more abundant I find my days to be.  And I have yet to find the point of diminishing marginal returns…so far it’s only increasing returns!  Then again, I’m only sitting for about 30 minutes in the morning and sometimes throughout the day and in the evening…but I guess the key here is to practice compassionately.  No point in lengthening the amount of time sitting if it’s not enjoyable!  To be able to sit still, silent, peacefully and joyfully, full of love and gratitude, that’s a huge gift to mind, body, heart, spirit, and everyone and everything – because then you are truly living the reality that we all have everything we need to enjoy our here and now – There is nothing lacking!  Nothing lacking, nothing lacking.  Just this precious moment 🙂

How can you bring more joy into your life? More Love? More Peace? It’s all your birthright!

How can you love yourself more?  How can you love humanity more?  How can you choose to love more often throughout the day?

Remember, loving is its own reward.  Nothing like overcoming compulsions to judge or criticize or condemn or complain and instead simply choose to unconditionally, universally love, no matter what.

Also, if you please, remember…”The person who cause you the most trouble in your life is the greatest gift from God.”  Ah, what a gift!  People who move us to frustration or anger or worry or anxiety or fear or pride or judgment.  They are allowing us to become more aware, more accepting, more joyous, more loving.  Embrace all those points of pain and suffering as wonderful learning opportunities for you.  Great opportunities to expand and evolve and heal abound!  Heal and evolve away, friend 🙂  Love more and more.  Hallelujah 🙂

Why not love strangers?  No reason not too, right?  I mean…at the very least…love them for not pulling out a gun and popping a cap in yo ass 😉

2 thoughts on “How can you realize more Peace in your life?

  1. Thank you for the comic relief 😉 Ha so funny! If this was some sort of prophecy my guess is it would attract a larger audience. Alas, I am super grateful to know you find the posts valuable enough to read. Even just serving one person is more than enough!

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