Recently this physical body (in ordinary speak, “I” ;-))  acquired a bit of a sickness consisting of initially a stuffy nose, then coughing up some mucus, and last night a super-raging headache.

The illness progressed for a few days, and apparently “I” didn’t care enough about healing to make better decisions regarding what foods went into the body.  Eating unhealthy foods is a sure way to promote disease.  And for some reason ,that’s what happened.  I’m not one to buy any unhealthy foods, but when they are offered for free it’s challenging to say no.  Then again, what would life be without such challenges? 😉  And rising above the lower self temptation and saying “no” to cookies is a pretty awesome feeling.  For better or for worse though, cookies were consumed along with an abundance of string cheese (or perhaps excess!)  and the illness grew worse.

Only once I really started feeling terrible did I decide that it was time to forget about lower self desires and align with what the Higher Self knows is best for the body, mind, heart, and spirit.  So I said hello to carrot juice, bananas, and the long lost friend hemp seeds.  Ah, so good to have hemp seeds back in life.

Within just one day of welcoming healthier foods into the body, I noticed awesome improvements in well being.

Essentially the pain amounted to such a point when I decided I could no longer continue putting garbage into the body.  The Higher Self’s desire for healing trumped the lower self craving for sugars and salts and fats.

And now that I’m feeling 1000% better (which is actually only 10x better…let’s say 10,000% better :-))  I can still hear a voice saying, “Great!  Now you can go back to cookies and cheese and all of those tasty treats.”  The voice will likely linger for a while.  And maybe the voice will be satisfied.  It always comes down to the question, “How badly do you want it?”  How badly do you want to feel abundantly healthy and happy?

After enough pain / illness / sickness / disease, I reached a point where I was finally willing to return to healthier ways and treating the mind/body with more compassion.  I decided that I wanted long-term health and short-term feeling clear and light and loving over the short-term taste sensation.  And, wonderfully, banana hemp seed smoothies also taste amazingly delicious.

When you want something badly enough, you’re willing to make changes for it, and you’re willing to deny that voice which maybe craves something in the short-term that doesn’t favor your long-term prosperity and flourishing.

Choosing Health over disease is fairly easy to understand, yet I wonder how else we can be tempted by the short-term pleasure of the long-term fulfillment.  And, as I look at the space in front of me, I see it is rather cluttered and disorganized.  Guess it’s time to invest in the long-term orderliness of this abundant apartment and get cleaning 🙂


p.s. Abundantly, thank you!


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